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Dierapyamuk Invasion 3: Beginnings, Part 2

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Lyhoko Leaci


Wed. May 24th, 0150AL (2006)


On board a cloaked ship, two blond humanoid aliens with gills were working in a room that had a stone tile floor with stone walls. One of the aliens, the one with the lighter, and longer, hair was wearing a green strapped dress that reached his knees, and a pair of brown slip-on shoes. The other alien was wearing a plain white shirt with blue pants that reached slightly below the knee, as well as the same shoes as the first. Meanwhile, evenly spaced along the walls were columns half sunk into the wall that looked vaguely like bamboo, while one wall had several consoles, each which was framed with the same bamboo-like supports, only smaller, with the main panels made out of what seemed to be wood, as were the numerous buttons, each of which was labeled in writing that looked like Chinese, but wasn’t. Several view screens were embedded in the consoles, but most visuals were showing in holographic screens. One of these holographic screens currently displayed a 3D image of the planet Mïyan, centered on the west coast of Myon.

Cormani.png???: >I think I found something of interest.<

Mardon.png???: >What is it, Cormani? Wait, this is the planet with the Muphridian look-alikes and the intelligent bats, right? The one that the humans just started coming to about 140 years or so ago?<

Cormani.pngCormani: >Yes, Mardon. One would think you’re losing your memory if they didn’t know you were always like that. Don’t know why you have to act like that all the time, it’s only necessary to keep others from getting suspicious.<

Mardon.pngMardon: >Yes... what did you find?<

Cormani.pngCormani: >It seems that the Muphridians and the Hasiq are not the only other ones with dao. The ship’s picked up three humans with it as well, somehow. They seem to be the only ones on the planet, though, all others are Muphridian. Well, technically the zukes and gaxikaen have it too, but theirs is different, and they don’t have the same sort of control... What?<

Mardon.pngMardon: >What is it?<

Cormani.pngCormani: >I could have sworn I sensed the presence of another Ancaron ship out there... weird.<

Mardon.pngMardon: >You should know there aren’t any Ancaron in this galaxy besides us, and it’s been that way for 10,000 years.<

Cormani.pngCormani: >I know, it just felt like it for an instant. Did you feel anything?<

Mardon.pngMardon: >No.<

Cormani.pngCormani: >Huh... Well, there certainly is plenty of odd things going on here, what with the Muphridish-al’Hasiq war going on.<

Mardon.pngMardon: >Just like they did 9000 years ago...<

Cormani.pngCormani: >Except now they have starships that can melt the surface of an entire planet... especially the Muphridians with their new Chekalandra class vessels, which could do that on their own given an hour or two.<

Mardon.pngMardon: >Lovely.<

Cormani.pngCormani: >Well, the Ancaron have ships that could do that too.<

Mardon.pngMardon: >True.<

Cormani.pngCormani: >At least they only attack military targets. Though the fact that they seem to have lost one of those ships is worrying.<

Mardon.pngMardon: >How does one lose a starship?<

Cormani.pngCormani: >Apparently by having it damages in battle and then trying to retrieve it later, after the battle. How it managed to disappear is a bit confusing actually, as if someone stole it, they would have had to been there when the battle was still going on.<

Mardon.pngMardon: >Great. Just what we need is some wacko with a super-battleship running around causing chaos.<

Cormani.pngCormani: >There’s also Carpathia and Follomer and probably some others that I don’t remember in the region, who currently aren’t having any interstellar wars that I know of, though there was a civil war on Carpathia recently.<

Mardon.pngMardon: >Any other weird stuff going on here?<

Cormani.pngCormani: >Aside from that odd presence I felt earlier, no. The Dlorwani are quiet, surprisingly, though there is some activity growing on the other side of the galaxy, there’s nothing here.<

Mardon.pngMardon: >Wasn’t there reports of an unknown group asking where the Hasiq lived on various other planets?<

Cormani.pngCormani: >You remembered something!<

Mardon.pngMardon: >Hey!<

Cormani.pngCormani: >Yes, there were, though it’s weird. Whoever’s asking is human, but they only ask random people on the planet, then leave, until they show up on another planet a ways away. It first started on the other side of the galaxy, about halfway between the core and the rim, and gradually made its way over here, so they are at least going the right way to meet the Hasiq. And their FTL drive seems to be slow, though they may just be trying to confuse whoever is tracking them and they aren’t in a hurry. They might reach this area in a couple weeks.<

Mardon.pngMardon: >What do you think they’ll do once they meet the Hasiq?<

Cormani.pngCormani: >No idea. They might just be exploring the galaxy and heard of them, or they might want to see them for some other reason.<

Mardon.pngMardon: >Well, if they aren’t going to be here for a couple weeks, then we could set up stuff to try to see them, if possible. <

Cormani.pngCormani: >True, but right now the people down on the planet are more important.<

Mardon.pngMardon: >Yes, humans with dao are interesting.<

Cormani.pngCormani: >They seem to be with a bunch of other people right now, so for now lets just watch them until they go somewhere less crowded.<

Mardon.pngMardon: >Yes, we don’t need to disturb everyone else when we visit. Also, can I look down there to try to find them now?<

Cormani.pngCormani: >If you must... just don’t disturb anyone now. Currently they are in the 3rd room from the west side of the building, on the 3rd floor.<

Note: Dao is the Ancaron name for the various abilities like telekinesis and telepathy.

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Hmmm...  One generally doesn't devote several lines of dialogue to "sensing" something that may or may not exist unless something does, in fact, exist.  (If that makes any sense.  :P)

And indeed, Carpathia did have a civil war...  21 years ago.  Dunno if you would qualify that as "recent," but that depends on what the Ancaron perspective is on that amount of time, I guess.  :)


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Zelgaids: Mardon is 10130 and Cormani is 10127 years old. "Recent" would most likely have a bit of a different meaning. The various time skips and rewinds certainly don't help... after all, Brian, at around age 32/33, visited Carpathia before the civil war, and it is now 21 years after the war... and Brian is 17. So maybe it's best to just ignore the specifics of the current time in order to not tie your brain in knots...

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