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When we waited for the 9:00 train, a red double decker train arrived. While it was still a southbound Adraman Local, Illu'a National Railways replaced some of the rolling stock with seasonal trains. What's a better way of celebrating the Holidays than free upgraded view? Merry Christmas!


The rail splits into two STR tracks because I wanted it to. This is about the halfway point between Newport and Lordside, the next town.


The train here passes a small lake and a cottage, built in 1931. It's a historical landmark. Aside from the passing rail line and dirt pathway, the cottage is isolated from contact.


And another picture to show you how isolated it is. To the right, there is our train. To the left, the dirt area is the area where the trail starts. You can see parts of the trail if you look closely. Most travelers don't get to see the cottage by road. Only people that decide to take the trail or are paying attention on a southbound Adraman can see the cottage.


If you noticed, I am using multiple image hosting sites so if one site doesn't work, some of the images will still be here. The picture in my signature is hosted in three sites, and I will switch it out of Imageshack decides to randomly delete it.

The train nears the next stop, the Daloa Oil Fields.


I think I should explain the diagonal bridge a bit. You can plop puzzle pieces on water. I just used the diagonal onslope and the diagonal rail pieces to make the bridge.us32.jpg

The Daloa Oil Fields. About 30 years ago, someone found out that oil was around this area. An oil company bought out the land, and placed oil wells to extract the oil. At the turn of the century, the oil well was almost empty. The company is abandoning the wells by January 2010, and Illu'a National Railways is considering not servicing this station.


The train stops for a few minutes, picks up two passengers, and then leaves the crumbling oil wells.


For the first time in a while, the railroad is almost parallel to Route 27.


Next up are the dual towns of Cambridge/Lordside.


And a border line, so you can tell which is which. The population of both towns is estimated at 17,500 sims.


Our train approaches Cambridge, with a square farm to your right, and suburbia to your left.


The Cambridge 8th Avenue viaducts were built to grade separate the commuter, regional, and intercity trains passing through Cambridge, when automobiles weren't widespread. Now they are considered a part of Illu'a history.


Our train stops at the Cambridge/Lordside station. Here, we have to decide if we should get off, or continue our journey.


A brochure shows the attractions around the area. First, there is the Lordside Research facility.


Next, there are stores in Downtown Cambridge, near the station.


The Lordside Downtown was made to look historic, with stores facing a pedestrian mall.


Finally, the Cambridge Municipal Airport is nearby, where we can take an airplane or helicopter and have an aerial tour of Daloa.


Right now, the choice is yours. You can choose if we should explore, or if there is something better farther south. The time when the train arrived at Cambridge/Lordside is 4:30 PM.

***I need from you today...***

-VOTE: Should we get off at Cambridge/Lordside?

-If you have an idea for the trip, PM me. If it requires Plugins, send me the links to the plugins.

-Who wants to have a road town named after them?

-Any Plugins that seem relevant to the area we are heading to (Suburbs and a city)

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Wonderful! I love your use of viaducts. Can't wait for more!

Personally, I think we should get off the train and explore a little bit.

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Lordy Lord:  Don't worry. More comes almost every day until 2010.
Bjarstkular:  I can breathe while updating this CJ. How absurd, walking away from a computer to inhale oxygen.
Pathfinder-1:  Helicopter it is!

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very beautiful, very beautiful.... I would repeat that infinately but  i would suppose there is some limit on how much text i can put in this box.

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