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Introduction & History

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Retep Molinari


Welcome to Bordav!


Bordav makes up the eastern shore of Syldav Island, located in the eastern Pacific Ocean near the west coast of the United States. Originally part of Syldav, which was founded in 1741 by Russian explorers, Bordav broke away in 1850 in the midsts of the industrial revolution. Developed as a economic power-house through the 19th and 20th centuries, it was the primary economic and military rival to Syldav and the Republic of Balboa.

shozhodapr1399126066491.pngshozhodoct3139126162001.png deltajun26251260653885.png


The island of Syldav, where Balboa is located, has been populated by natives since the end of the last ice age, when there existed a land bridge between the island and northern California. The Island was first mapped in 1513 when a component of Vasco Núñez de Balboa's exploratory party split from the rest of the party. Vasco Núñez de Balboa, located in present-day Panama and having discovered the Pacific Ocean only one year before, sought to establish a trading post further to the north. While a small post, christened Puerto de Balboa, was founded on the southern tip of the island--present day Balboa City.

Russian explorers found the island's northern shores in July 1741, after Peter I of Russia ordered new explorations of the Americans following the discovery of Alaska. A detachment of this expedition landed and then named the island "Syldav." The expedition traveled inland and, finding a rather small native population formed a colonial monarchy detached from Russia. With the Russians assuming control of the entire island, the residents of Puerto de Balboa gave up their technical sovereignty in 1756.


Peter I of Russia

The core of Syldav opted to remain a largely agricultural society, while Bordav to the east and Peotav to the west fully embraced the industrial revolution. But at this time, Bordav remained a province of Syldav.

When gold was discovered in California in 1848, Bordav's proximity to the California coast--less than 60 miles away--became more important than ever. The 300,000 immigrants that were moving to California would need food, clothing, raw materials, tools, and machinery. Syldav's government resisted allowing Bordav to amp up it's industrial progress in fears of the region becoming economically superior to the capital, Klov.

In 1850, the Syldav territories on the eastern (Bordav) and western (Peotav) coasts split. Bordav and Peotav formed military-industrial backed Oligarchy-styled governments, while Syldav maintained it's feudal monarchy.

William Gwin was the leader of the separatist faction in Bordav and became the nations first president on April 20, 1850. He would rule the country for 26 years.


William Gwin, after being sworn in as Bordav's first President

Under Gwin's leadership, Bordav quickly leveraged it's natural resources and geographical location for economic benefit. However, Bordav's population was slight. To stimulate rapid economic expansion, Bordav passed open-immigration policies. The benefit to Bordav was cheap labor and an ever-expanding consumer market.

Syldav was falling far behind economically, and Bordav was making strives militarily. With little resistance, Bordav and Peotav had eaten into much of Syldav's most valuable territories along the coast. Unwilling to shake it's national structure, Syldav looked to the south for help.

The southern cost of Syldav Island--known as Balboa--was demographically very different than the rest of the island and had only become part of Syldav in 1796 with minimal interference. An accord was struck to grant Balboa a charter to operate fully as an independent nation, though it was charged with supporting Syldav economically and militarily. In 1898, the Republic of Balboa formed along Syldav's southern coast. By design, Balboa was as the first capitalist democracy on Syldav Island.

Recent History and Reunification:

Throughout the 20th Century, all four of the small nations often fell into combat over resources and territorial disputes. Balboa typically sided with Syldav against Bordav and Peotav. By the end of the century, however, Balboa had the clear economic and political advantage on the island. In 2000, a young and popular leader lead a palace coup rooted in popular demands from all four nations to reunify the island. Following the coup, Balboa's military released quick dispatch to the capitals of Syldav, Peotav and Bordav to overcome the political leadership of the nations.

Following the reunification, Balboa moved it's capital from Balboa City to the more centrally-located Taraville. As a result, Klov was no longer a capital city for the first time in its history. However, in 2006, the Syldav Union re-established a king in the form of a constructional monarchy in an attempt to pacify traditionalists.

Since this reunification, the new Syldav Union has moved to greatly expand pubic works, especially in transportation and education, to promote unity and economic self-reliance.


Overall, Bordav is very rich in natural resources (including oil) and flat lands to develop. However, most of its rivers are far too narrow for modern shipping. Below is the Bordav Delta, just east of the capital, Shozhod. This beautiful landscape has been turned into the largest port on the entire island to provide proper shipping facilities at a steep cost.


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