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Update 1: Journey To The Capitol

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Update 1: Journey To The Capitol

4 years later...

Deep into the winter months, a storm has crossed over the Follomer mainland, and kindly blanketed it with white snow. The citizens in Follomer enjoy the cold flakes, however, the planes and their pilots down at TinaBean International feel something else about the snow. I'm sure you can guess what.


Pilot: T-B-Tower, this is WestJet Flight 83, requesting a landing, over.

Tower: WestJet 83 your cleared for runway 2.

Pilot: On approach.

The 737 banked and came around for a landing run, descending closer to the ground. The passengers on board watched out the windows as ground came closer and closer, accompanied with their stomachs rising into their chests. Finally, and without any problems, the plane touched down.


The runway passed over a highway tunnel that was seemingly vacant. Of course with the blizzard warning and the holidays wrapping up, no one wanted to be out much.


The plane rolled on over the tarmac to Gate A4 where it would unload it's passengers straight into the airport, saving the subway trip if they got off at the Satellite terminal.

Pilot: This is your captain, we've made it to the gate and you may now exit the plane. Let me to personally welcome you to Follomer.

Passenger1: Wow, it's weird being here huh.

Passenger2: What do you mean?

Passenger1: Y'know just, freaky. I mean don't you remember the war? They call Follomer the enemy of the world.

Passenger2: Oh whatever. The war's been over for a while now. Now can you please move? I'd like to get off this plane.

As you can tell, many people stayed clear of Follomerian borders after the war. Many still thought now with a truce, Follomer would come back and attack again, this time destroying more then just missile silos. But some were courageous enough to fly to and from Follomer. But the war would never be forgotten.


However overhearing the two passengers conversation's, a young Nekoleeri girl, dressed in a sweatshirt, a plaid skirt and leggings walked off the plane, frowning as she walked through the terminals and headed to pick up her baggage and one of the claiming stations.

Tessa: The world would be praising Follomer now if thing's went differently...

The young girl picked up her bag and headed outdoors to catch the limo that was supposed to pick her up. As she walked through the doors, her ears fell flat to her head and shivered.  After being picked up, she'd be whisked away to the Capital city, to be reunited with her Father, who would certainly praise her for her lovely trip to the States as an emmisarry of peace.


Just down the highway, the city awaited her return.


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Recommended Comments

Tessa: The world would be praising Follomer now if thing's went differently...

Now that's certainly a disconcerting statement...  Something appears to be up already, though it's not clear what this early in the game...

Not bad at all with the snow effects.  :)  I can see that it's a simply, but reasonably decent technique that you used to make it.  :)  

The airplane though, on the other hand...  Um, well, nice try.  :P  It seems you rushed a bit when separating it from the picture it came from, making the edges jagged.  You can achieve better results if you edge it out pixel by pixel.  Tedious, I know, but it works and once you get used to doing it, it'll go much more quickly.  :)  After that, you'll want to take a small smudge tool and go all the way around the edges (a technique my brother shared with me recently that works well!)  That helps blend it into the background better when you transfer it.  :)

The main headlights have a bizarre light pattern.  I've seen Photoshop tutorials before on light effects, though I can't recall off the top of my head where it was...  

It's got three red lights on it which is highly illegal.  One red light on the port wing, one green light on starboard.  This helps other pilots identify which direction the plane is facing if and when they see it from a distance.  If you see green, it's going to your right.  If you see red, it's going to your left.  If you see both, OMG, it's coming right at you!  :P


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