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@Tower Dude: Thank you 1.gif

@crushedcar: Yupp, they hate it... but Lòng Chèng has still got very "soft" ones. There are much more heavy rocks down to the south....

@Paulobergonci: thank you 1.gif

@Kolnikow inc: Thoose farms are rice paddies.

@Tigeria: thank you, I like your style too....

@Timystwin: thank you, nice that you like it 4.gif

@ilikehotdogsalot: thank you :)

And now.....

Entry 21:

Heyho and welcome to the 21st update of my MD Dragon Islands.

Today I will show you some random city pics I took during the last weeks.

This is one of the most popular shopping centers of the city....


Here we can see one of the smallest parks located not far away from Fènghuáng ji?, one of the city's southern main roads.


This place is located next to the stadium, no special things, I just took it because I liked the scenery...


Something rare at my MD, A train station around midnight. Sadly no train automata came.....


This place is located next to Ch?zhàn m?tóu.... I like those tiny sailing boats.....


This is a popular park located next to ?n dé l? lù, The Britans went away, but their parks stayed.....


Sometimes high land prices lead to curiosity.....


.....but mostly to beautiful sceneries.


Central library and a temple..... you might know them from earlier updates....


Central temple. This building is the reason why the station Sìmiào got it's name.... "Temple"


This is the "southern Downtown" A train of the 4 line is heading to the airport on the old rail viaduct between the highrises....


It's a long time ago since I've made the last pic from a Highway, the one showed here is the A20 on it's (short, only 3 exits) way to the city center.....


And today's last picture shows the station Nánbù chéngzhèn and it's surroundings....


I hope you've enjoyed reading this update, greetings from Lòng Chèng, Skimbo Smiley


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Recommended Comments

I love asian night scenes.... infact i love night scenes. (\/ Evidemce \/)

    Have you tried simfox's day n' night mod? It makes the
     lights more brilliant and i think it produces a greater effect.
    ( Evidence on the left.)

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I've seen some Chinese name. It seems that there're many Chinese living there. But there're a lot of Japan style buildings.
By the way, great update!


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This is one of the most inspiring CJs right now... It makes me to want to go to my game and begin plopping Hong Kong buildings... Great work, as usual, but I'm sure the next entry will be even better!

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Your city is beautiful, though I doubt that I would want to live there. Still it has a very cohesive quality that most journals are missing.  

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i love your city. As always I've loved the asian style. Looks really dense and gives me the feeling that there's a traffic jam around the corner. great job :D

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1st picture: Could be better, sorry.

2nd picture: Realism, love it!

3rd picture: I like the scenery too.

4th picture: Makes me wanna build a big city, and some el-trains. Now!

5th picture: A lot of rocks are good. A lot of rocks, and a little boat is very good.

6th picture: Nice park with some beautiful surroundings.

7th picture: I like the idea...

8th picture: Metropolis the way I like it!

9th picture: Hmmmm, I don't know what to say.

10th picture: Looks like a nice place to relax...

11th picture: The Southern Downtown looks good, too!

12th picture: Real Highway rules. Way to go!

13th picture: Ahhh, suburbs.

Whole update: Thumbs up, I look forward to the next update!


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This is some pretty cool stuff Skimbo! In the first picture, you actually made that weird Maxis building look good! Awesome job.

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Great update again! Also waiting for the next update, i'm interested how your airport looks and also the Line 4 

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