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Baby round round (en)

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Banner City Journal Entry No. 8

Diese Seite auf German Flag ansehen.

Herold, we have a problem!

And this problem has a name: Farmer Paul Tatoe… or rather his meadow.

Area under review for construction of new roundabout

In some distance to the north of the village Herold a farmers market has opened which sells the top products of local agriculture at ridiculous prices. Virtually the whole of Herold buys several times the week eggs, I mean real eggs, those which still have yolk and do not taste fishy.

The farmers market in Herold

But back to topic: The market is to be reached only by using an eastern side street. Because the inhabitants of Herold increasingly dislike this detour, they more and more often go over the meadow of Paul Tatoe which is situated directly between the village and the market. Already a dirt road has developed which is a thorn to Paul Tatoe – particularly because he does not like eggs. The following picture shows the situation being discussed in the city council:

The dirt road to the farmers market

Finally, the city council decided to purchase the meadow and to construct a reasonable street connection. Careful calculations of transport experts had proved that an application of tarmac could save up to 4.5 minutes when purchasing eggs. This corresponds at least to 27 seconds per egg (4-headed family in which every member of the family eats two eggs for breakfast and the cat consumes the two remaining eggs). These calculations called for the TT Trembling Tarmac Ltd, the big guy in the tarmac-business. Overnight the CEO made a model of a one-way roundabout, constructed out of pieces of the model railway of his son. The mayor of GRUNEN who has the same surname as the manager of TT Trembling Tarmac Ltd was inspired. He calculated further savings of 2.3 seconds per egg, should the one-way solution be chosen.

SC4 Tiltshift picture of the planned roundabout

But TT Trembling Tarmac Ltd was not the only one announcing interest in the project. According to an article in the Boston Daily, the biggest newspaper of Boston v2, about the economical use of the egg-fetching-time calculation Jack Green, the spokesperson of the Wilderness Warriors, an environment protection group from Boston v2, became attentive to the planning . And tarmac, ehy, is stuff from hell! So he wrote a letter to the mayor of GRUNEN strongly arguing in favor of a dirt road:

Letter of the Wilderness Warriors of Boston v2

Finally, the city council decided to do without the additional 2.3 seconds of egg-fetching-time savings. This was caused by the great speech of Otto Dumb who explained that a one-way street must be used in one direction only and, therefore, one can go to the market but never come back. The agreed upon planning looks as follows:

Plan of the new SimCity 4 residential release

Clearly can be seen that the city council decided in favor of tarmac. Furthermore, it released new residential areas. Construction was made by… one would have hardly guessed… TT Trembling Tarmac Ltd. There have been other applicants, too. But no, nobody with the same surname as the mayor… makes you think, doesn’t it?

New roundabout and sc4 residential release in all it's glory

That’s it for today! If you want to comment, please use the small box below. If you have nothing to say, please tell us why not. And shouldn’t we run a world wide egg-fetching-time comparison? Where I live, the average egg-fetching-time amounts to approx. 90 seconds per egg (standard family, car, full tarmac). How about your neighborhood?

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Recommended Comments

i like the layout and format of your journal but i think (at least in the entry) that 'egg-fetching' is a little trivial..but its an interesting progression.

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@TowerDude: Thank you. You are the first to have noted the blog of mine.  I put a lot of hard work in it and I am glad you like it. If you so wish sign up and follow the blog! Every update is preposted there and you can find some behind the scenes infomation there. I really appreciate every reader of the blog!

@kolnikov inc: Maybe you are right and the storyline of the above entry is trivial. But no more then a simple look-at-the-before-and-after-pictures type of entry. I always try to find an entertaining story to spice up my shots. In this case the story might suffer from my limited ability to write in the english language. I think the german version is more pointed so that even the trivial plot reads funny. I hope I didn't disappoint you, there is more to come. Next five entries will deal with serious traffic infrastructure development. But thank you for your comment! Critics are welcome and are used to improve my style!

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..maybe it is the language barrier...but don't get me wrong, i like what you're doing here...i was even inspired enough to think about starting a new journal that encompasses the natural growth principle instead of the 'pause and plop' style that i've grown accustom to using....anyway you're english is good...better then most american's. danke.

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Well done will the citizens of Grunen have to withstand a corrupt mayor forever? Find out soon!
lol. Someday someone will probably do something to stand up to him...

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@ImVhOzzi: Thank you. There is more to come. But - due to heavy (-est) workload in RL - unfortunately not too soon.

@jj88: Yeah. Corruption is the first name of our mayor. Otherwise a nice guy. lol.

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Great CJ !

I'm just curious about the grass terrain . Are you using a mode, because the grass looks much more lively then default ?

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