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Shibuya - Harajuku: Part One

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Shibuya and Harajuku; both Tokyo, and Japan's centre of youth culture. The two areas are highly different in terms of the 'crowd' that 'hangs-out' there, but the two areas are only one stop away by train, and well within walking distance.


Shibuya (aka Shibz, Buya):

The crowd here is into sex, drugs, violence, and a total life of debauchary. The lives of the Shibz folk are that of constant cultural poverty, and are total failures in the eyes of society at large. They are frequently chased by the police, and can be found squatting in front of stores such as HMV, Tower Records, or any Karaoke place that can be found in the area. (jk)



The centre of goth and goth-lolita culture; its basically just a really wierd place to be on Sunday's. All kinds of underground and sometimes very "iffy" (in terms of legality) people converge here. Street performers, and girls dressed in 19th century clothing are the norm in this town. The people here spend the majority of there well earned cash on dead or dying fads. Although the folk here find themselves to be of a higher cultural class than those of 'Shibz' they are of a very similar breed, and often find themselves in poverty themselves due to there mindless spending on 19th century dresses. (jk)

Well, I've basically offended some people so here's my rendition of the area. It is not complete. Especially the area around Shibuya. I really want Neonsim's rendition of Q-Front, but he hasn't uploaded it to the STEX.

So here's the area.


Above: an area slightly north of Shibuya Station. The border between Shibuya and Harajuku.


Above: The Yamanote, Shonan-Shinjuku, and Saikyo Line's.


Above: The empty space in front of Shibuya Station. (oh Neonsim, how I long for your Q-front)


Above: Despite the mentally challenged crowd, the land price of the area is astronomical.


Above: Shibuya Station...


Above: a more zoomed out picture of the area. I'm also going to have to make the Keio Inokashira side of Shibuya Station.


Above: some homes not far from Harajuku, near Yoyogihachiman.


Above: The Yoyogihachiman area is a pretty rich neighborhood due to its proximity to the centre, and yet far enough not to be swamped by wierdo's.


Above: Harajuku Station


Above: This open space is going to house what was the Olympic Village from the 1964 Summer Olympics, now a multi-purpose recreation area and NHK (Japan National Broadcasting) HQ. In the upper lefthand corner you can see Harajuku Station.


Above: The southern edge of Meiji Jingu.


Just south of NHK headquarters, and north of Shibuya.


Above: The park with tennis courts (in reality they're futsal courts) are home to many homeless folk, who will be evicted sometime next year to make room for a Nike Park, which is being heavily protested.


Above: The Yoyogi Park Koban Mae Intersection.


Above: The underground highway runs towards Shibuya from Shijuku. (check older posts for details)

Well hope you enjoyed this update, and I hope I can present to you all a completed version of Shibuya soon.

Oh wait, theres more!!!

Below is a region shot of TOKYO 4.0 as of now.

Notice anything?


Yes, I have reached the 1 million mark!! Yay!

Thats all

Let me remind people that an updated region image of TOKYO 4.0 can be found on the first page, and will be frequently updated.

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Recommended Comments

I am consistently amazed at your ability to place a comment on my CJ the second I update it. CAN YOU SEE ME!?
jkjk, thank you very much for the compliment though, I appreciate it.

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This entry has been even more brilliant than usual... I thought you were the master of Tokyo's "city center" (if it exists) but you can make outstanding low-rise residential districts too! I've felt like watching "Doraemon" again looking to all this neighbourhoods...

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Congratulations to.... Blakeway!!!!!!

You have just made the 100th comment on this CJ, TOKYO 4.0
(minus my own comments, and including the comments made on the "Technical Difficulties" Update which I decided to take down)

To congratulate you on this special occasion I prepared for you a little treat from my home town.

Its Green Tea and Kuzu Mochi!!!

Enjoy! And thank you for the 100th comment!

And thank you all for the wonderful comments!

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LOL oh man. being the 101th do i still get the meal? Anyway this is a great update. I can see the effort here. I love it especially when apartments sit on hilltops. :D the low rise residential is sweet! Do continue updating! :D

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oh and suddenly seeing the picture, i feel like eating chawanmushi (is that how u spell it? ) hahaha! :P

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Thank you for the close-up of the station! This is outstanding work. You make the transitions between the elevations look so effortless. Interesting descriptions going along with the pictures.

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Oh my gosh...once of the best updates ever!!!!! I was shocked, the custom content is amazing!

If I may ask...

Where did you get Harajuku Station and the parks that you said were home to many homeless people?


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Amazing update! Tokyo is so huge!  And congratz for a 1,000,000 population mark, and also 100th comment!

Also, the people in the crowd look like people I hang out with...  lol...  (only they're japanese)

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Tigeria: thank you, but I don't like chawanmushi, lol

Sloid: thank you.

JGellock: ah, thank you for noticing the changes in elevation, those are really hard to figure out just using google earth images.

Blakeway: thank you, and congrats for being the 100th

DCMetro34: The Harajuku Station is just a compilation of other stations that I put together to make it look like Harajuku, so its not one single BAT, same with the park.

_marsh_: thank you, but I think you should find a new crowd to hang out with, lol, jk

Skimbo: thanks

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Well done  great update as always - how long have you spent on this region now? It must be some time!

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well I made the first post sometime back in May, but I had worked on it prior to making that post, so its been a good five or six months since I started this. I don't work on this thing continuously, like right now I haven't opened up SC4 for a week, and I had that long gap while I was making the BAT for Shinjuku Station.
Honestly, if you gave me several boxes of red bull, and one weeks worth of complete free time, I could fill this thing up, and possibly finish it. lol

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Truly amazing! Looks like the real tokyo. The Buildings are really nice, Where did you get them!
Looking forward for your updates!

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You didn't offend me, I agree it's all freaks and weirdos hangin' out at Harajuku and Shibuya (although I've heard these days the fashion weirdos go to Kourakuen).

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