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East Tenne: Tellico

On the Unicoi Peninsula, the southern most corner of the Tenne region, early settlers still have not gotten used to the fact that their backwoods area was ceded to Wirdleonia. They live in the South East Tenne District but are residents of the Regency of Wirdleonia. Confusing? You bet! They were even more astonished when teams from the City Planning Office, telling them that the remote stretch was about to become a major city in Schulmania. Eager for development, the settlers helped the surveyors and many joined the construction crews. Their finished work, the city of Tellico, centered on Sequoyah Lake, is a bustling seaside town which will certainly prosper with its fortuitous location between the Tenne coast and Wirdleonia.

As displaced citizens arrive in Tenne and western Wirdleonia to avoid the combat areas to the east, the need for more housing, commerce and industry has become critical. The City Planning Office's response to this is one of the largest cities in Schulmania. Let's come in and take a look.

We'll start by looking at Sequoyah Lake, a large freshwater lake between the Tenne coast and the border of Wirdleonia. The elevation of the area surrounding the lake is very low, so it is prone to flooding after heavy rains.


After a sudden thunderstorm, lake levels rise quickly, covering much of Unicoi Marina. Luckily, lake levels drop as quickly as they rise thanks to porous soil. In half an hour, it will be dry again.


The shoreline is fairly densely vegetated, which helps prevent erosion when the lake rises. It is also fairly rocky, with several outcrops along the shore. Overall, it is quite scenic.


With moderate effort, one can hike the entire perimeter of the lake. It is completely encircled by development, but there is sufficient buffer to allow for the lake to still feel like part of nature.

We will now expand our focus outward, to see some of the developments around the lake. Tellico is unique in that it has more shoreline than any other city built in Schulmania to date - the entire lake shore plus a sector of seashore at the very southeastern corner of Tenne.


The campus of Etowah College serves the greater Tellico area. This lakeside campus offers undergraduate and graduate degrees in over fifty areas of study, including SchulmArcheaology, ClawMatology, Business & FurNance, MeowThematics and many more popular options.


Awesome logo for the college, isn't it? In a tribute to its founding during wartime, the college teams' name is the Golden Claws and the school colors and gold and red. The mascot, Sir Purr, is a fixture at all of Etowah's games.


Sequoyah Place is the largest commercial structure in town. It is Schulmania's version of a shopping mall, featuring shops and outlets for dozens of retailers and service providers, as well as an al fresco food court in the center. It has been extremely popular with the locals since it opened.


Here's an advertisement for Sequoyah Place. This poster can be seen all over town.

Doing its part to help the war effort, this urbanized area has its own farmland as well. The small farm, named Tellico Farms (how creative!) sits near the Tenne Sea shore. It helps supplement local needs so that food produced further east can be sent to help our military.


The small farm is very efficient, producing enough Fancy Feast to feed over 2,000 feline residents.


One of the very rare examples of religious architecture in the Island Georgian style is the town's cathedral. Very few buildings have been built blending the island style with the formal and highly articulated Georgian style. The only other significant example of this style in Schulmania at present is the cathedral in Campo di Carmelcciase.

The massive and stunning cathedral is a focal point for the town. Its massive red tiled dome is an instantly recognizable landmark and can be seen at sea. The colorful and bold geometric stonework on the exterior lends vibrancy to the area and is matched by particularly impressive detailing on the interior.


The same color palette of earth tones carries over to the extensive residential areas. Here, we see the charming fountain in the center of Fisk Park, the centerpiece of the neighborhood of Gray Fisk.


Despite the high population density, the Fluffytail community still has plenty of open space.

We will explore more of Tellico, a planned community already among the top 5 in population for Schulmania, in future updates.

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Wow, I love it, it gets better and better every time!

Nice small town, with some very scenic pics in there.


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TowerDude   Bien sur! You are welcome to come anytime! You will see more of the town in future updates… so call your travel agent now!


DCMetro34   Thanks! I appreciate that and am glad you think so. I do try to make each city a little better than the one which preceded it.


Aidcity4   The Mediterranean style buildings can be found here: http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/Default.htm and search for the creator MICKEBEAR. You will love them! BTW, welcome to Schulmania. Please do come visit us again soon!


ImVhOzzi   Tak! Hopefully the evil invaders will never make it that far inland.

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