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Mystery Building Revealed

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September 9th, 1996

Mayor: Dear all, thank you for coming here today. I know that since I have been elected mayor I have not held any press conferences, that is because there has been a lot of work to do in city hall, and trust me it's worth it. We have come a long way in only 9 months and in the next few minutes I will present you with all our achievements and future plans. Of course, many of you have been wondering what the colossal construction site close to the city center represents. We will talk about it a little later. First things first.


You can see on this map the three residential expansions we have done. We have zoned the areas and people built their own homes in the Constanta district, while both in the Patriarch and Delft District small contractors built individual buildings. However, after the succes of selling these places we have over 100 requests from major contractors to build residences in our town. About that later.


Here is the Constanta District right now, with pitoresque little homes on narrow street, surrounded by lots of nature. 


This is the Delft district, where people are enjoying the wide open spaces and the well planned roads that make traffic a breeze.


And this is the Patriarch District expansion. There is still a lot of undeveloped land in this area, but it will be taken care of soon. Till then people are happy with their surroundings.


This is the expansion we have done to the high tech park, Telerik, and we are seeing requests from a lot of tech companies that need a small relaxing town for their campuses. We are in the process of approving the company Oracle to have a tech campus in Eforie. 

Next up is the intra-agricultural road network and the ring road. Bechtel has signed a contract in the beginning vouching to finish the construction of the entire ring road by March next year. They had built over 2 kilometers in two months and we were expecting most of it to be completed by now. However, they have left their building site untouched since June. We are not concerned, since they seem to work fast when they have to but that has been a problem with our plans to expand the intra-agricultural network. 


As you can see in this map we have built over two kilometers of that network, but a lot is left. We are expecting complete completion of the network till 2000. It's a very long and expensive project, but once it is done it will be a great relief for our city, with farms producing way mor ethan they are now, You can also observe on the map the location of the Eforie Central Park which we will talk about very soon. Before that, you can notice that the builders that extended the road leading to the farms had to leave one portion not done because the xonstruction site of the ring road is still there. This creates bottlenecks in the area, but will be solved very soon.


You can see here the area. The constructors of the intra-agricultural network will return to this area as soon as Bechtel reaches an agreement with them for a common blueprint for an intersection, since a overpass or bridge is not needed. Till then traffic will be restricted on one lane each side in this area.


This is a general shot of the agricultural area with the intra-agricultural network in construction. 


This is where the road currently stops, but the construction company has already approved the blueprints for the next section and its construction will begin in one week. 


Finally, what you have all been waiting for. The grand building is a cathedral that will be the centerpiece of the new Eforie Central Park. It is a very tedious and expensive project, but the park will be an oasis of relaxation and relief in a growing city. I wnat to apologize in advance to the citizens living in the area, the contrauction will take at least three years to complete, but it will definitely put our city on the map once it is completed.


This is a panoramic picture of the city, with this wonderful building being constructed. 


Finally, in this last map we have the map of the city and the planned expansions for 1996. We will zone these areas appropriately, and let the contractors do their jobs. If there are any questions.

Cindy Thomas, The Eforie Register: Mr. Mayor, how much will the park cost?

Mayor: We have not laid out a plan for the entire park, that is due next council meeting, the cathedral building itself will be in the area of 50 million dollars.

Thomas: Who is paying for this?

Mayor: City Hall with the help of a loan, but Eforie was in deer need of a park, so it was a strategic move.

Andrew Heller, Radio Eforie: What happenes with the heavyy industry area?

Mayor: For now it stays there, it will not be expanded, neither will it be destroyed. It provides many people of our town jobs, and we cannot afford to lose them.

MIke Andrews, Eforielive.com: Mr. Mayor, the water is becoming extensively expensive, why is that?

Mayor: Right now, because of the raise in population there is much more need for water and the supply we have is shortening. We are in the process of building a new water tower across the Bistritza river. That project should be completed by January 1998. No more questions, thank you.

Extra: Here are the current satisfaction levels of the citizens as of September 9th, 1996. 

Health 70% (-3%)

Education 53% (-29%)

Police 77% (-3%)

Leisure 53% (-13%)

Fire 83% (-2%)

Retail 99% (-)

Nature 80% (-1%)

The current population is 69.982

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