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Mind the Gap

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@TekindusT: Thank you :)

@Tigeria: thank you :)

@Tepodon: Sadly, The ishimaru denki building and Kumming lu 91 are growing like weeds, but the secound one is (luckily) a very passive looking one.

@Paulobergonci: Thank you :)

@Samerton: nice that you like them :)

@ImVmOzzi: you're welcome :)

@Guibanez: thank you :)

@Tower Dude: nice that you did not miss it 9.gif Thank you too :)

Update 25 "Mind the Gap"

Heyho and welcome to the twentyfith update of my MD Dragon Islands. Today I'm going to show you pictures of various places around Lòng Chèng that are part of the rail transit system.

First some pics along the line U3 Due it is not a "complete" rail line (A tram line which has been layed on everlated tracks during the expansion of the city) I do not want to make a "complete" update about it.

The first pic shows the station Huìsuo lù, located at the south end of the line.



Shortly after the station Shuixi chedào the line passes a double track rail that leads to the "big" LCRT train depot (Shown later in this update).



This pic shows a downtown area station of this line, Yinghua guangchang. This is the part of the line that was first layed on evelated tracks.



Shìzhèng ting is the last not modernised station but an important one, at least U2 crosses aboth.



And the last pic of the line U3 shows the station Dà Nàng yi nán, the northern end of the line.



Now I will show you the two depots of LCRT, first the "Big one" which has been rebuildt in the late 1980's The prior depot has been a victorian one, it just got too small. No wonder that there are no trains to see at this picture, the pic has been taken at rush hour.



And this is the small LCRT depot located in the downtown area.



Oh.... what's that for a train hideing behind the shinkansen tracks?



It stops at the new TDRC terminus next to Xin shìchang (the station with the shopping center)



It's the Trans Dragon Supra express... or at least a train of this cooperation. It provides a non stop service to Shì Luna, the city at the dragon's tail.



And here I've got a special for you Wink :

>>(Click for full resolution)<<



LCRT (Lòng Chèng rapid transit. Lines 1,2,3,4,5 and 6)

LCU   (Lòng chèng Underground. Lines U1, U2 and U3)

TDRC (Trans Dragon Rail C. Trains and express trains to Shi Luna & other cities on the Dragon)

DSE   (Dragon Islands SUPRA Expres. Nonstop trains from the TDRC terminal to Shì Luna and Shì Shuixi)

DISC  (Dragon Islands Shinkansen C. Trains to Shì de Lònghù and to other cities out of the region. In future maybe trains to Dragon Islands International airport too.)

I hope you've enjoied this update, greetings from Lòng chèng, Skimbo Smiley


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Beautiful as always! :D where did you get the train depot in pic 6? i am searching high and low for one for my city.

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Your pics are great as usual, but the map is simply fantastic! It is clear, bilingual, well-designed and all routeshields and graphics are top-quality. I need to see it on the "Show us your city/transit maps"!

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Btw, i think it wud be realistic for the TDRC and the DISC to have a interchange at Xin Schishang, for people who want to interchange without having to go on another train

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