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The Simlympics
Play. Bid. Compete.

What is it?
The Simlympics are a Sim City version of the Olympics, taking place every three months. A grand in game Opening Ceremony featuring fireworks, music and much more kick off the games each time and then pictures of the events in game are accompanied by the results of each event (From 100m sprint, to Baseball, to Shot Put) for 16 days. Cities all over the Sim World bid for the honour of hosting the games, bids are very similar to Olympic bids. Cities create a logo, show pictures of their pre-existing venues which could be used in the games, detail where new venues will be built and post misc information such as transport, security etc.  A countless amount of Sim City Nations compete in the largest Sim City sport event with the hope of winning a medal for their nation. You're able to decide which events your SC Nation does best in using a system called PAS. It's been running for well over 3 years, already having 11 Simlympic games and 1 Winter Simlympic games.

Participation | PAS
Partipating is easy. There are two easy things you need to do to make sure that your country is in the next simlympics and how you can get a medal! 

The first step is signing up. If you have already signed up for a previous games, then you don't need to sign up! But if you haven't signed up, you may copy and complete the following form below and we will sign you up!


Username - 
CJ/Nation/City Name - 
Link to CJ/MD - 
Union/Geographical Location (Either: North America, Eurasia/Africa, Oceania, SCJU, COFR, IPON, AIN, LoN or AFDES) -
Flag (If you have one) - 
Preferred 3 letter code (Eg, Great Britain - GBR) - 


The second step is for you to make sure that your country earns a medal. PAS stands for Points Allocation System, in which you can allocated points to your desired Simlympic event which will result in higher chances of your country getting medals for that specific event. The PAS for the winter games will be released very soon! Please be patient 4.gif

What's Happening Now | Winter Games 2010 in Skovveien, Novland
The second winter Simlympiad in February is the next Simlympics. The winter games only happen once a year, so this simlympics is very special. Be there to participate in it! On January 7, 2010, it has been decided that the Novlandic city of Skovveien will be the host of the 2nd Winter Games.

Torch Relay. The Simlympic Torch Relay is very similar to the Olympic Torch Relay. A Simlympic Torch tours around the world, stopping off in a different country/city every day on it's way to the host of the Simlympics(TBA). The Torch allows other countries to have a bit of the Simlympic Magic as well as preparing everyone for the Simlympics themselves. 

This time, the Torch Relay will run for 20 days. Meaning 20 different people can host a leg of the relay, we anticipate there being quite a demand for this so places will be on a first come, first served basis. Sign up now at this thread!

Hosting A Leg

What will I need to post? 
Basically, it's up to you! However, we ask that you include the main host country's logo somewhere in your post. This is Skovveien's logo:


The Simlympic Torch Relay is a huge event taking place in cities all around the SC4 world. The Torch Relay will be at a different city each day for 20 days, climaxing with the beginning of the 2010 February Winter Games. For more information on the Simlympics, or to sign up to compete, please click here."

We will also be providing a map which will show the route the torch has taken so far, to make the relay feel more coherent. This will be sent to you a couple of days before your leg of the relay. 

Obviously, there should be picture(s) of the Torch Relay going through your city, but what form these pictures take is up to you. You could photoshop crowds and a torch into Sim City 4, you could do it all in game using crowd lots or you could simply just show your city as it is. 

Here are some pictures of Olympic torch relays for some inspiration:

As the last picture shows, the torch going through your city doesn't necessarily have to be carried by a runner - it's entirely up to you.

You could also make a map showing the route of the Torch Relay through your city, like the one below: 


The August Torch RelayDecember Torch RelayApril Torch Relay and July Torch Relay may also be used as a source of inspiration. 

When should I post the update? On the day you chose/were given, click hereto view the timetable. 

Where should I post the update? Simply post the update in your Simsports CJ as if it were a normal update! Your update will be then posted in the February Simlympics Torch Relay forum on SimSports by an ISC member, if you're feeling kind (or just want people to see your update quicker) you can post the update in the Torch Relay forum yourself in the appropriate thread(after signing up, you will be having your own thread in the Torch Relay Forum where you can post your relay).

What's Happening Later | XII Simlympiad (May 2010)
Bidding. Interested in hosting the May 2010 Summer Simlympic games? Get ready because bidding season for the May games begin March 1! But please feel free to start preparing for your bids and post teasers either here or in our forums, you can find a list of the requirements for hosting a Summer Simlympics here (http://simsports.darkbb.com/bid-f3/what-s-needed-to-host-the-simlympics-the-complete-guide-t3.htm).

If you have any other questions, please contact me or any other ISC members. This message has been brought to you by the International Simlympic Committee.

The next Simlympic CJ update will be coming up soon! Sorry for the delays!


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