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Trip 32: From Victoria Plaza to Media Markt Diagonal City

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k50dude: Thanks for your comments; glad to see you around here again! RL is always here preventing us of playing SC4 and cityjournaling! You can download this logistics centers in the STEX, just search for "Logistics Centres Megapack" (centres, written the British way). They have some dependancies, but as you've seen, they're worth.
CTMandR: Thanks for your comments, too! Alarconia has a nearly testimonial agricultural presence, I think I've already shown all countryside it has; but I'll try to write an update showcasing it more. You won't find anything amazing because everything is Maxis, but I'll try my best.

I have to say that I finally have my real life driving license, so I finally can run this CJ "legally"! Beware of ME when walking around Alarconia!

Carrer de la Dansa (Dance Street), 6:38 p.m.

I was driving in Districte de Les Planes (Plains District) and Alarconia was celebrating the Inmaculate Conception holiday; the day which, psicologically speaking, people began doing their plans for Christmas. We have Thanksgiving in Alarconia, but people have to wait until 8th of December to see stores full of new goods to be bought for Christmas. Thanksgiving is an "imported" holiday which was celebrated by the American inmigrants but wasn't recognised as a public holiday until 1973.

Today it was really cloudy (we were suffering the last traces of tropical storm Zach) and there were crowds going in and out the
El Corte Inglés Department Stores. That Spanish brand of department stores had established several years ago in Alarconia with excellent results.
A man made me the typical taxi stand and I stopped the car where I could, near the crossing with Carrer de la Victòria (Victory Street). Three people came inside, two men in her 40s and an oriental boy, around 12 years old. I thought it was an strange combination.

"Where do we go, sirs?"
"Can you take us to the Media Markt, please?" one of the men answered, the one who was wearing glasses.
"The one in Diagonal City or the Costa Verda one?"
"The first one, please."
"Here we go..."

This would be the trip, a short one without much complication:


I started the engine and kept straight on Dance Street. I watched at the people, the boy was sitting in the middle and the two men were talking about something related with HD capacity for a TV. One minute after, I realized the men were couple. In the Atlantic Democratic Republic of Alarconia, homosexual marrying was legal since 2004 and nowadays this fact is perfectly usual. I heared they were talking in English, but the man in the glasses was clearly Catalan-native by his accent, while the other one was American-native.


I asked, to talk about something:

"I guess you're going to buy some electronic devices..."
"You're right, we're going to the Media Markt..." the American-native said.
"How is you haven't bought them in El Corte Inglés?"
"They have less variety, higher prices... don't know, I like much more the other place."
"I see. You're not the only one, when I have to buy something I go there. I bought this GPS device there..." I said, while the woman voice told me to turn right in the next crossing.


I turned right to Ronda de Les Planes (Plains Beltway) and then to the left, taking Carretera de l'Est (
East Road), going under the UrbanRail 0 Line tracks. This road is named like this because when it was built, this was the easternmost part of Alarconia City.

"Christmas purchases?" I asked.
"Of course..."
"Everybody is buying things this days."
"It's like a tradition for us, I mean, for the country."
"I think I've made six trips to or from shopping centers today... You know, Four Seasons, El Corte Inglés, CoCommercial, e2i Mall..."
"Is that normal?"
"Absolutely, not."

Today, the Alarconia World Financial Center building wasn't projecting its shadow over the city. The clouds didn't allow the sunlight over the city. I kept along East Road, which leads to Districte de Ciutat Diagonal (Diagonal City District).

There was nothing good in the radio, so I chose my own music. Moby's album Hotel would do the job.


"Nice music." said one of the men
"Thanks. I don't really like Moby, but I think it's the perfect artist for driving..."
"I've never tried it."
"I recommend."

We arrived to Porta de Ciutat Diagonal (Diagonal City Gate) and kept along East Road. This part of the district had been on the rise the last months. Apartment prices had lowered and people had come to live there again, revitalising the neighbourhood. Despite the clouds, the impression was much better now.


"Well, I don't drive; I don't even have a driving license. My companion does." the man in the glasses said, pointing the other.
"Don't try to do it these days... Although I shouldn't say this, Alarconia's got a great public transport." I said.

I usually think that the ATMA (Autoritat del Transport Metropolità d'Alarcònia) (Alarconian Metropolitan Transport Authority) is one of the most powerful organsisms in the nation, much more than some goverment departments. The ATMA controls the Metro, the urban buses, the interurban buses, the UrbanRail, the AlarcoTram, the Black Valley Tram, the public ferry network and of course, the
Alarconian National Taxi Company. It is usually said that they control the lifes of nearly half a million people.


We were passing now besides the Diagonal City Metro station and one of the AtlanticTechCorp Pollution Catchers scattered across the nation. Diagonal City has lots of industry besides residential blocks and needs this kind of solutions.

I turned right, to take Carrer dels Ratpenats (Bats Street). I had always wondered why this street was called like this.


We arrived to the end of Bats street and turned right to Carrer de Marató (Marathon Street), where the Media Markt parking lot was placed. Contrarily than what I thought, the parking lot wasn't an abolute craziness, so I got to get into and leave my customers just in front of the main entrance. I stopped the taximeter and the taxicab.

"There will be 21.25 AL$, please. It has been a short trip..."

They discussed for a few seconds who should pay and finally the man in the glasses gave me 22 AL$, and told me to keep the change. Finally, they hopped off with the boy, I guessed he was their adopted son. Then I watched them for a few moments, and I concluded thinking they were a happy family, doesn't matter if traditional or not.
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Great update, I love your CJ but I would be more interesting with more custom content and less maxis content but still its great

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Nice concept. I like the idea of having it from the POV of a taxi driver. And about you driving legally, in the Atlantic Democratic Republic of Alarconia, you can set any license requirements you want .

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