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Roads Spread Out

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Shadow Assassin



Roads Spread Out

Come 1971, Whitefall has hit 130,000 citizens. Now that some infrastructure was put into place, people were able to move in and be able to commute to work, do whatever they do at night, and more.

So, what we have below is a map showing the status of major roads in the region (click to enlarge)

The lengend is self-explanatory: dotted lines are streets that have been designated as major roads but do not yet warrant the traffic volumes required before it can be upgraded. Thin lines are streets that already have been upgraded to roads. Thick lines are avenues... and the fourth level of classification of roads haven't yet been reached... so... yeah.

For 1971 region views, they are on the first page. All region views will be put there.

One project we'll be looking at is the Whitefall Valley Way widening.

Whitefall Valley Way

Whitefall Valley Way, a major road in Whitefall's northern suburbs was finally upgraded in early 1971, after numerous complaints from the locals about the heavy freight traffic congestion on the road. 4000 vehicles per hour use Whitefall Valley Way in both directions to get to and from Woodcroft Road to Whitefall Industrial Park, as well as servicing a combined population of approximately 60,000 people.

Once the subdivisions east of Whitefall Valley Way have been completed, the road is expected to form a backbone of Whitefall's burgeoning arterial road network.

As seen on the map above, Whitefall Valley Way runs between Woodcroft Road (now upgraded in part to an avenue) and Whitefall Industrial Park, where it terminates rather unceremoniously.



Whitefall Heights has expanded significantly since the last time we saw it. Some vacant lots are still for sale along Heights Road, also heavily congested but will not be upgraded due to lack of room at the underpass. The train line has seen a significant increase in usage, with about 4000-6000 passengers per hour using this section of the line.

To see the full extent of development, click the picture below:



Whitefall's northernmost suburb at this point is located on the Exmouth Inlet. It forms two parts: Green Point and Exmouth itself. Home to approximately 5,000 people and expected to expand in the future, Exmouth's future is looking bright.

It is where the bulk of population growth occurred in the region over the previous year.


Exmouth's town centre is also pretty modest for a township of its size. The train line also bisects Exmouth, one of the few towns built around the train line rather than it bypassing a town centre as it has done so previously.



Green Point is a modest subdivision located off the Exmouth road. Like the main town, it is expected to expand somewhat in the future.




Exmouth also has a motley collection of small farms on the peninsula. As land values rise, it is expected that these farms would be developed over in the near future.



That's update 3, folks. Sorry it took so long - RL and an unreliable internet connection delayed this update... but hey, it didn't turn out too bad, I think.

What next?

Who knows? 1972 could be rather interesting for those in the development industry, with new tiles being opened up for development and more orbital towns being built, with existing cities expanded. Of course, in 1971's region view, it's evident that the towns of Whitefall, North Whitefall and Whitefall River are going to merge together into one big shapeless mass...

Farmland on the Whitefall peninsula, where it all began, is in danger...

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Recommended Comments

Well polished!  We are watching the strokes of a master!
Is that an aquafarm on Exmouth Point (the blue sqares)?

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Your City Journal is very pleasing so far :) I'm really liking how your CJ as a whole has a very natural feel to it which is not very "blocky". It also has a great story to it so far and I'm also really enjoying the full regional maps as well to see which part of the region you are currently working on. I'm really looking forward to see more, keep it up!

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Nice work shadow, the small towns are awesome and you seem to have a flair for creating great rail networks. I cant wait to see more.

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Great update! It is very realistic, almost too realistic. It is a nice small town with excellent landscape.

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Just found this CJ today and really Iike it! Love the way the images are presented with some awsome maps!

Please could you tell me what mods you have used for the water and terrain?

This has given me a lot of inspiration to start a CJ of my own!

Keep up the great work!

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Yeah the water is nice! Especially in the last picture were it almost looks as if the water has been replaced with coal.

Nice CJ :):)

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