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As everybody knows, the Valles Marineris is a big system of faults and canyons near the ecuador of Mars. Is an interesting place because nothing is compared, Colorado Canyon is too small compared to this wonder! Someday I was reading a magazine, an article about the terraformation. In this article said that if we fill up with water the surface of Mars the Valles Marineris will look like a big fjord. That inspired me to build a region for SC4. The first I do is made a grayscale of Valles Marineris, configure it and charge it in the game. The results are too satisfactory. The grayscale can be founded here: http://www.simtropolis.com/stex/details.cfm?id=22206

I was on the need to choose a style for my towns, I thinked to use the Simmars, but is too small for a big region. So I taked some plugins from Capital SimCity, Simtropolis and SimCity Polska. The results of all is very cosmopolitan mix. But my imagination never stopped, and I decided to made mountains at the south, extremly mountains with snow, that in the reality doesn't exist. But the region is big, and It need a history and an political organization. Now here comes the imaginary Valles Marineris. Time is measured like the same in reality, to avoid confusion. I made a map illustrating the nine districts in which the region is divided:


Description of the nine districts:

District I: Noctis Labyrinthia. Located west of the region consists of islands and fjords that make him look like a maze. It is a district with an economy based on fishing and industry, has a warm and rainy weather most part of the year. Sometimes the torrential rains are coming to flood the lower areas of the district.

District II: Marineris Heights. This is the district most extreme, made only of mountains, volcanoes, faults, canyons and valleys. The weather is cold and snow are common in the higher areas and it is an inhospitable and isolated. During winter snowstorms the authorities are forced to close all the roads and airports, causing problems. However, the economy of this district is stable as it has an important mining and industrial activity.

District III: Canal Marineris. The district is considered "central" because it is located in the center of most events in the region. Pierced through the middle by a narrow, this place is important for local fishing and industry, in addition to having an intense maritime traffic. Its climate is temperate south, warm to the north, with steady rain most part of the year.

District IV: The Plains. Consists of vast plains and a system of lakes, is a place with a warm climate and moderate rainfall. Its economy is based primarily on agriculture and tourism.

District V: Marineris Sea. Located at the center of the region, is named the sea that is in the middle of the whole region. With a warm climate with moderate rainfall, the distinction of being the crossroads of maritime traffic between east, west and the ocean of Elysium, besides having fishing activity.

District VI: Marineris Pass. Basically not much different from Marineris Sea, are only splitted by an old rivalry. It is based on traffic that passes through its vast system of canals and lakes. It also has industrial activity.

District VII: Great Chasma. At the south Marineris Sea, is a district that is distinguished by its dry climate and scarce rains, is the place where the mountains end and start the great dried plain. The economy is fragile and depend solely on irrigated agriculture, fishing, shipping and export from the District II.

District VIII: East End. Like Great Chasma is a dry and fragile economy district. Not very different from the previous.

District IX: Marineris Swamps. It is a great district with plains, lakes and swamps that make it a totally tropical. Its economy depends on agriculture, food industry and to attract tourism.

The politics of the region is based on a treaty signed in 1932. The treaty called "Treaty of the Confederation of the Valles Marineris", signed in the Palace of the Agreement in the City-State of Klumb -District III-, describes the current situation in the region and little has changed since it was signed. Agreed upon by the peoples of the Valles Marineris, in this covenant have points that influence the politics of the region.</span><span lang="en-US">The points of the treaty can be summarized as follows:

1 - Cooperation and mutual assistance between peoples, for the development of all.

2 - The unification of the Confederation of the Valles Marineris, on a decentralized form and divided into nine districts for administration

3 - The independence of each town within his district in a city state, independent of the others in its internal affairs. The success of this treaty lies in the turbulent history that has occurred in the region, basically from the beginning was kept in a belated and enslaved by another more powerful. The history of the Valles Marineris is very large, so it will be better in another post for not doing this so long.

Here ends this post, I leave some photos as a preview:





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I like the background story and the downtown. Great work!

BTW, where could I get that building made up of four trapezoids? And the blue one with two cilinders? And the yellow and green ones (I suspect they are part of some pack)? And the tall blue-grey one between the previous two? And the slim & tall rectangular one?

I'm sorry if I seem to pushy, but I really liked those buildings.

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