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Ring road, aprtments, history...

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@Larks: As always, your comments are greatly appreciated.

@Skimbo: Thanks man, your dragons rule.

@zwr100: I am still not very happy with the decorations in the game, but it's better than nothing. I guess this is the advantage of Sim City 4 City journals where there is virtually anything you want to put in your city. Hopefully, Monte Cristo will bring some new additions to everything that exists.

Keep those comments coming.

And now for the update.

  April 1997 - City Hall meeting. 

Mayor: Even if they are late a few months, Bechtel has done an incredible job by building the ring road. It is still not completely finished, but it should be by the end of this year. As you can all notice, they have come up with an ingenious idea of building bridges over the roads that lead to the farming area, in order not to congest traffic in two intersections. The single intersection the ring road has at this point allows for traffic in four directions as you can see - two towards town, and two towards the farming distrcit. I have spoken to the infrastructure department director and out joint opinion is that the ring road, at least the part recently build should have very few intersections with other roads, in order for it to be a fast way to get around town. Whenever there are intersections these should be big and not allow for traffic congestions. We will see how things develop. 


Here is a better picture of the area with the two metal bridges rising above the two roads leading to the farms. These bridges have driven the ring road construction price up, but not by much. We have managed to hold a talk with Bechtel that resulted in a lowering of the price, because they were late delivering the project, that should have been done by March this year. 


Right below the East bridge lies the first major car dealership in Eforie - Ford has decided to open a cars dealer, and its business is going very well, since the store is placed on the road with almost the biggest passanger traffic in Eforie. 


The new city hall has been finalized after many of our offces had relocated in the Central Business District, renting offices for much higher rates. Since the city has grown substantially, this investment was neccesary, and it is not a luxury item. The new city hall will be more efficient, especially for people who need different affidavits and will not need to run around the Business District from building to building to get them. 


This is a view from the top of the City Hall towards the historic center of Eforie. I stand on my position that this area should be preserved as is because it represts our start up, there used to live the people who made this place what it is today. I hear many complaints from people wanting a city center looking like Boston's or Key West's. We are currently building one of the largest Parks in freedonia, and we are expanding the neighbourhoods. We can create a new modern city center away from this area, and keep the Efferon district unchanged. The people who founded Eforie deserve it. 


And in order to better preserve this historic city center, we have built an outdoor market, right next to Dutra's and the Eforie Bowling Center. The undeveloped place there was wanted by a developer, but we have given him a better plot to build his constructions.


In the Patriarch district, heavily populated by unqualified workers there is a new building complex. The Lanson place is a twin complex that has been finished recently and is waiting for occupancy. Its proximity to the ring road makes it pretty good in terms of commute time from anywhere in town.


Finally, before we proceed to voting new plans, this is the thrid development stage in the Telerik High Tech Park, with serveral companies setting up shop here, and more on the way. We have provided a wide infrastructure in order for the place to be congestion free. Oracle, who had to begin building its Eastern European Campus in Freedonia has not begun cosntruction yet, sicne momentarily the high tech market is quite over-saturated. We will provide all the possible help for them once they do make a decision to move into our town. 


And now for plans. The Ring Road, as I said will be finished by the end of the year, with the demolition of 12 buildings in the Patriarch/telerik areas. The intra-agricultural network is 50% done, and the complete road should be functional by june 1998. Now, if we can discuss or vote three main plans. I will state them, and then we can discuss and vote.

1. Building a health center in the Patriarch District by June this year.

2. Building a Park in the Constanta District, since the nature options are quite limited over there.

3. Commiting to a plan to get rid of all high industry and manufacturing from town, and relocate the electric power plants to another area, farther away from town.


1. Discussion about the health center idea. 

John Aleck, City Counciler: Why do we need it there?

Mayor: The only other health center is situated next to the Constanta District, it is not easily accesible by the citizens in the Patriarch area, and is already too crowded. 

Voting: For: 7, Against: 3, Abstain: 2. Motion passed. Construction will begin soon. 

2. Constanta Park Discussion

Alex Forthwin: I am sorry Mr. Mayor, but while we are investing all our money into the low residential district where the rich of Eforie live, we are forgetting about the other ones. We are forgetting that there is a constantly congested road going to the Gollard District, we forget that the central park that you promoted so much looks like a desolate field. Why the hell do thos people need a park?

Mayor: Mr. Forthwin, watch your language please. We are working on everything we can. The reason the central park is not upgraded yet is because the area is still very undeveloped in terms of residences and people have other options for green areas. However, in the Constanta District, there are no such options. There is a need for a park there. Period. 

Forthwin: What is happening with the cathedral? Whya re there no workers on the site for two months?

Mayor: This is off topic, Mr. Forthwin, but just to clarify, we first need to produce something in order to spend. Momentarily, there are not enough resources to cpmplete that building this year. Construction will hopefully resume in a few months.

Let's vote on the Constanta Park. 

For: 6, Against :2, Abstain: 4. Motion will be discussed next time since there is no majority. Not passed, nor failed.

3 Gollard district green plan.

Mayor: techincally what this means is that in three years, we will get rid of all heavy industry and manufacturing in town, and we will buy those from outside, also we will relocate the electrical plants elsewhere and also cover up the dumps, and build new landfills far awa from town.

Any discussion?

Linda Eller: What happens with all the workers from the industrial park?

Mayor: They will find work elsewhere, unemployment is definitely not a problem in Eforie.

Eller: I strongly disagree with this idea. Those factories there make a lot of money for our treasury.

Mayor: Yes, MRs. Eller, but they also pollute and virtually do not allow any development in that area, which is situated on the hill, and is one of the most beautiful areas of Eforie. 

Eller: There are many beautiful areas here, destorying plants is not a good idea. People will lose their jobs.

vote For: 2, Agaist: 7, Abstain: 3 Motion failed.

Last, but not least here are the satisfaction levels of the city as of yesterday:

Health: 67% (+1%)

Education 79% (+3%)

Police 75 % (+4%)

Leisure 72% (-4%)

Fire 78% (-1%)

Retail 99% (-)

Nature 79% (+1%)

The current population is 78.098


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