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Notice to All Residents from Mayor Ford: Budget and Ordinances

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OFFICIAL NOTICE: 2012 Budget and Ordinances

February 1, 2012

Dear Citizens of Blight,

Thank you for electing me as mayor. I promise that I will do my best to bring Blight into a most prosperous future.

My first act as new mayor will be to revise the budget and enact a number of projects to get Blight on track. The city has 1 million Ruskovian Fitzes in funds available to enact some very extreme measures. However, this will ensure that Blight quickly improves.

Below is the 2012 Budget Proposal and Related Ordinances in detail. All changes will take effect immediately.


Riot Cleanup

As you know, much of the city was destroyed during the rioting. Whole city blocks were burned down, and roads were mostly destroyed in the areas with the worst arson. A total of $200,000 will be spent to demolish and remove the rubbish from these destroyed areas. Please note that formerly zoned residential districts destroyed by the fires will no longer be in effect.

New zoning maps for future development will be provided in the near future once a city master plan has been developed.

Tax Breaks

Given that former Mayor Bushoms swindled us all out of our hard-earned money for the last 11 years, I am going to give some back for a limited period of time. Until the end of 2012 (and possibly into 2013), taxes will be reduced across the board for residents and businesses, down to 2%. Industry will also receive tax breaks: 2% for manufacturing and high-tech, 5% for agriculture. Dirty industry taxes will remain the same due to the costs associated with cleanup of the environment that will be a part of future plans.

Road Repair and Transportion Funding Increases

Allocations for road maintenance will be increased from $200 to $550 to repair potholes. Once an adequate road system has been recovered all dirt roads will be gradually upgraded to paved roads. A public transport option including buses, and eventually a metro line, will be included in the 2014 master plans.


$10,000 in emergency cleanup funds are being used to get the trash off the streets and into a landfill. Another $60,000 will be used to build sanitation facilities for incineration. Monthly maintenance will average $2000.

Public Safety

In effect immediately is a new smoke detector ordinance. This will cost very little for maintenance once the initial costs for installment are covered.

As you read this, police stations are being built around the city to ensure that every individual is protected. In about two weeks, each of the stations will be complete and fully functional. Facility costs are $1500 per month with an initial payment of $12,000.  

In response to the growing crime epidemic in Stuytown, the slums to the north of the district and the nearby projects will be condemned. This is a final notice to all residents of these zones that they must move immediately. Total costs for implosion and cleanup shall cost $15,000. No further construction shall take place on those lots until further notice.

Be advised that there are new laws in effect regarding crime. As seen in other cities of Ruskova, Blight will enforce the three-strike rule. The death penalty may be applied on a case-by-case basis depending upon the severity of the crime. Hard labor, however, shall be enforced for those who receive three strikes. This is your final warning.


A new ordinance will go into effect beginning September 3, 2012 that will require all residents under the age of 16 to be enrolled in an educational program. This ordinance will go into effect concurrently with a pro-reading campaign. Registration for the new school year will begin on April 2 and is free of charge. As an incentive, each student enrolling for the new school year by July 31 will receive a stipend to cover their educational supplies, including books and uniforms free of charge. Those residents who are not enrolled by August 31, 2012 will be charged a fine of $1,000.

Each of Blight's four districts will receive an elementary and high school, which will open September 3 for the first day of school. Unisex uniforms will be enforced in all schools. Any child caught outside of school on a school day during normal school days of Monday-Friday during the hours of 8:00am to 5:00pm will incur a fine of $250 unless they can provide a doctor's notice or teacher's permission slip of absence. Attendance will be strictly enforced.

The school day's traditional study will end at 3:00pm. The final two hours of the day will be dedicated to mandatory extracurricular studies ranging from arts, to sports, to computer technology courses, to vocational or technical courses. Students may choose their preferences for these courses during registration. This new educational concept is meant to bring up the EQ of the city and to provide working parents with the ability to finish a day's work, come home, and then supervise their children without having to pay babysitting or day care fees.


A new clinic will be constructed immediately in the center of the city ($2000 construction fee, $1000 monthly maintenance). Subsequent clinics will also be built in all four of the residential districts at a later date, but have yet to be determined. It is possible that health groups from other cities in Ruskova may have an interest in building here, which may reduce some of the costs associated with these services.

All residents may visit the Central Blight Hospital one (1) time before the end of 2012 to address any issues they may have. This single service will be provided free of charge and is meant to help even the neediest families start off this new year in good health. The total costs for these visits shall be no more than $100,000.

I thank you for your time in reviewing the current changes in Blight policy. An update of the changes and advancements made will be provided promptly upon their completion.

All questions, comments and concerns can be addressed to the newly created Public Affairs Office.

Thank you,

Mayor of Blight

Teresa Ford

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That school uniforms thing and the bulldozing of the projects sounds quite dictatorial... but I guess this is the only way to begin making things right, good luck!

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