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Pics from along C line.

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@Tekindus: Thank you, i really like railroads, that's why I invest so much time in them. :)

@Guibanez: Thank you :)

@Tepodon: Now I'm interrested in this line.... let's see if I can find some information about it :)

@K50: At SC4D, it's easy to find there ;)

@DC: Thank you :) I will deliver some more updates that are following various rail lines in the future ;) (I've got more than enough rail lines...)

@Reickhardt: Thank you :)

@ImVhOzzi:Thank you for this interresting analysis :)

to Pic 4: hehe, jupp, it can get crowded... but it's nothing compared to

Pic5: I've got the station from SC4D

@CIUU: I've got the flats from Somy's site ;)

@TowerDude: Thank you :)

@tigeria: Thank you, I'd love to see a station entry made by you, it's interresing for me how you will make the layout of such an entry.

BTW. I'm sorry, but I haven't found the train depot, looked after it at a lot of sites. I send you a link if I find it somewhere again.

Update 27

Heyho and welcome to the twentyseventh update of my MD Dragon Islands, Today I will show you some pics of the villages and small cities located next to TDR C line, the "bigger" cities Shì haiwan and Yán Wan will get their own updates.

The first picture shows a small temple located a bit to the north of Zài cun miào.



That's the main part og Zài cun miào, The government tried like nearly everywhere in this region to make some cheap places to live, in this case for the workers of the industrial area of Shì haiwan.



A pic of the coast shortly before the industrial area, the ferry passes to the other side of the bay.



This is a bit more zoomed otu vew of the industrial area of Shì haiwan.



That's the worker's settlement next to the small stop Yú lù and to the small fishing habour.



The habour is not only used for fisher boats, the small wharf repairs every cind of small ships....



Old track mees the new one, this time sadly no automata was so cind to appear -_-



Now a big jump - to the nd of the line - to Shì Lòngwàn.

The city has the luck to be at one of the few places in the south of the dragons where some beaches exist, just gravel, but that's enough.



Another view of the beach... It's empty because the water is too cold in spring.



A small nightview...



Another fishing habour with a small wharf, but this one has it's stone freed beach only. We will follow that ferry that heads to the other side of the bay.



It heads to Júhua dì dìfang on the other side of the bay.



This road with heavy traffic (no, I did not use generators) leads to the south, some of you might remember it's number from some prior updates: B21.



This pic is a zoom out view of Shì Lòngwàn.



And finally I've prepaired a small overview of most of the central Dragon Isle.

BLUE: TDRC main line, The train line between Lòng Chèng and Shì Luna. (Stations are white, bigger white dots show more important stations)

ORANGE: TDRC C line, the line of update 26.

DARK BLUE: Hydra Rail main line (HR) The main train line between Shì luna and Shì Shuixi.

RED: A2, the trans dragon highway (Exits are marked with yellow dots)

GREEN: Protection areas, theese areas are reserved for the local population of small dragons (to avoid conflicts) And also are important places for the protection of other red-listed animals and plants.

PURPLE: Ferry routes.


Greetings from Shì Lòngwàn, Skimbo Smiley


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u know what, that coastline is AWESOME! Great work with the landscaping! :D haha chill, i'm in no hurry for those depot. If you know then let me know, else it's ok!

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The BEST update yet! Everything is perfect. Is that the SPAM that I see for the farms and irrigation canal?


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