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Memorial Day in Schulmania

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Reprise: This is the third annual observance of Schulmania Memorial Day. This update first appeared in Volume 1 on Dec 11, 2007 and in Volume 2 on Dec 11, 2008. This time, it appears in Volume 3. As Schulmania pauses to remember those felines who have gone to their reward, we also join with those evrywhere whose companions have crossed the Rainbows Bridge.

Memorial Day in Schulmania

December 11 culminates with Memorial Day. On that day, Schulminions pause to remember those cats who have used up their nine lives and ascended into Kitty Heaven. Special ceremonies take place nationwide. But, Babalonia, as the largest religious complex off of Schulmanicus, serves as one of the main foci of observances. The compound has changed somewhat over the years. The harbor silted up, so a new ferry port was built to the east. In addition, some of the older facilities which were abandoned after the new harbor was built are being restored. New facilities have been built to the east - a new octagonal seminary under an impressive domed roof - and the Memorial Columns. Eight columns have been placed in a formation leading from the ferry to the ancient Babalonia Worship Center. They symbolize the eight additional lives that cats have - and the ninth, the final, one is embodied by the pyramidal complex itself.

Let's see the complex as it stands today.


The Welcome Center was built adjacent to the ferry landing. It features information in the site as well as maps, snacks, and a guest book. Wanna sign it?


A wider view of the new entrance. Some of the older remains can be seen at the right.


As the eastern end of the complex, near the ferry port, sit the Rostrum and the Facilities Office. The Rostrum is used as a site for proclamations and for leading outdoor ceremonies. It faces out to an expansive lawn for ceremony attendees. The Facilities Office is new, providing an administrative center for the clergy running the compound. The administrators are selected by the bishop in Temple Terrace. Several of the Memorial Columns are visible in the picture as well. They frame the lawn used for Rostrum proclamations.


A bit further up is the new seminary. The old, golden domed seminary is still there. But, the expansive new facility, boldly built in a domed octagon by master architect D. Bussyman. Is considered to be an architectural triumph and a masterful incorporation of Temple Style architecture into this setting.


The old seminary, which looks out upon the archaeological restorations of the abandoned structures to the west. To differentiate between the two seminaries, this one has been renamed St. Griffin's Seminary.


Opposite the worship center, the golden dome of St. Hazel's echoes the dome motif.

Several of the older sanctuaries have been preserved and are being restored. Here, we see Sanctuary of the Busses and Eight-ten Sanctuary.


Sanctuary of the Busses is the westernmost surviving structure. It is surrounded by ruins of ancient buildings no longer used. The Treasury of Whiskers is currently fenced off during restoration.


Eight-ten Sanctuary is also well preserved, though it too has ancient ruins littered about. It once housed a spring which flowed with naturally salmon flavored waters. The cats flocked there. Now, the spring has dried and it is more of a quaint site for weddings.

Other ancient ruins are scattered about. Here, we see the remnants of the Fountain of Excalibur and its associated shrines. Restoration work is underway.


The centerpiece of the complex remains the multilevel Babalonia Worship Center, which still serves as the largest religious structure in the country. It serves as the spiritual focus for the populous Atkinos district - and now South Wirdleonia as well.



Can this facility continue to serve a booming population? Will the center of religious activities shift southward as development and exploration continue?

We will close this update with a wider view of the Babalonia complex. It has a permanent population of 163 priests and caretakers, but hosts upwards of 20 times that each week.


The processional through the nine lives


The entire complex.

Our Schulmania site visitors:


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Recommended Comments

I enjoyed this Memorial and reminder of dear felines who have gone on their way without us until we meet with them again at the Rainbow Bridge. 

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Great set of pictures and great compilation of buidings .

May Our dear feline friends be remember on this day and always on our hearts

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Hester   Thank you – I am glad you enjoyed this one.


Thepokemaniac   It is nice to think about the kitties who have crossed the Rainbows Bridge into kitty heaven and remember their special time here.


Muck308   Thank you – I agree.


Leech10   Some of the ruins are from the first incarnation of Babalonia. Others just sorta there to look cool…


TMiguelT   Thank you – Babalonia will always help us remember our friends in kitty heaven.


Needgames   Thank you – and, welcome to Schulmania. I hope you will come back and visit us again.






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 Well, I reckon that ruins were inevitable in a place like this.  :)  That platform with the statues certainly is interesting.  Never seen anything like that before.  I'm a bit surprised though, as in the past, you've been able to achieve remarkable unity in the base lots of all the BATs that you've used, but this time it's a bit haphazard.  Well, fair enough anyway.  I suppose ancient areas like this tend to be a bit like that anyway, right?  :P


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ImVhOzzi   Very true. This is a great time to celebrate our Schulmanity and join forces against the evil Queensferry aggressors!


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9988   It’s the “Golden Library”, found on the STEX.



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