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Canals and a Road Trip

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***Plugins I got***

NASCAR_Guy: Orange Architecture by TSC, Darty by TSC

Me: Maxis Street End Cul de Sac Modd, NAM Maxis Street Roundabout Sidewalk Mod, BSC Irrigation Ditch Set 2009

Canals and a Road Trip

[Facing North] No, this is not an out of place railroad. Invernessen City Council decided to make irrigation canals to farms in West Invernessen. I used railroad to plan the canals.


[Facing North] Now with planning done, time to start building. This is also why the grid is still on. The canal starts in a pond and eventually ends in a pond.


[Facing North] The canal winds south. It branches to Invernessen Apples because they are rich enough to get a canal.


[Facing North] And it ends right before a farm that has mystery crop. I don't know what it is, but that farmfield spawning as much as Pedrina before it was banned.


[Facing North] Repeat-A-Lot is going to get banned from Invernessen, as soon as City Council files the paperwork. And the 1520 copies of it.


Somebody was thinking of planning a trip across Illu'a, and somebody picked it up. Now the mayor of Invernessen and anyone who wants to come are planning the trip.

[Option 1] Take a train. There is a southbound train heading towards Colbitz, and a northbound train heading towards Nazca. Each train leaves the station once a day.


[Option 2] Take one or two cars to anywhere in Illu'a. Car is slightly broken.


***I need from you today...***

-VOTE: Road Trip or To The Rails? Or do we need a road trip?

-Commercial Plugins. A lot of small commercial buildings.

-Need... More... Farm... Plugins...

-Who wants to have a road named after them?

-Where to expand the farms?

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Thank you for the assistance in constructing and opening the Pathfinder Freight Lines office in Invernessen.  I look forward to growing with your town.  I am very impressed with the rapid growth of your farm community. I look forward to the tour via rail ("VOTE") that you have offered.

In response to you inquiry about other buildings; below is a list of buildings I have seen in my travels.  I hope they will help in your community.  I have broke them into groupings to help organize your search.  Good luck with the continued growth of your community. 


 Paul Pathfinder

Pathfinder Freight Lines
3 Pathfinder Way
Dog County, Simissouri

Where ever you go, there you are.

Building List (sorry if I have included something you are already using)

Commercial buildings

BlaM The Golden Boot Pack by marcosMX

Tractor Supply Company by simgoober

Wilson Farms Convenience Store by simgoober

Rural Stores by simgoober

Outdoor World by simgoober

RLS Small Shops by simgoober


BSC Farm Fields SG Vol 01 by simgoober

BSC Farm Fields SG Vol 02 by simgoober

BSC Farms SG Vol 01 by simgoober

Freds Fruit Stand by gshmails

Cattle Farms

Nexis Mega Dairy Farm

Nexis Cattle Sales Auctions by mrbisonm

Cow Pasture from Nexis by mrbisonm

Nexis Cornland Farm by mrbisonm

Plopable Cows by boon1234

Other helpful buildings seen in farm communities

Nexis Water Purification Outlet by mrbisonm

Nexis Village Battery No Road Version by mrbisonm

Nexis Emergency Diesel Power by mrbisonm

Nexis Hay Burner (Power) by mrbisonm

Southwestern Windmil by gshmails

Nexis Oil Pump by mrbisonm 
(there must be oil under those fields )

SmalltownUSA Post Office by JBSimio

Dirk Digglers Illicit Still by onlyplace4





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