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Chapter 8 - The Industrial Revolution

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Adrianor : Thanks! Yes, Tim is getting old. But You'll have to wait and see what happens.

JGellock : Thanks for an other nice comment!

peachpit580 : Thank you!

Schulmanator : Yes, I'm trying to make it as realistic as I can.

Samerton : Thank you for rating!

Area49 : I'm glad your enjoying my CJ!

BloodySoap : I can't wait either! Yeah, it makes me sad too that ST is slowing down.

SC4fanatic/slayer : Thanks you for rating!

supercity124 : lol. It's funny how people predict what I'm going to do next. I already started building the airport even before you commented. And I would build a seaport but Whitevale is built near a lake and there's no way out. :)

sloid : Thanks!


Thank you for commenting!


Even though the Industrial Revolution started in the late 1800s, Whitevale's industrial demand only began to skyrocket in the recent years. New companies and organizations were being founded in and around Whitevale. In early 1940, A huge coal patch was discovered deep in the Burton Peek Mountain. Many mining companies though they could profit from that coal. At the end of 1940, a coal mine was built right at the base of the mountain. Excavation started shortly after.


The Burton Peek Coal Mine employed more than 1200 workers. The coal was excavated underground and brought to the surface via an underground rail line. It was then processed and shipped to nearby power plants and other companies across North America.



The coal was processed in a nearby coal processing plant seen here.


After the coal was processed, it was transfered to the next building where it was stored and was loaded onto freight trains and transported all across North America.


The coal that wasn't being transported was stocked in a gigantic pile near the mine.


There were some disadvantages to the coal mine though. It was polluting everything around it and so trees began to die and nearby residents complained for difficulty breathing.


Environmentalists were getting concerned about this pollution so they drew a map of where the polluted air was traveling.

The Light represents low to medium level air pollution.

The Dark represents dangerously high pollution levels.


With all the complaints and warnings, the Burton Peek Coal Mine has yet to do anything to lower pollution levels.

With World War II on the rise, An airport was built a few kilometers away from the town at the beginning of 1942. The airport was built for both military and commercial use. It handled about 1500 passengers and hundreds of military aircraft everyday. The Airport was named Timmy P. Doiron Airport.


Tim P. Doiron Airport had 2 gates, a Flying club, an industrial port and military base. You see here all the available gates are filled with 2

McDonnell Douglas DC-6. The Whitevale Flying club uses 5 Cessna 150s. A U.S. Military plane can be seen getting ready to taxi.


Now, if we go back into the ever-growing Town of Whitevale, you will find yet an other farm land being destroyed by housing. This farmer had to move put of town because the town was expanding onto his farm.


Not even a year later, many new houses were built. Many farmers were angry at the town because too many farms were being destroyed.


In the years between 1940 and 1943, 4 two or more story residential buildings were built in Whitevale. Here is the newest one.


The Pascal Residents was the highest wealth residents in Whitevale at the time.


This is a picture of Whitevale in 1943 on a rainy summer day. Whitevale now a population of about 6500 people.


Well that's it for now!

So how do you guys like my new "Replies" Sign?

The Next Chapter in the Whitevale City Journal will be very interesting so don't miss it!

Stay tuned for more about Whitevale!

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Recommended Comments

Since the airport has been built and, during World War II, there should be some rapid suburbanization and farms dissappearing throughout the whole city and the downtown area should expand and grow taller. During that time, Whitevale should be incorporated as a city. Also, the city hall and a courthouse should be built when the city has been incorporated.

Also, a University and a high school should be built as well at the end of the 1940's decade.

I hope to see these happening in Whitevale and, I hope to see more of this city!!    

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