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The Edge

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Lyhoko Leaci


The Edge

February 17th, 0165AL (2021)


brian2gk4.jpgBrian: It seems the muphridians crashed an unmanned ship into the city to distract us, while they flew down in a cloaked Dlarya, which they detonated to further distract us. The 3rd Dlarya seems to be the ship they would use to escape, but they never got a chance to bring it in.

liljs3.jpg Lt. Col. Meiring: That's interesting, and now there are problems in New Carpathia as well... It seems we left just in time to get away from whatever is going on there.

brian2gk4.jpgBrian: At least now we should be able to go home and relax while Laur and Major Zargolf travel out past the edge of the galaxy.

liljs3.jpg Lt. Col. Meiring: Yes...

Meanwhile, on the other side of the galaxy, the Valmal was nearing its destination, the Hasaq system. Hasaq was previously claimed by the al'Hasiq as a research station, but they abandon it during the Muphridish-al'Hasiq War, and they haven't returned to it since, even though more than ten years have passed since the war ended.


vashurika7.jpgCaptain Vashuri: Lt. Kalmul, please report to the bridge.

blankqw1.jpg Lt. Kalmul: Right away.

vashurika7.jpgCaptain Vashuri: It seems like he is always on the holodeck...

chatakrarl1.jpgFirst Officer Chatakra: Well, he doesn't have anything to do and there's not much else to do on this ship...

vashurika7.jpgCaptain Vashuri: I know. I think the same could be said of a lot of other people on the Valmal as well.

The door to the bridge opened and Lt. Kalmul walked in and took hi place at the controls, and the ensign who was there got up and moved to an open seat.

cormanibm9.jpgCormani: We are approaching our destination.

vashurika7.jpgCaptain Vashuri: Drop us out of the wormhole.


Ensign Yarin manipulated the controls, and an opening appeared in front of them, which the ship flew out of to return to normal space. Once clear of the wormhole, the Valmal began flying toward the 3rd moon of the only planet in the system, a green gas giant.

mardonve9.jpg Mardon: I am picking up an object in orbit around the moon that appears to be an al'Hasiq Karoteq class starship, status of the vessel is dormant.

The Valmal approached the Karoteq, and further scans showed that it seemed to have been abandon when the al'Hasiq left the area.

vashurika7.jpgCaptain Vashuri: Cmdr. Chatakra, assemble an away team to examine the Karoteq.


1st Officer Chatakra, along with Laur, Mardon, Cormani, Lt. Kalmul, and Ensign Martin took one of the Valmal's runabouts over to the Karoteq to begin their examination of the vessel.


Once they had landed the runabout in one of the Karoteq's hangars, the group made their way the the bridge, and Lt. Kalmul sat in the control chair as he was the only one in the group with the ATA/HTA gene required to use it. The main systems began to activate, and the data screens turned on, showing that the ship only had 20% of its maximum power available. First Officer Chatakra activated the communications system from a secondary control panel and contacted the Valmal.

chatakrarl1.jpg1st Officer Chatakra: We have been successful in reactivating the ship, but it is operating on limited power.

vashurika7.jpgCaptain Vashuri: How much power?

chatakrarl1.jpg1st Officer Chatakra: 20 percent.

vashurika7.jpgCaptain Vashuri: That should be plenty of power as long as we don't have to do anything major.

chatakrarl1.jpg1st Officer Chatakra: It also appears to have information collected here at the base.

vashurika7.jpgCaptain Vashuri: Is it possible to copy the Karoteq's database onto the Valmal?

chatakrarl1.jpg1st Officer Chatakra: I'm not sure...

ltkalmulsc1.jpgLt. Kalmul: Yes, it is possible, Captain.

vashurika7.jpgCaptain Vashuri: Begin data transfer.

Various diagrams and text began appearing and changing at a high speed on the data screens as the data was copied onto the Valmal's main and secondary databases.

ltkalmulsc1.jpgLt. Kalmul: The transfer is complete.

vashurika7.jpgCaptain Vashuri: Good. Now... wait a minute.

chatakrarl1.jpg1st Officer Chatakra: What is it?

vashurika7.jpgCaptain Vashuri: There's an unidentified blip on the sensors, can you see what it is?

A sensor map appeared on one of the data screens, which clearly showed 5 ships on a course taking them directly to the Hasaq system.

ltkalmulsc1.jpgLt. Kalmul: There are 5 ships incoming in hyperspace, unknown class, arrival time is less than a minute.

vashurika7.jpgCaptain Vashuri: Go to yellow alert!

There was a scramble on the bridge of the Valmal as the crew got prepared for a possible conflict, and Lt. Kalmul raised the Karoteq's shields just as the Valmal did the same.

cormanibm9.jpgCormani: Maximum shield strength is only 23%!


The five ships dropped out of hyperspace and began to approach the Valmal and the Karoteq.

To be continued...


Schulmanator: Lauren is only one person...

jacqulina: Thank you for the comment!

gabry85: Thank you for the comment!

crushedcar: Hmm... I though it was more like seasons 7 or maybe 8 of SG-1...

Smarty218: Glad you like it!

zelgadis: New ships? Where? Both the Dlarya (Discovery, part 3) and Lauren's ship (Undercover) were seen before... though it was the front of Lauren's ship before... This update has new ships, though. 3.gif 

When exactly will the transmissions come?

suplado!: A lot of the ships I BAT on my own.

Joetropian1: I'm glad you like it!

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