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The Archaeologist and the Ruins, part 2

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Lyhoko Leaci


The Archaeologist and the Ruins, part 2

January 10th, 0165AL (2021)


Brad looked at the other person, then lowered his stunner.

brad2ye7.jpgBrad: Where am I?

danielmk1.jpg???: As far as i know, you are on a moon of a nearby gas giant, and the stargate is on another moon.

brad2ye7.jpgBrad: Endor?

danielmk1.jpg???: What is Endor? Also, I'm Daniel Jackson.

brad2ye7.jpgBrad: Brad Meiring, and Endor is a forest moon in Star Wars.

danielmk1.jpgDaniel Jackson: Star Wars?

brad2ye7.jpgBrad: It's a series of movies from the planet Earth.

There was another flash of light a short distance away, but it didn't seem like anything had appeared, then there was a dull thunk.

danielmk1.jpgDaniel: Ow!

brad2ye7.jpgBrad: Are you okay?

danielmk1.jpgDaniel: Yes.

brad2ye7.jpgBrad: What was that?

danielmk1.jpgDaniel: I think I got hit in the back of the head with a rock. Lets go somewhere else before something bigger comes though.

They started walking though the forest, in the direction of a small cliff.

brad2ye7.jpgBrad: Are we going to any specific place, or just away from where we were?

danielmk1.jpgDaniel: I have a cabin on top of the cliff. Well, actually I just found it there and there was no one else around to claim it.


They walked into the cabin, and Daniel put a log in the fireplace and lit it. He then took pulled a small animal out of his backpack, skinned it, and then placed it on a metal grid, and hung the grid over the fire.

danielmk1.jpgDaniel: I should probably teach you how to do that; I have no idea how long we will be stuck here. I've already been here for about a month.


danielmk1.jpgDaniel: Brad?

He looked around, and saw Brad sitting in a chair, breathing slowly. As Daniel looked at him, Brad opened his eyes.

brad2ye7.jpgBrad: They're coming.

danielmk1.jpgDaniel: What?

brad2ye7.jpgBrad: The rest of my team. It will be awhile before they get here though.

danielmk1.jpgDaniel: How do you know that?

brad2ye7.jpgBrad: It's a long story.

danielmk1.jpgDaniel: Hold on.

He walked over to the fire, and flipped the meat over, then sat down next to Brad.

danielmk1.jpgDaniel: So, how do you know that they are coming?

brad2ye7.jpgBrad: I could see it, I could show you, but I think it would be best if I waited until after you finish cooking.

danielmk1.jpgDaniel: But how can you see it?

brad2ye7.jpgBrad: I am not entirely sure, but I think that the al'Hasiq were the ones who gave me the power to do so. They also did the same with my brother Brian, and his wife Lil, though with different abilities. As for when, I think it was around 10 years ago.

danielmk1.jpgDaniel: What kind of abilities?

brad2ye7.jpgBrad: I can read minds and see stuff that is going on elsewhere, Brian and Lil both have telekinetic powers, and Lil also has healing powers.

danielmk1.jpgDaniel: Like the muphridians?

brad2ye7.jpgBrad: Yes.

danielmk1.jpgDaniel: I think the meat is done.

brad2ye7.jpgBrad: Already?

danielmk1.jpgDaniel: Yes, it doesn't take that long; I learned that pretty quickly after I burnt the first stuff I caught.

Daniel then took the meat off of the fire and used some spears to pull it into two pieces. He then placed each piece on a wooden place, and put it on the table, and then grabbed two cups and filled them with water, before placing them next to the plates.

danielmk1.jpgDaniel: Sorry I don't have any utensils. At least, not ones you would want to eat with.

He picked up the meat and then took a bite out of it, and then Brad did the same.

brad2ye7.jpgBrad: Where did you come from?

danielmk1.jpgDaniel: I am from the planet Terra.

brad2ye7.jpgBrad: There is a planet named Terra near Myon, which is where I am from.

danielmk1.jpgDaniel: I have heard of Myon, but the Terra where I come from isn't anywhere near there.

He pulled a piece of paper out of his backpack, as well as a pen, and wrote Terra's gate address on it.

brad2ye7.jpgBrad: That doesn't look familiar.

After they finished eating they walked over to a wooden couch and sat down.

danielmk1.jpgDaniel: You said you could show me that the rest of your team was coming?

brad2ye7.jpgBrad: Yes, you want to?

danielmk1.jpgDaniel: How do you do it?

brad2ye7.jpgBrad: Part of my body was replaced with nanites made by the Ancaron. Basically, it will temporarily connect our minds.

danielmk1.jpgDaniel: Have you done this before?

brad2ye7.jpgBrad: Yes.

danielmk1.jpgDaniel: Okay, do I need to do anything?

brad2ye7.jpgBrad: Just relax. 

danielmk1.jpgDaniel: Okay.

Brad placed his left hand on the back of Daniel's head, and the room appeared to vanish around them, to be replaced with total blackness. Even though there was nothing else around, Daniel could still easily see Brad floating in front of him.

danielmk1.jpgDaniel: Where are we?

brad2ye7.jpgBrad: Right now, nowhere.


The darkness around them soon dissipated, to be replaced with numerous stars, the gas giant, a moon, and a GS-1.

danielmk1.jpgDaniel: A puddle jumper?

brad2ye7.jpgBrad: A what?

danielmk1.jpgDaniel: That is was that ship was called back on Terra.

brad2ye7.jpgBrad: It is a GS-1 on Myon, but I think I like puddle jumper better.

They floated over to the front of the jumper and looked in.

danielmk1.jpgDaniel: They can't see us?

brad2ye7.jpgBrad: Yes. That is Brian Meiring, Dr. Laur Hapsedut, Lt. Aubry Black, and Major Kharisk Zargolf.

As he said their names, he pointed at each one.

danielmk1.jpgDaniel: Are you and Brian twins?

brad2ye7.jpgBrad: Yes.

The scene dissolved, and it was replaced by Daniel's cabin as Brad took his arm off of Daniel's head.

brad2ye7.jpgBrad: They should be here soon; they are a lot closer than the last time I looked.


The GS-1 soon appeared in the sky, and it landed in front of the cabin as night began to fall.

majzargolfne1.jpgMajor Zargolf: You had us worried there.

brad2ye7.jpgBrad: Sorry. And this is Daniel Jackson.

danielmk1.jpgDaniel: Can I come with you?

laurbl7.jpg Laur: Why? It looks like you have a nice cabin here.

danielmk1.jpgDaniel: This isn't my home; I got stuck here just like Brad.

majzargolfne1.jpgMajor Zargolf: Okay, we will take you back to Myon, and from there you can go though the gate to you own planet.

danielmk1.jpgDaniel: That sounds good, just let me get my stuff.

He walked back into the cabin, and came back out several minutes later carrying his backpack, which he placed in the GS-1.

brad2ye7.jpgBrad: Also, did you know the GS-1 is also called a puddle jumper?

brian2gk4.jpgBrian: Don't think I've heard that before, but I like it.

danielmk1.jpgDaniel: That is what it is called on my planet.


3 hours later they arrived at the gate, dialed Myon, and went though.


They walked down to the DHD after the debriefing, and Daniel dialed the address to his Terra. However, when he pressed the red button to complete the dialing sequences, the stargate shut down without opening a wormhole. He tried again, with the same result as before.

danielmk1.jpgDaniel: That's odd... I'm sure that is the correct address.

sgtvarmongc8.jpgSergeant Varmon: That address is in the database we have, so I think you dialed correctly, something must be wrong with the gate on the other end. Maybe it is just busy.

danielmk1.jpgDaniel: Oh, no...

sgtvarmongc8.jpgSergeant Varmon: What?

danielmk1.jpgDaniel: Mloret.

sgtvarmongc8.jpgSergeant Varmon: What about Mloret?

danielmk1.jpgDaniel: He must have come when I was stuck on that moon... There isn't going to be anything left...


zeldagis: And the STEX is down... The castle is the JNEX Burg Eltz, and the rock mod is Peg's gray rock mod.

Schulmanator: Stalking? Well now you know who it is.

OffTopic: I've heard of the game.

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