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Northern Kaliningrad and communications

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Between Sojuz and the airport a snowy expanse extends. This is simply too close and attractive, who would let this part of the town unconstructed? Maybe the ecologists... But they have almost no voice in the municipal council. 16 years passed from the begin of constructions, and Kaliningrad prepares to become a respectable town, enlarging its suburbs and merging them with some industrial zones.


The designed road would help some of those Sojuz inhabitants which have to reach the Kaliningrad center and then the industrial zone everyday. Also a bridge is designed, always in remembrance of the discussion about the need to keep the railway always operative.


This is the completed western part of Sojuz.


Including of course the necessary services with also some few commercial areas for the growing shopping.


Just after some years from their construction power lines are demolished. Some citiziens wonder if this was a waste of money, the mayor embarassed never gave an answer to this question... But promised more accurated planification, also if the citiziens took it like a joke, since there's not some big planification project for the whole town.


The problem with a little town growing very fast is that the wastes are inevitable. Analogue is the case of the water towers. A pump is built on the previous location of the first water tower, which had just 15-16 years.


As we seen in the last picture, the center of Kaliningrad became wealthy, and richer citiziens buy mansions and chalets. Sojuz is well connected with Kaliningrad and competes actively also if the population is less rich.

Talking about the hill standing between Norsk and Kaliningrad center, a little projects stands to build some communications tower.

In fact Kaliningrad has became attractive also for few respectable companies, like regional Tv issuers and radio stations. The need of a comunication tower is high, also because the mayor has realized that the existing towers are just too far and mobile calls are sometimes difficuilt, especially when it snows hard.


Here is the tower after the construction. The street connecting the tower to the civilized world is surrounded by eyecandy trees. The population is happy and mayor rating looks better from the last poll.


This is the tower in specific, nothing much to say about it, built on the place, not prefabricated.


This is one of the companies that was interested to expand and increase their economic empire in our area. Hearing these news on the regional newspapers and Tvs, mobile sellers move to Kaliningrad to supply the growing need for mobiles. Some joke about mobile radiations and say that every Kaliningrad citizien will get a cancer at the ear or something else similar within 10 years. Actually the tower is close to the constructed areas, but the danger should be minimal.


Devastation for construction of the street is visible, reallocation of the soil is impressive, and the conformation of the hill changed a little.

Being outraged by these monstruos construction policies, some 10-15 environmentalists protest in Kaliningrad. Police forces watch them with suspicion and skepticism. As few of them start trowing stones against the mayor home, police forces join action and arrest 4 of them. Use of policemen is impressive and population feels more secure after this muscles demonstration.


Arrested ecologists come from Khabarovsk mainly, but also Vladivostok. They condamn the useless need to build new towns in the wonderfull siberia damaging its great natural environment. Of course these mad people don't know what they're talking about.

At least under the soviets we had no problem with the "Green men". They're staying in cells for some months, before process and following probable incarceration.

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I really like the idea behind this Update. To be honest, I really like all your work. Keep the good work up!

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Before deciding to create my own fictional town near Kaliningrad, I thought of making a CJ about Kaliningrad itself. I didn´t know that there was already someone doing it, and now I am pleasantly surprised. I will stay here watching how you develop it  Very interesting!

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@ iGod, i am happy you like my work so much, and i will keep the work up of course also if the school is driving me crazy . Thanks for friendly comment.

@ Kim Sunwoo, it seems like Kaliningrad is some attractive city for us SC4 players. Also another guy (Gilkov1994 if i remember the name well) is realizing a finctional version of Kaliningrad. I decided to give this town this name just because i was a bit cluless and don't love random names also because i am not good at creating them (lie, i was just clueless). Thanks for watching and commenting, but  i think you should go and try to make your own Kaliningrad. This city became a might! The union of Kaliningrads!

@ ImVhOzzi, i just realized i have 2 palms in the fourth picture. I think i will follow your important suggestion... how can palms fit into Russia? To be honest everything could fit into Russia talking about dimensions . Will seek for it, thanks for your opinion.

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P.S. Sorry for the spelling errors, i didn't check much my entry because i was in a hurry, had to play some soccer game ^^. Now it should be all right.

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I like how the city is growing, I think you should have seaports in the city in order to grow a bit faster.

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One seaport could come soon yes, but i can't realize how to find in the STEX the mod that allows you to create some custom seaport. I tried but couldn't find it and i don't want to use the standard Maxis one... looks too familiar to everyone.

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Daan300 thanks for support, yes it is coming something nice, unhoped by me. I am improving about CJing and will try to do even better.

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