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SchulmAnniversary 4.3: Klingons off the Port Bow

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Part Three: Klingons Off the Port Bow

In the far southwest of Schulmania, beyond Schulmanukau and beyond the Forks of the Wirdleonia River lies an area only recently opened to settlement. This remote area was declared off limits for some time now. The Supreme Wirdle's decree did not give a reason, but it was obeyed without question. Now that the order has been lifted, two small settlements have been built, Dadatoetoe and Wirdlington. And, a port has been built on the sea whose presence has been known only by a few in Schulmania's inner circle but whose presence has now been officially recognized. Let's see the new space never seen before.

The District of Schulmauckland is due west of Western Wirdleonia. The crescent shaped district is most noteworthy for the freshwater sea occupying most of the boundaries. There is a large island in the sea within the district. It is this special island we will find out more about during this update. Before we head to sea, let's see the two small agricultural communities in the extreme southwest.


The civic and commercial heart of Dadatoetoe; the town hall is at right and the local inn and watering hole, The Wagging Tail Inn, is at left.


The Church of the Kay Mart is best known for its fabulous custom stained glass windows... the original "blue light special".


Farmer Juan Moore Chance has a lovely stone home and a fishing pond. He's one of the several hundred pioneering residents in the area.


Wirdlington's white wooden church is a charming contrast to the stone church in Dadatoetoe. It sits on the main road, the one connecting the port to the town and to all points east.


This remote area is mostly small farms. A mild climate with plenty of rain allows for many things to grow... including an array of ornamental flowers.


The civic heart of the area is Robinia Square, the highest density development in the district. It is at the edge of Wirdlington, abutting the border with Western Wirdleonia. Many of the residents here are employed in the maintenance and operation of the new Forks of the Wirdleonia National Park, located between here and Schulmanukau.


Farmer Homer's Sweet Sweet Honey is made right here at the bee farm (is there like some sort of official name for these places?), Saturday Night Hive.


Here's another of his products...


The Woolf Farmer's Market does a brisk business. You can buy everything from alfalfa to zucchini.


This might be just the right spot to start a catnip farm.


Wondering where the Klingons could be? Not here. This update seems a bit misleading.


Any Klingon warrior worth his blood wine will tell you that there's no glory in flowers and no operas sung about cabbages... so where are the Klingons?


Although there may be glory in defeating a big corn maze...


We can go hang out at the gazebo over at Wirty Pond or go find the Klingons. I say let's find some Klingons.


So, off we go to the first port on the new sea. The Sea of Simtropolis is our newest southwestern border. It has been unavailable for residents until now. Why? It has to do with the Klingons and the large island in the sea.

Schulmania has had a longstanding relationship with the Klingon Empire. This relationship began long ago with a chance encounter of a hunting expedition led by the Supreme Wirdle with a big game hunting party led by Kahless the Unforgettable. The two groups swapped hunting stories and impressed one another with their hunting skills on the plains of South Wirdleonia before the area was developed. Kahless was so impressed with the Supreme Wirdle's prowess with claws that he modeled the original bat'leth on the curvature of her claws.


The bat'leth (or, "sword of honor") is the best known Klingon weapon and serves as a reminder of the mutual regard between the Klingons and Schulmania.

Upon its introduction to general Klingon society, the Supreme Wirdle was invited to the Klingon capital as a guest on honor. She fell asleep one toasty afternoon and found herself transported to Kronos.


In a rare image, the much younger Supreme Wirdle is seen crossing the floor of the Klingon Great Hall to participate in the hallowed Klingon Tea Ceremony.

Since this momentous occasion, one new and permanent connection has been established between the two realms. This one has been also under the radar for Schulmania, but of great importance to the Klingons, who have not forgotten Kahless' admiration of the Supreme Wirdle's warrior ways.

So, what is this connection between the felines and the warriors of the Klingon Empire? It all has to do with one of the Klingon core beliefs. The Way of the Warrior, the lifestyle and culture popularized by Kahless, honor is valued above all else. And, when the honored dead leave this world they go to Stovokor, the eternal realm of the honored Klingons. The dishonored ones are sent on the Barge of the Dead to Grethor. So, it is certainly preferable to go to Stovokor. As the Supreme Wirdle got to now the Klingons, she offered to reserve a remote spot to serve as the physical location for Stovokor. And she would reserve the privacy of the place by limiting settlement in the area.

But, now, with the Klingon enclave well established, the Supreme Wirdle and the Klingon High Council have agreed to allow it to be seen from a distance. However, only honored Klingons and other honored warriors are allowed to land on this large island. And now, let's see Stovokor!


The honored dead arrive here. And, if a dishonored Klingon arrives, they are sent out on the Barge of the Dead. The Great Hall of Kahless is there for the warriors to meet and eat and drink.


The Great Hall is where the warriors go for merriment at the end of the day. What do they do all day? Fight each other in glorious battles.


Follow the Way of the Warrior to the Sanctuary of Kahless.


The sanctuary is a great place to hear speeches by Kahless and attend ceremonies about glory and honor. And also it serves as a great site for Klingon opera.


Today's opera is Aktuh and Maylota.

Atop one of the other steep hills on the island is the Warriors' Column of Honor. This monument is a gift from Schulmania to the Klingon Empire, celebrating the connection made between the Supreme Wirdle and Kahless many years ago.


The Supreme Wirdle commissioned the Column and presented it to the Klingon High Council.


The figure at the top is solid 24K gold... a little something from the Supreme Wirdle's vault.


A little stroll back through the Woods of Worf brings us back to the Way of the Warrior.


The Way of the Warrior is a lovely paved pathway... up to a point. As the forest canopy grows denser, the paving gives way to a more primitive crushed stone path. Follow this path through the trees...


The path terminates at the crest of the third high hill on the island.


And here lies the Mausoleum of Kahless, a shrine of great significance to Klingons everywhere.

The Government of Schulmania considers it a very high honor to provide this very important cultural site to the Klingon Empire. From the invention of the batleth to the founding of Stovokor, Schulmania and the Klingon Empire have woven together a strong and vital link, one that enriches both nations and makes the galaxy a richer place.

majQa'! Heghlu'meH QaQ jajvam!



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DCMetro34   Thanks. Perhaps a bit of a surprise to see Klingons here. But, after all, they are fellow warriors.



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NOTE: All replies above this are now added to post count totals for rank and awards.


Leech10   It has been of great help for ornamentation, regalia and coinage. And there’s still plenty left.


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