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San Bellagrano

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Overview (enjoy)

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So, with the city rapidly expanding and the suburbs touching the edges, the council had to do something. And now it wasn't run by the useless Captain Fizzlewickets ( he had moved upriver when the council fired him, i will delve into this later) something actually happened. There had been rumors that a industrial park was planned there, but this was a major airport so the redevelopment is taking its time. There is however an improved transport link and the shabby pond has been contained.



With the demand for housing in the dirt cheap land homes were built, but the city stopped expanding by the airport as no-one wanted to live there. As a result the city went up very quickly, and along the river. This was originally a mode of transportation but roads and rapid rail lines now cross this redundant transport link. You can see the side of one suburb above in the airfield pic, and here is a shot of the river bank, complete with the library built on reclaimed land. ( Its not solid, so the council bought it on the cheap.) But the airfield is still in action, so the swanky homes built when it was thought to be out of use now show signs of dilapidation due to the homeowners leaving.


The Misubuya bridge

With the central island rapidly expanding, and the residents living off the island more and more often, the ferry often overcrowded. Seeing an opportunity, a local businessman called Shokai Misubuya applied for planning permission to build a road bridge. Realising that they needed a bigger bridge, the local council and businessmen chipped in to help pay for an avenue bridge. Once built, Shokai planned to put a toll on the bridge. His luck helped, as instead of tolling the bridge he was appointed a cushy job as transport minister. A local convention centre ensures local usage, and the businessmen who helped were given cushy jobs there. Aww. Happy ending. This did bring prosperity however, you can see the construction sites in the background.



Ill get this over with. This is the central business district. There is reclaimed land on the bottom, but ill get onto that in a minute. For now, enjoy.



Reclaimed land

With land values skyrocketing, the local council made some more. They did empty the coffers to do so, meaning that the land isn't suitable for large skyscrapers, and that they didn't have enough money for a second bridge. ( The one on the left leads to an industrial area, but its ugly so i wont touch it here.)


Trans Belladin tunnel.

The river Belladin is a much used transport route, so a tunnel was needed and not a bridge. You can see an avenue tunnel to the nearest industrial area above, but here are the two entrances to the newly constructed highway tunnel.( Including a rail tunnel nearby used for freight)


There is some development near the other entrance as it is far away from the airport and the dirtiest industry.


Thats it from me today, i might be back with some more in a day or two, but my computer is bieng tempramental so i dont know.

Thanks for reading


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Very nice again Timmy, that is an excellent CBD, the ending of the Hwy tunnel is a bit steep but I really didi like the night shot, great work here, and do I remember that city tile? Is that [b]the[/b] region? Looking forward timmy. Bixel's pencil towers fit in very well in your city, well done again Timmy.


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