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TDRC Main line part one

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<img border="0" alt="" src="http://a.imageshack.us/img130/9084/unbenannttzd.jpg" />

<span style="color: green;"><b>Replies</b></span>

@K50: Thank you :)

@TekindusT: No, they ain't photoedited at all, the creator did a really great job on them.

@Tigeria: Thank you for theese really motivateing words :)

@Guibanez and Titanesk: Thank you :)

@lesgaz: No, not really, is normally more scared about you than the other way round.<img src="http://www.simtropolis.com/fckEditor/editor/../../forum/i/expressions/18.gif" alt="" />

@Kolnikov Inc and @DC metro: Thank you :)

@Evillions: Haway would be a bit far away<img src="http://www.simtropolis.com/fckEditor/editor/../../forum/i/expressions/9.gif" alt="" />

<span style="color: green;"><b>U30</b></span>

Heyho and welcome to the thirtyth update of my MD Dragon Islands, but at thirst I want to say something:


<img border="0" alt="" src="http://img833.imageshack.us/img833/2276/zzthxd.jpg" />

Today I will show you some pics of the first part of the TDRC main line, the one in between Lòng Chèng and shì Hàiwan. You might remember some places from the LCRT 2 line update or prior.

The route starts at Lòng Chèng, I couldn't resist to make a night pic...


p><p> Here we


%7Boption%7Dhttp://www.abload.de/img/u300240zlu.jpg' alt='u300240zlu.jpg'>

We will follow this JR321 on it's way to Shì Haiwan, it's the 2:50AM overnight express to Shì Luna.



The train passes a lot of small stations like Xiaocun without stopping. (the train on the pic heads to the opposite direction, it's the 1:20 overnight expres from Shì Luna.)



The first stop on the route is Lòng Daiquiao.


Another couple of pics from along the route....





The train does not stop here too...





The line crosses the A2 on a old stone viaduct....



This is the start of the last STR section of the main line....



Do you remember the rail station of Shì Daótiàn? It's the last time we will see it like it has been originally buildt, we actually see the last train that stops at the old station, The next day it will be closed for a 4-track-reuilding to serve as a ending station for TDRC C line and as a place where express trains can overtake normal ones....



The train leaves Shì Daótiàn...



Cun bao is another station where the express does not stop, it already served it's last train around 22PM and will be closed for rebuilding as a 2 track station along the main line for a couple of weeks...



2 motives I liked....





Finally, the train arrives at Shì Hàiwan, travellers to Shì Luna will travel for another 1:05 hrs to the main station of the city on the dragon's tail.



I hope you've enjoied this update, greetins from Shì Haiwan, Skimbo :)


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 You NEVER fail to impress me. Those farms are just amazing, and as i have many times said, your rail lines are really realistic!

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I love your railway it's great and you get to see so much while your only focusing on it, and i love the night shot

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Great variety on this update! I usually hate taking night trains because I can't look at the landscape, everything is dark you know... But on this case, I'll do an exception... As usual, amazing job!

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I started reading your message and thought you were going to say you were finishing this CJ What a mistake that would have been!
As usual a beautiful update and not normally being a fan of night shots, I loved your opening shot!

Keep up the good work that man!

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I felt the same as Reikhardt! i thought you were ending this cj! Great cjs aren't plenty, and your cj has became one of my favourites. It's just attractive to see those railways. I personally is in the process of trying to build a successful railway system. lol.

I would say this cj has given me 30 times of inspiration and enjoyment to read! :D

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You should've downloaded the darknight mod by SimFox.  It would've made this CJ much more realistic!  Plus, the city is so good too!
It's sad...

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Heh.  So it's not Japanese, judging from the names.  Oh well.  Japan is my frame of reference and I'm sticking to it.  :P

Some greenhouses would be good.  :)  (I was in a greenhouse-heavy town, so that's just my prejudice peeking through.  :P)


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