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Lyhoko Leaci



February 19th, 0165AL (2021)


Narya RDPM

vashurika7.jpgCaptain Vashuri: They arrived in the Hasaq system soon after we did.

chatakrarl1.jpg1st Officer Chatakra: It is possible they detected out arrival and came to see why we were there.

ronulyw6.jpgGen. Yelslew: And after this, what did they do?

vashurika7.jpgCaptain Vashuri: They scanned us, then sat there for a minute or two, then opened fire.

chatakrarl1.jpg1st Officer Chatakra: We were able to get the Karoteq running, and destroyed two of their ships, but then they took down the shields on the Karoteq, before we could get the hyperdrive to activate.

ronulyw6.jpgGen. Yelslew: Okay, continue.

chatakrarl1.jpg1st Officer Chatakra: They beamed on board the Karoteq, and killed Ensign Martin, and after Mardon took one of them out, we beamed back to the Valmal after setting the self destruct on the Karoteq, so they couldn't have it. The explosion destroyed a third Scourge ship, and the remaining two seemed to be distracted.

vashurika7.jpgCaptain Vashuri: We activated the Wapbervklex drive, but just as we left, we were hit by one of their beam weapons. The wormhole began to destabilize due to the massive energy input, so we dropped out before our main destination, which dumped us out in the Sarim Nebula.

ronulyw6.jpgGen. Yelslew: So that is ow you got here so soon.

chatakrarl1.jpg1st Officer Chatakra: Yes, sir.

vashurika7.jpgCaptain Vashuri: While in the nebula, we were attacked by the two remaining ships, and none of the energy weapons had any effect in the nebula, except at point blank range, and it was the same for their weapons. We launched 4 of the 8 nuclear warhead equipped missiles at them, and they shot down two, and the other two detonated near one of their ships.

chatakrarl1.jpg1st Officer Chatakra: It seemed to have no effect on them, but it did cause a massive electrical storm in the nebula, which destroyed the first ship, and damaged the second. We managed to take the second one out with the railguns, but the storm continued, and caused most of the damage that the Valmal received on the mission.

ronulyw6.jpgGen. Yelslew: And what about the rest of the damage?

vashurika7.jpgCaptain Vashuri: The rest of the damage was caused by the impact that destabilized the wormhole.

chatakrarl1.jpg1st Officer Chatakra: We managed to get out of there when the Wapbervklex drive came back online, and we came to P7X-541, where we contacted you.

vashurika7.jpgCaptain Vashuri: After we disconnected, the Blikora told us to leave, the planet was claimed by Mloret. They fired two warning shots, and we left to come back here.

ronulyw6.jpgGen. Yelslew: So what should we do if any more Scourge ships come?

vashurika7.jpgCaptain Vashuri: I don't know, nothing on the Valmal had any effect on their shields, we would need something similar to al'Hasiq technology to get rid of them.

ronulyw6.jpgGen. Yelslew: What about the Ancaron ship?

vashurika7.jpgCaptain Vashuri: What?

ronulyw6.jpgGen. Yelslew: The Ancaron ship...

He stopped and looked up, as a rumble filled the air, which was followed by some beeps from his communicator.

ronulyw6.jpgGen. Yelslew: Lauren's coming.


They looked out of the window as Lauren's ship landed right in front of the stargate, just as it did before, and Lauren and Maraina beamed into the room.

laurende9.jpg Lauren: Hello, and I don't think I've met you two before.

vashurika7.jpgCaptain Vashuri: I'm Captain Vashuri of the Valmal, and this is my first officer, Commander Chatakra.

laurende9.jpg Lauren: And I'm Lauren Ahrns, and this is Maraina Zaphe.

lacrew1pm9.jpgMaraina: Hello.

ronulyw6.jpgGen. Yelslew: Do you know anything about the Scourge?

laurende9.jpg Lauren: The what?

ronulyw6.jpgGen. Yelslew: The Extragalactic Scourge, the Pucharok, or any other name they might go by.

laurende9.jpg Lauren: I don't think I've heard of them before.

lacrew1pm9.jpgMaraina: Neither have I.


Brad, Brian, and Lil's condo

brad2ye7.jpgBrad: It's good that the Valmal made it back okay.

brian2gk4.jpgBrian: Also it's also getting the new beaming tech that only requires a transporter on one end, and it's all because of you, Brad!

brad2ye7.jpgBrad: What, the castle on P79-V72?

brian2gk4.jpgBrian: Yes.

brad2ye7.jpgBrad: Daniel Jackson found it before me...

Just then Lil walked in.

liljs3.jpg Lil:  I have something to tell you.

brian2gk4.jpgBrian: What is it?

liljs3.jpg Lil: I'm pregnant.

brian2gk4.jpgBrian: That's great!

brad2ye7.jpgBrad: Wah..Congradulations!


One of Mloret's Blikorani

*Automatically translated from Dlorwaku to English for easy reading*

mloretzh0.jpgMloret: It is time to continue our expansion to gain as many resources as possible, I believe that a full on confrontation with Myon will happen soon, so we must be prepared.

blurarey9.jpgBlurar: What planet is next?

mloretzh0.jpgMloret: The locals call it Alroh... just without the L.

blurarey9.jpgBlurar: I will be ready to go within the week.

mloretzh0.jpgMloret: Good.



There are several farms located on the tail of Karei Island/County, but not much due to the small area.


The hook of the island's tail.


The west end of the island has many more farms of various types.


And the other tip of the island.


Region view. It seems that the map I posted a while back is a little off...


zelgadis: Indeed.

Leech10: Yay, Florida trip!

Simfan34: Maybe the quick review of the past 6 updates in this one will help?

Schulmanator: They may have won the battle, but there is still the war...

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