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Mulholland Port

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Welcome back! Thank you to those who are following this City Journal. And a thank you to those who commented on the previous entry!  

This City Journal is loosely based around natural growth. However, I will be jumping forwards in time throughout some sections of the CJ for narrative purposes. In addition, I am using highly charged and accelerated building methods, just to get the ball rolling. 

Airport, whilst complete, will be continually expanded and improved as the journal progresses. Also, I have decided to drop the first person narrative. I write out my CJ entries beforehand in Word, and this writing method is a bit restrictive.


Today, we will explore Mulholland – a settlement to the east, focused on the port.

 Latest Map of Britannica: 


 Welcome To Mulholland

It has been some time since the new Britannica Airport has been open – gathering pace and establishing itself as a word class airport. So far the transition has gone smoothly, with no notable instances other than the occasional piece of luggage going AWOL. 

Residents of London are feeling the benefit – their skies are clear, and the noise levels have dropped sharply. Traffic congestion on the M25 and the M4 has fallen considerably, too. However, most of the city is still choked – and people continue to lose their jobs as the stranglehold claims yet more businesses. 

Britannica Airport is going from strength to strength – its coupling with a nearby port makes North Europe within an easy reach of the airport. Passengers from Sweden, Norway and Denmark can hop on a ferry to Britannica – and catch a connecting bus to the terminal building for transcontinental flights. 

Previously, they would have to catch a flight to Schipol or Heathrow, and this has proven highly successful in keeping air traffic at Britannica. 

Here is an overview of the port and the surrounding area: 


As traffic through the port increases, hotels, restaurants and other amenities have sprung up. Today, we see this growth has continued, with tall hotel buildings owned by large chains such as Travelodge. 

Most of the buildings around the ports themselves are restaurants, hotels and conference suites. Towards the east, we see more apartment buildings and homes. Development in the area is closely monitored by Britannica County Council who have designated this as the town of Mulholland. 

Mulholland has proven a rather convenient spot for UK businessmen who travel to Europe frequently, and many expensive apartments have sprung up next to social housing projects. 


The rail station lies across the other side of the bay from the ferry ports – and the route  between has developed as a large shopping district. Traders have set up shop here, cashing in on high volumes of passing traffic and low land value. This, of course, has helped further expand residential development in Mulholland. 

As well as large department store, more recognizable supermarkets and shopping malls surround the train station: 


Interestingly, for such a new and relatively small town – various entertainment venues have opened in the area. People are staying in Mulholland overnight – between early morning flights and late night ferries, people are spending a little time (and money) in transit. 

Here, we see various cinemas and theatres. A new, large theatre has just opened, with many musicals and performances put on which would have been shown in London’s West End (before it fell into disrepair). 


Back across the bay, ferries come and go – coach parties arrive for short trips to Europe, and travelers arrive from North Europe for Britannica Airport. Here, a ferry from Belgium has just arrived: 


 And an overview: 


Just to the West of the shopping and entertainment district, a large port plays host to longer-distance ships. Today, a cruise liner has just departed, en route to Oslo for Iceland: 


 Amongst B&B’s which originally kickstarted development in Mulholland, tall hotels and apartment buildings fringe the scenic bay: 


 A sense of community is developing in Mulholland – its now a town, and growing. As people move in, so do their families. The Port’s medical facility has been expanded, and a school has opened in the Eastern part of town. 

Here, we see a trendy new plaza, fringed by expensive shops and bistros. The area will soon be filled with trendy condos and apartment buildings. 



Coming up next: The City of Britannica – New Plans for a New Town

Once again, I would like to extend my thanks to all who are reading this city journal. I am beginning to pick up pace with this, and I am hoping I will be in full swing by the next update.  

I intend the next update to be considerably longer than this update, with lots of graphs and transportation maps as a new strategic transportation committee is set up.

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Recommended Comments

in that last picture you made maxis look awesome. Congratulations, you made history!

I am really liking this city journal, all you need now is the little thumbnail picture! 

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Hello, thank you for the comments :)
I've screwed up a little with the residential development. I have R§, R§§ and R§§§ in growth stages 2-7, and a lot of NJZ's. This is due to developing it too quickly, with not enough industry and other services to maintain sims, rather than developing it in the usual manner. I shall be rectifying this as I develop near the airport. Hopefully this will make it a little more pleasing to the eye.

@ Sky Guy: You can find the cul-de-sac mod here. I like this one as it is compatible with other sidewalk texture mods. 

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Wow, that Map is so good and detailed! Nice CJ too, really enjoy coming by here every now and then. Good work.

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Just a little update:
Am still working on the next update, it involves a large population (in comparison), and need to get the buildings *just so* for it to be correct. You will see two completely different developments going up. 

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WOW! Great article. I actually live in ondon and would'nt be surpised if that worst-case scenario actually came true. Keep up the good work.

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