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Summer Re-Run Series - Exciting Conclusion!!!

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Schulmania's summer re-run series concludes with Baywatch, a Monkey Island production... original airdate 2007.12.11... ENJOY!

Baywatch: Monkey Island



At Chimpania Beach, highly trained and highly toned lifeguards protect the many happy beachgoers who flock to the resort town on the southern end of Monkey Bay. These nubile young professionals can provide CPR, run in slow motion along the beach, or even provide melodrama. That's multi-talented!


Baywatch is located right off of the Monkey Island Expressway, Exit 1, in Chimpania. Monkey Bay is a safer and better place thanks to these monkeys!

A panicked report about a drowning sends the team out again. But, Monkella has a suspicion that something isn't right. Are they falling into a trap?

She was right, of course! It's a fake drowning - meant to lure them away from the REAL crime...

A daring heist at the jewelry show at Primate Plaza!

Can they be stopped?


The Baywatch team is preoccupied on a decoy call. Are the Crown Jewels safe?

And now, to the exciting conclusion!

Meanwhile, at Primate Plaza, a special jewelry exhibition has just opened. Fabulous jewels from around the primate world are on display to dazzle the gawking monkeys. There's the Howler Emerald, the Garnet Gibbon, the Ruby of the Banana Republic. The centerpiece is of course the 65,865 carat yellow diamond, the Royal Banana of George. It is the collateral for Monkey Island bonds. It seemed to be risky to put it on display. But, the security team of brother Lemon Utan and Orange Utan seemed to have everything under control.

But, they did not account for an infiltrating double agent from Cro Magnonia. The Cro Magnons have a score to settle with Monkey Island after a skirmish over the nearby island of Neandertal. The Cro Magnons have the perfect plan for revenge- steal the giant diamond, cut to look like a big yellow hat, and bankrupt the monkeys.

The first step, divert security away from the exhibition. With Baywatch occupied, the Chimpania police force stood no chance.


From their hotel room overlooking Primate Plaza, the nefarious criminals watched Baywatch take the bait. Time to swing into action!


The strike force assembled right in front of the doors. They looked innocent enough. No one noticed that they had... sticky fingers!

Nearby, the Baywatch team finished their "rescue" and contemplated their next move. Then, they did it: a slow motion run across the beach with a heavy synthesizer and guitar sound filling the air. Too cool.


Just on the other side of the road, the Royal Banana was in great peril. As the crew slid into the Hard Rock Café to unwind and savor the admiring stares of the public, Bob Boon said "Hmmm, something is wrong... my Spidey Sense is tingling." Monkella noted he was in the wrong series. He responded "Oops - but you know what I mean. Something is wrong. I wish I could put my monkey paw on it.... But, something is wrong." He looked out the window, across the street...



Baywatch swings into action! Cue the haunting electric guitar riff... now, running across the street in slow motion...





Paws and tails are flailing wildly! Monkey screams pierce the still air. It is definitely GO TIME!


The Monkeystone Kops arrived an sealed off the plaza behind the building. There would be no escape for the Cro Magnons.

A 90 second montage of pulsing music and slow motion staged, over-the-top pseudo martial arts campy fighting wraps up with the arrest of the Cro Magnons. Baywatch has again saved the day!

The episode closes with a fab concert! The whole cast of Baywatch heads out for slow motion freeze-frame disco music. Featured performer: BANANARAMA!


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Guibanez_   Thanks. I am glad you liked to conclusion. New stuff is coming soon.



A note to all: Post count awards for 2nd quarter will be cut off here for Volume 3. Replies and other stuff will continue after the ceremony!


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NOTE: All replies above this are now added to post count totals for rank and awards.



Leech10   Well, that’s the last of the Baywatch. But you never know what new inspiration I might get…


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