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Sh� Luna tracks.

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<img border="0" alt="" src="http://a.imageshack.us/img130/9084/unbenannttzd.jpg" />

<span style="color: rgb(51, 153, 102);"><strong>Replies:</strong></span>

@K50: Thx. Thoose vehicles are "vietnameese" track checkers I found on Simcity.cn

@:TekindusT: Thank you! Great words, sonds after some very interresing future updates at your CJs<img src="http://www.simtropolis.com/fckEditor/editor/../../forum/i/expressions/1.gif" alt="" />

@Reikhardt: That's a mixture of (I think it was Olympic tree controller) and Simfox's trees.

@Tepodon: Thx :)

@Bosisko: nice to hear :) I hope you enjoy your return!  I think I've downloaded the windjammer water mod of pegasus, but I'm not 100% shure right now.

<span style="color: rgb(51, 153, 102);"><strong>U32:</strong></span>

Heyho and welcome to the thirtysecond update of my CJ Dragon Islands.

Today I will show you the last part of the TDR line at Shì Luna.

The station Xi lú nà is located next to the city boarder where the last update ended. It's one of the two main stations of the ciy due TDRC and HR trais stop here as well (except to the Supra express)



Here you can see the rail line next to the main te,ple of the city....



This pic is made along the "main road"....



A train next to the city's library.....



And A mega mosaique that shows the whoe line winding through the city, Sorry about the small misstakes and the short not - existing part, I ain't professional alt makeing mosaiques....

Attention: big.


I hope you've enjoined this update, greetings from Shì Luna, Skimbo.


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Ooo looking good looking good.

If you ask me it has the two most important components of a good city: Hustle, and Bustle! 

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This one is... epic. Nothing else to say...

Just one question, where can I get the mod to put a pavement under the elevated rail tracks; like the one you show on your third pic?

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I love your variety of stations, Skimbo. And that mosaic blew my mind away, that is one of the best things ever! I just love how there isn't an empty spot in your cities, it looks so Asian to me! Phenomenal job!

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I like the piece and the end, really inspires me to try some things.

Also, are there really Wide Radius Rail Viaduct pieces?? I will have to try those!


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an other wonderful update Skimbo

the city is.........without words.....easy wonderful skimbo

go on so skimbo

- MircoMarco

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It's been some updates since I've commented on this, so here you go, analysis:

1st picure: Red x (), maybe it have been censored because of it's awesomeness

2nd picture: I love this. The medium-rise buildings and the old temple, surrounded by a park, is beautiful. Good motive

3rd picture: This photo gives a very good "city-feeling", the rail/ped-mall pieces are a brilliant idea

4th picture: One of the best night-close-up's I've seen. The light on the left hand of the photo, and the dark on the right is a brilliant combination

5th picture (mosaic): I spy with my little eye, a potential Trixie  Amazing mosaic, must have taken some time to make

Whole update: Short, but very good


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Yup, and there's the big, garden-y temple right in the middle of urbanity.  I do love that.  :D  Hmmm...  Parts of that look a bit like a shrine...  I know I've seen that before.  I might even have it.  Still can't remember what it's called though.  That's my memory for ya.  :P


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