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Elliot Park and Downtown

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So here it is:  the first official downtown update.  I'm not teasing you with no lame suburbs here in Carthage, I'm giving you the goods right away.  So enjoy!

This update is all about Elliot Park and three of the four streets that surround it...the fourth isn't finished yet...

Just ignore the top left corner


Elliot park is named after Aaron Elliot, who was the mayor that commissioned the park in 1914.  Before Mayor Elliot commissioned the park, the area was the definition of a poo-hole.  Despite being right next to the financial center of town, the residents were poor, the buildings were shoddy, and there was no indoor plumbing.  The entire neighborhood was torn down, and the large triangular park, and a new City Hall building were constructed.

Carthage City Hall


Nately Hall is a reception hall built in 1945.  It is named after a bomber pilot from Carthage that died in WWII.  His family was very influential, and persuaded the city to allow the hall to be built.

The building looks great, but not as good looking as Nately himself


The park has been at the center of life for downtown Carthage since it was built.  There are playgrounds, basketball and tennis courts, restaurants, flower gardens, an art gallery, ice cream shop, and much more.

Winner of Billy Keegan's Best Fountain To Splash In Award for 2008


Very popular among high school prom committees that can't afford Jillian Island


This is the current home of the Carthage Board of Parks and Recreation.  The old building was demolished in 1989, and this much larger building was built as a result of the ever expanding duties of CBPR.


Although downtown Carthage was already a busy hub when Elliot Park was established, the benefits of the picturesque park were noticeable immediately.  Today, four of the busiest avenues in the city border the park.

Four roads?  I thought you said the park was triangular!  What the crap, Jill?


Jacobs Street forms the western border.  Many historic buildings overlook the park.

With a street like that, whoever Jacobs St. is named after must be pretty important...


HQ of the Carthage Star newspaper


Marianela Hotel


On the opposite side of the park, the tiny eastern boundary is 1st St.  Although not much of the actual street touches the park, many of the most important buildings in Carthage are on 1st.

Franklin's Arch marks the southern end of 1st St.




The tallest building in Carthage is on 1st St.  The Walsh Corporation is one of the largest companies based in Carthage, and built this as their headquarters in 1990.

Try to ignore the green space at the top.  If you're colorblind, please ignore the darkish grey area at the top.


Forming the southern border, which I haven't finished yet and am not showing, is Elliot Ave.  The condos that sit between Elliot Park and the waterfront are pretty amazing...if you could see them you'd agree they're fantastic.  Wow...mind blowing.

Anyway, here's a museum!

Carthage Museum of Art and Baker Theater


These condos are a little farther east than downtown, but are still on Elliot Ave.  That's how they weaseled their way into this update.

Pretty colors


And finally, the northern boundary of the park is Erie Ave.  The buildings on Erie Ave. are home to several banks and exchanges.  This section of the road in downtown is sometimes called "Money Street".  This will be featured more in later updates, so here is a large mosaic of it and most of downtown.


For full size of this mosaic, click here - I have no idea what happened to my full size, but click the link for a miniature version?




I hope you enjoyed this first visit to Elliot Park and downtown!  I leave you with a night shot of the area.  See you next time 4.gif

Ceiling Cat sees all


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Am I the first one to catch the Catch-22 reference? Very classy of you.

I really enjoyed Mount Rose/Grace. Looking forward to seeing those suburbs, they're my favorite!

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 Indeed you are the first to catch the Catch-22 reference!  Great job, it's my favorite book.  I plan on a lot more, too.  There was originally going to be a Yossarian Park in Mount Rose/Mount Grace

Glad someone caught it :)

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