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More Pictures around San Lorenzo

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Hey... lol

It's a day or two after Christmas... MERRY (late) CHRISTMAS everyone! The weather in San Lorenzo is suprisingly nice... it's cold as heck, but the sun is shining and the grass is glistening from frozen dew... not that there really is any grass in the city.  Well, there is in SL, but whatever. 3.gif

This update is essentially ment to show some of the changes I've recently made to the city, nothing really drastic, but I did expand the size of Lawrence Island (while also reducing the size of North Coolidge at the same time, but not too much) But the areas outside of the San Lorenzo city tile are pretty much unchanged since my last updates. I changed the shape of the airport, giving more space for the terminal and just a single runway, but with plenty of space.

Let's start off this update by tuning into the radio.

DJ: "Remember the days of shoulder pads, gigantic floppy disks and an unhealthy fascination with oversized hairdos? The '80s are back, right here on RadFM 85.5!"

DJ: "First, the weather forecast...  it is excpected to be partly cloudy with a miniscule chance of snow. Be careful out there on the roads! They can be slippery, especially when I pour water on my neighborhood streets at night *snicker* It certainly makes the day more surreal. Anyways, what? Oh, yes, music... of course... I have a track here for you guys from one of my favorite bands... Tears for Fears! I remember them from the year 1985... that was when my first girlfriend dumped me... sigh... but I did have a nice mullet."

"Here's another song for all you listeners out there in the San Lorenzo metropolitan area... ahh, this one takes me back to my first year of college in '87. My mom was relentless... constantly calling me and asking if I was okay. I WAS FINE MOM!! Geez.... a guy can never have any peace and quiet. Uhhhh... *cough* Sorry, anyways, let's get on with it."

If you want to hear more songs and different stations, head over to Update 12, which I have some playlists. I'll probably add some youtube videos from other radio stations in the city such as Rk84.5.

Let's head over to the northern part of Lawrence Island, over by the Seaport. Just across the highway from Old San Lorenzo and near Gardenvale is the city's Central Train Station, where trains from all over the island (and several from the continental US) stop by leaving passengers.





Old San Lorenzo is, well, the old part of the city. This area was mostly built during the California Gold Rush as people moved en masse towards the West, particularly the area where California is, in search of gold. The original tram system was built in the 1920s but later during the Great Depression a new elevated transit railroad was built, but the tram tracks were kept in the old town to retain the area's charm instead of covering up the historic 19th-century shops with ugly pillars.


The downtown area is where most of the skyscrapers are in the city. Many of the older buildings (particularly the Art-Deco style kind) were built during the late '20s-'30s. Later on, architecture evolved to plain square office buildings in the '50s to '70s and then the Post-Modern skyscrapers that were built in the '80s and to today. This area often gets foggier than other parts of the city, and you usually can't see much from the top of the towers in this area unless it is a clear day.


Here's a suburb in San Lorenzo - Conifer Ridge, which is a middle-class suburb, located in the North Coolidge bourough (there are no suburbs on Lawrence Island, which is almost entirely urban, with the exception of the Gardenvale neighborhood) In the past couple of years, the area has seen an increase in High-Tech industry... which has also brought in some wealthier people.



Right above the middle-class suburb of Conifer Ridge are the rich Stratford Estates, which are home to the city's wealthiest people and a couple famous socialites who are well known for their scandalous supermarket-tabloid stories.




Unfortunately, like many cities, San Lorenzo has a large gap between rich and poor. One of the poorer neighborhoods is back on Lawrence Island, the area known as Fremont, with the northern part of the mosaic below being where much of the Mesian-American community lives. There are many apartment projects built here, however only a few are left - plans for more projects were scrapped after the election of Mayor Ramstein in 1959 who compared them to the apartment blocks being built by the USSR at the time... and thus turned most of the city against the idea.




Thanks for reading this update, which was brought to you by...


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 haha I think I could listen to that radio station all day- Jammin on RADfm with that DJ- yeah, I can see it.

lol- anyway, nice city- I especially like that amazing region shot!

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SkyGuy: Thanks! Always nice to see ya :)
jourjor: Well, I confess that I do use cheat codes. lol. But other than that I don't really do anything that different, except maybe some effects in Photoshop.
pipishere: Thank you!

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sumwonyuno: Thanks! Actually I put the windmills there for a reason, the people who live there are supposed to be like a wealthy Environmentalist couple who drive a Toyota Prius. lol :P

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