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Growth in Downtown Alov

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Retep Molinari


Downtown Alov

As I mentioned in the last post, Alov became the financial hub of Syldav as the nation sought to catch up to Bordav and Balboa economically. This post focuses on the city's growth and the principal players.

But first, a quick note: I am very good about writing people back when the leave comments. I tend to do this by leaving a comment of my own on the same page, rather than responding in a new post. So let me hear from you!

On to the content!


The International Quinn Co. building was one of the first modern office developments. Built in 1968, the complex set off a building boom in Alov that made the city Syldav's financial center.


Downtown developed quickly from the 1970s to the 1990s, with cutting-edge architecture. The tall twin towers to the left are the headquarters for Ocean Industries (built, 1993). The conglomerate led by Steven Airo


Steven Airo, in 1993. Airo started his business with a restaurant in Alov. It's wild popularity earned massive profits. These earnings were invested in purchasing ownership shares in suppliers, transport companies, and other related industries. This vertical integration proved very valuable. By 1986, Airo owned a plurality of the farming companies on Syldav Island, in each of the four nations. In addition, Airo owned canneries, transportation services, vehicle manufactures, entertainment hubs, and general electronic companies.


A close up of the base and entry of Ocean Industries' headquarters. The statue honors King Muskav I, the first leader of Syldav. 


Behind the Ocean Industries' headquarters, the company built the Pacific Theater, the first and only dedicated IMAX theater in Syldav.


In 1991, Airo's Ocean Industries purchased Alov's professional baseball team. Historically a poor performing team with little local interest, Airo built the team a new stadium in 1997. In addition, the team acquired Zplag Sicolo, the league's aging star, as well as other key additions.


A strong year from Sicolo pushed Alov to it's first playoff appearance in 23 years, followed by the city's first championship ever!


An overview shot of the field. At the time, it was one of the larger venues in Syldav.


A championship can do a lot for a city's interest in sports. Here, we see a new full-sized baseball field and a public swim arena.


Thanks for reading!

Up Next: Alov Metro Transit Map!

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Recommended Comments

That baseball field looks pretty nice, and that stadium is a great pick! The downtown is well-made, and that is a nice idea of putting together those two instances of that commercial building to make one big building.

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I'm still trying to adjust to the non-tram downtown this time... Ha! Its a nice blend of commercial buildings. The IMAX theater looks nice in the downtown there.

A zoomed out shot would be nice to see.

An updated regional shot of Syldav would be awesome too.

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This is an awesome update. On the picture of the team celebrating, what year is that from? I assume its the Oakland A's due to the color scheme, but correct me if I'm wrong. Personally, I'm for the Cardinals. :)

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sumwonyuno: Thanks so much! I liked the idea too; those are popular buildings, so I assumed someone would notice!

Schulmanator: Thanks! I guess you'll hear the limits to your wonderful comment in a moment, but thanks!

JGellock: Sigh, needy fans  Here are some of the pics you requested!

I was kinda not that proud of downtown overall; about hald the buildings don't quite fit in. But since you asked for it, here it is.

The region shots aren't quite made for public viewing,but...

Here we see Alov (top), Sproji (at the left, giving away a hint to the next updates- can you guess it?), and the western half of Klov at right. Chelche can also be seen at the bottom of Klov.

Here, at right, we see Muskav. At the far left is the edge of Alov. All of Klov and Cleche make up the center of the pic.

Faded Glory: It is Oakland. I think it's the 1989 WorlD Series, becaue Eck is in the middle. However, the A's also won AL championships in 1988 and 1990. Quite a run, they had. I am a Giants fan. I just wanted a green uniform to match the stadium shown. I was gonna use Mexico's World Baseball Classic uni, but I couldn't avoid a shot saying "Mexico" all over the front!

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Your downtown is looking good! Although I did like those trams. Either way, did Ocean Industries purchase all of the green land and decide to build a very thin tower?

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CTMandR: Yeah, Alov is a subway-kinda downtown. But the trams feed into it (see last post and next post).

Yeah, Ocean Industries wanted to look sexy, modern, and green!

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Ok I thought so. And a Giants fan, eh? Not bad. At least your not a Cubbie.  I kid. But anyway, nice entry as always, and it's neat to see the overall map of this region. I like how you can see all these different developed sections instead one giant mass of buildings.

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Haha, Retep. What can I say? When I come on to ST, I go to the CJs to see if you've made an update. I specifically look for your CJs because they rock. 

I think Syldav looks really cool. I was hoping to see a regional shot ever since seeing it revealed on the Eastern Balboa CJ. 

I am sculpting a downtown now myself and I know it can be challenging sometimes. I think the layout is sweet. Keep at it. I think that core you have over by the IMAX and the Ocean Industries building is nice. 

TekindusTI think Retep terraforms his regions by hand. 

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 Ah excellent. Good deal. Thanks! 

By the way--are you referring to the buildings near the top of the picture of downtown as the ones that don't fit? Because I think the ones from the Ocean building to the Arena, left to right are good.

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