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Connolly Air Force Base

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A few years after WWII, the Confederate Political and Military Leadership realized the Strategic Importance of the Aracjunan Islands

in the upcoming Cold War. A Soviet Military presence would have cut off most of the supply lines from North America to Europe and

actually as it has been revealed during Glasnost in 1989, there have been quite a few plans to bring Aracjuna under Soviet Control.

That the Aracjunan Government would have just switched sides was out of the question anyways,

through the Western Heritage most Citizens of Aracjuna shared. So the Soviet Politburo tried to send in KGB Spies to overthrow the Government,

Sabotage Vital Industry or just to cause Public Disturbances (like the Fuel Riots in 1969)

Anyways, the Confederate Military decided to prepare their Forces for the Task ahead and among other Initiatives,

decided to build a new Training Facility for the Flying Personnel of the six Branches of the Confederate Military

(Army, Air Force, Marine Corps, Navy, Coast Guard and Defense Corps)

The small Town of Connolly about 15 Miles south of the Capitol Kerrington was chosen to become this Training Facility


Back then Connolly was a small lumberjack town and near the town there has been a clearing,

which was used by a USAAF Fighter Squadron as base of operations during WWII.

So the Confederate Air Force just took over the abandoned USAAF Facilities and the Connolly AFB was founded.

Over the years the CAF improved the Facilities there and today,

the Connolly AFB is still the only Training Facility for Fixed-Wing Military Flying Personnel in Aracjuna.


Connolly AFB today


The lumberjacks moved away and today mostly Military Families live in the Village


The small pond near the Southern Gate


Left the Flight School for the Theoretical Flight Classes

(they also got two Simulators in the Basement) and Right the Flight Control Center,

which also houses the Flight Preparation Rooms and the Briefing Rooms


Rows of Training Aircraft await the Trainees


A Group of CS Army Chinooks undergoing pre-flight Preparations


For a few years now, Connolly AFB also has become Home to a small Air Transport Detachment of the CAF


The VORTAC Transmitter, without it the Pilots at Connolly would be pretty much screwed


The Main Gate near the Town


The southern Barrack Complex with the Quartermaster's Depot and the Air Base Offices (Bureaucracy is the demise of mankind ;p)


The shoulder patch for the Flight School

[images resized, please keep al pics within the 800x600 or 600x800 pixel limit. Thanks! - Chptrk]

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Very nice airbase . I notice on the region map it makes the skies over Aracjuna pretty busy.  There's a lot of aircraft flying about.

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Well the Island is located in the Atlantic and the most Aircraft flying from Europe to America or vice versa are passing it ;) (makes for a good explanation lol)

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Well, what can I say, it's not louder than living near an Intl Airport (believe me, it sucks ass lol)
The fact that it's an Air Force Base limits the Air Traffic pretty much and then it's mostly used by Trainer Aircraft and they usually have perhaps 2-3 days of Flight Operations a week. Compared to it's size Aracjuna has a pretty big Air Power yeah, but they don't have the need for like a hundred new pilots a month, that's not even the demand of the Aracjunan Armed Forces for a whole year, bottomline is, even when the Air Base see's Flight Operations, not more than 6-8 planes are participating at the same time.
Nonetheless, the houses of the Village are built soundproof, which was financed by the Government a few years ago

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