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The City of Riverton

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The City of Riverton

The City of Riverton is just north of Candahar City along the Candahar River. Riverton is the second oldest city in Delcony.

Riverton, and the surounding nieghborhoods, are a part of the Candahar-Riverton Metropolitan Area located in Cadahar County. The city is bordered by the Cadahar River to the east, the Liam River to the north, and Mount Liam, which is part of the Cadahar mountain range, to the west.

A political/topographic map of Riverton.


The original settlement of Riverton is now known as Old city and Englishtown, just north of the Pratt nieghborhood in Candahar.

Englishtown is known for its red-roofed town homes and regionally known landmarks. Those buildings who define Englishtown are not very complex or grand but carry a long standing history, local and regional.


We'll start our tour of Riverton here in the city section of Englishtown.


Here is the Englishtown Circle area of the city.


Englishtown Circle Park


Delouis Street and Krista Park.


Englishtown Elementary School.


Englishtown Clocktower overlooking the streets of Englishtown.


Saint Andrews Roman Catholic Church.


Wilkstien's Pharmesutical opened in 1703 with one doctor and one nurse; Mr. and Mrs. Wilkstien. Now over three hundred years later Wilkstien's Pharmesutical is still open for buisines, although the clinic has been incorporated by the Candahar County Medical Systems Board, CCMSB, the Wilkstien family still owns and opperates the pharmacy and clinic.


Following Main Street into the Old City section of the city we pass the "Shopping Block"

The "Shopping Block" encompasses the 700 block of main street. This is the local 'mall' if you will with nine seperate buildings varying in levels. 740 Main Street is the adress of the Vinton Building, the tallest, which house huge top name brands such as; Louie Viton, Dolche & Gabanna, Gucci, Armini, and Versachi, which can be found on the uppermost floors.

710 - 790 Main Street




Old City

Old City hasn't changed all that much over the past few decades but city legislature has passed an urban renewal bill to begin late next year.

Although the urban renewal project has not yet begun, many home owners have hired private contractors to begin revamping their old brownstones to a more modern looking row home.


Just north of Old City is Tones Corner. many of the city's civic buildings are found here. But the most renown building of all is the Hall of Tones. A very old and illustrace building, no one knows exactly what the temple was used for. Scientist have, however, studied the vast white marble monolith and have found that the temple has wonderful accustics and near perfect resonance. Concluding that the hall was probably used in ritual singing by a religion that no longer exist today.


The temple has been excavated and renovated to bring it back to what it would have looked like in ancient times, or as close to it as possible. But once adorned with beautiful paintings, frescos, and statuettes the Hall of Tones is now a blank white marble tomb for those tresures were never found.

Riverline Park

Riverline Park is one of Riverton's two ritzy neighborhoods, the other being Mount Liam, which sits along the Candahar River over looking Deans Coast. The streets of Riverline Park our all red brick pavers, similar to those in Englishtown but more rustic. Riverline Park sits inbetween Riverton Boulivard (CR-110) and I-10


Across the Candahar River is a small town called Deans Coast which has only one reason anyone would ever go there, and that is Deans Coast Airfield. Emfasis on the FIELD.


The air strip has only two runways and records about 3 flights per week, all of which are private tour planes and a flight school. Farmers use the aristrip for crop dusting every season but other then that thats all Deans Coast has to offer.

Well that all for this update. but keep an eye out for the next one- Mount Liam, and Candahar County College!

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