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TDRC "C line"





@Reikhardt: Don't be scard, it's only a small one :D

@Tower Dude: Thank you :)

@Tigeria: I do not know it anymore where I've got it, someone on the Simforum asked me the same question and got the same answer: I look if I can find the site again when I've got time next week.... sry.

@CIUU96: Thank you :)

@TekindusT: Thank you :) You will find my maps there from now on.....

@Guibanez: thank you :)

@K50: thank you too :)

@Timmystwin: Okay, I read it too late for this upate but I will show you one in one of the next updates, no problem ;)


(Sorry if my english isn't correct sometimes, I wrote this at 0:20 AM)

Heyho and welcome to the twentysixth update of my MD Dragon Islans, Today you will see some pics and a route map od the TDR "C" line between Shì haiwan and Shì lóngwan. The "C" line is a minor important rail line, TDR uses two of it' three X-TER trains to provide a easy and (more or les) fast service to the indutrial areas and between some small cities and villages. It crose the main line two times and the departure plans are syncronised with the main line express trains to provide an optimal service.

The first pic shows a X-TER train at plattform 1 of the rail station of Shì haiwan. The line will be lenghened to Shi dàotiàn as soon as the rail station of this city has been whidened to a four track station and the last olt STR piece of the main route has been replaced by a modern 2-track- sollution that allows 160km/h(100mp/h) instead of 100km/h(60mp/h)



The "new" Trans dragon rail has different route includeing tracks that allow 200km/h(125mp/h) and a long tunnel, shortens the travelling time about 20 minutes between Shì haiwan and Yán wan. The old track leads along the bay, meanwhile the "new" route crosses the dragon and dissappeares in the tunnel.



Yust a motive I liked...



And a second one...



This is the station "Zài cun miào" I've gotta provide a pic of the temple in the next update.



The old route is curvy...



We now reach the industrial center of Shì hàiwan.



2 stations in here provide a short walking distance and as a result higher attractivity of the line.



The next stop is at a small worker'svillage that grew around a small fishing habour.



Back on the main line.... Oh, a nice motive. Here we can see a cargo train with an ED-75 as engine.



This is the old colonial 4-track railstation of Yán wan, the biggest city. A TDR Supra express is passing through, the only train that does not stop here.



A X-TER follows the track through the city, we've left the main line again.



Another colonial station at the eastern part of Yán wan.



Now the line passes an area with absoluteley untouched nature, Places like this provide a conflict free coexistence with the dragons of the island because they've got space where noone disturbes them.



And out of the forest again, now we reach Shì lóngwan, the end of the line....



Ad here we are....



Of course I provide a line map again, in TDR syle, not in the one of LCRT....


I hope you've enjoied this update Smiley

Greetings from Shì haiwan, Skimbo.

Please ignore the spelling misstake below, "anf" means "and"




Recommended Comments

Brilliant update once again! You keep amazing me with your railroads... I've specially liked your train automata, it is really nice and detailed!

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Oh my goodness, you left me in awe again!

That STR station in the 8th picture, where did you get it?

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1st picture: Good start, I like the way you build your cities

2nd picture: Small suburbs are nice

3rd picture: And i like the motive too

4th picture: I can imagne how congested the roundabout is, when there is a train coming through 

5th picture: Where did you find that train station? It's pure idyll

6th picture: This is a motive i like very much

7th picture: Industry so close to beautiful nature? Not my cup of tea, but the picture is nice indeed

8th picture: More industry

9th picture: Aaaah, a village. Once again, you've done a great job with the scenery

10th picture: Perfectly timed photo

11th picture: It's good to be in a town again

12th picture: The blocks looks a bit boring, so I hope we'll go countryside again

13th picture: That looks like a nice place to live, but you'll have to get over that there are some big power lines in your "backyard"

14th picture: Untouched nature when it's best

15th picture: No, not the end!

16th picture: Boring blocks again, but i like the picture

Overall: You've done an outstanding job this time


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This just so awesome, you do rails so well!!

I also like the flats in the last picture, where did you get them? 

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i love to see your station entries. very good work with it. Don't blame me if one day I have an entry similar to yours :P Great job! Hope to see more!

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