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SchulmAnniversary 4.0: Prelude

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SchulmAnniversary Prelude

In the past year, stunning developments have pushed Schulmania from an isolated felinocracy into a state thrust into the modern era - complete with its wars, technology and international trade. Initially only in contact with a few other feline societies, Schulmania has now established relationships with new nations, including several canine states. An era with turbulent change such as this can be very destabilizing to a nation. Thankfully, the inspired leadership of the Supreme Wirdle and her court have kept the nation on its feet and looking forward to a brighter future.

Strategic alliances have helped Schulmania resist invading forces from Queensferry. Though the war is young and much remains before a conclusion is reached, partnering with friendly states has given Schulmania time to adapt to a changed environment. State visits between Schulmania and Schulmauckland have led to trade and cultural links with this canine state, as well as a supply of modern warships to serve as a template for an updated Schulminion navy. The Blitkarni Rebellion, one of the original signatories of the FIFA Coronation Accord, has provided a large contingent of technical advisers. These specialized workers arrived as part of the preparations team for the second Feline Simlympiad in Robinia. But, their purported mission was a ruse; the group was diverted to Tenne for a secret mission of a very sensitive nature.

That's not the only thing going on in Schulmania flying under radar (if we had radar, that is). Schulmania has had a longstanding relationship with the Klingon Empire. This relationship began long ago with a chance encounter of a hunting expedition led by the Supreme Wirdle with a big game hunting party led by Kahless the Unforgettable. The two groups swapped hunting stories and impressed one another with their hunting skills on the plains of South Wirdleonia before the area was developed. Kahless was so impressed with the Supreme Wirdle's prowess with claws that he modeled the original bat'leth on the curvature of her claws.


The bat'leth (or, "sword of honor") is the best known Klingon weapon and serves as a reminder of the mutual regard between the Klingons and Schulmania.

Upon its introduction to general Klingon society, the Supreme Wirdle was invited to the Klingon capital as a guest on honor. She fell asleep one toasty afternoon and found herself transported to Kronos.


In a rare image, the much younger Supreme Wirdle is seen crossing the floor of the Klingon Great Hall to participate in the hallowed Klingon Tea Ceremony.

Since this momentous occasion, one new and permanent connection has been established between the two realms. This one has been also under the radar for Schulmania, but of great importance to the Klingons, who have not forgotten Kahless' admiration of the Supreme Wirdle's warrior ways.

At the beginning of this, the biggest update in Schulmania's history (to date), we have three threads to follow:

1st - The threat from Queensferry's military aggression in the east requires immediate action to save the nation from certain doom.

2nd - Technical advisers from friendly states have been helping Schulmania prepare for the struggle ahead; a secret project or two is in the works to bring victory and the wider world to Schulmania.

3rd - A long standing but low key relationship with the Klingon Empire is exposed to a wider audience, revealing a vital link between feline and Klingon cultures.

Each of these three threads will be explored in its own installment of the SchulmAnniversary 4 spectacular today, revealing the biggest and most far-ranging chapter in Schulmania's history to date.

And now, on to Part 1...



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Happy anniversary, I look forward to the other updates, though I might not understand all the history. I'm quite new here (haven't even been here a whole year), it still looks exciting.


(Imagne that all the people are cats)

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ImVhOzzi   I hope you have enjoyed the trilogy and you are always welcome here.



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NOTE: All replies above this are now added to post count totals for rank and awards.


Leech10   It’s never too late. We can always have the spirit of Schulman Day in our hearts… all year long! :D

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