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Williamsberg & Glenwood Grow

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We are now coming back to the twin villages of Glenwood and Williamsburg.  This area continues to grow, and these two villages and some of the surrounding hamlets number almost 3000 people.

Growth, however, is not without its own challenges and growing pains.

<span style="font-size: x-large; "><u>Williamsburg


Williamsburg recently had a fairly large number of of settlers arrive; they basically formed their own little hamlet on the outskirts of Williamsburg.

<img alt="" src="http://i839.photobucket.com/albums/zz319/Ragnoff/SimCity%20Greater%20Bay/Farm%20Sprawl/WilliamsbergNewDevelopement.jpg" />

This was a group that moved together for religious freedom, and as you can see they were very busy beavers. They got right to work building their own little extension to Williamsburg.  You can see this sect leader's house going up near the center; it is of course the largest one!

You know you just never see religious leaders with small houses anymore....  They chose Williamsburg because it did not yet have a place of worship, and they saw an opportunity there. Two years later, there still would not be a church in Williamsburg, it seems like sect leader Jimmy McGreedy isn't getting any more converts to "well you start by signing over all of your worldly possessions..."

Meanwhile, on the other side of Williamsburg, several families wanted to extend the road leading around that edge of the bay to create more locations along the water for houses.  The only problem, there were houses in the right-of-way where the road would go!  One of the older homes, built in a sort of slapstick manner and already starting to fall down on its own, was chosen as the new location for the road.

<img alt="" src="http://i839.photobucket.com/albums/zz319/Ragnoff/SimCity%20Greater%20Bay/Farm%20Sprawl/WilliamsburgMakingRoom.jpg" />

There is no need to worry too much about the Januson's though, they ended up doing all right.  As compensation they got this nice new house.

<img alt="" src="http://i839.photobucket.com/albums/zz319/Ragnoff/Farm%20Sprawl/WilliamsburgNewRow.jpg" />

That is them in the middle, the one with the brown roof!  Williamsburg was the first town in the area known to have knocked down a house in order to build a dirt road. For the hodgepodge group of of settlers that showed up originally, most houses fell down before it was necessary to remove them.

<span style="font-size: x-large; "><u>Glenwood</u></span>

Glenwood had its own growth issues going. The feeling of the leaders of Glenwood is that eventually Williamsburg and Glenwood could merge, and as Williamsburg is the older settlement, Glenwood fears that it will lose its identity. They compensate, well overcompensate really, by trying to be better than the village of Williamsburg. Kind of their own version of keeping up with the Joneses, only no Joneses live there.

In this case a decision was made that instead of having their citizens walk all the way to the freshwater water springs or all the way down to the short to get the water, they would put up a water tower, the first in the region.  A lot of time was spent arguing about where to put the tower, and finally this corner spot was chosen.

<img alt="" src="http://i839.photobucket.com/albums/zz319/Ragnoff/SimCity%20Greater%20Bay/Farm%20Sprawl/GlenwoodWaterTowerSite.jpg" />

Many townsfolk pitched in, and in only a week and a half, the structure was complete. By early Friday evening the first water tower had been filled and rose majestically over the village.

<img alt="" src="http://i839.photobucket.com/albums/zz319/Ragnoff/SimCity%20Greater%20Bay/Farm%20Sprawl/GlenwoodWaterTower.jpg" />

By Saturday evening Glenwood had achieved another first!  This time, however, the town was not nearly as excited about their new achievement.

<img alt="" src="http://i839.photobucket.com/albums/zz319/Ragnoff/SimCity%20Greater%20Bay/Farm%20Sprawl/GlenwoodWaterTowerGraf.jpg" />

Townsfolk were completely baffled! This was the town pride, who could do such a thing?  Sure, having the region's first known instance of graffiti was another first, but really, would you want to tell your children about it?

If only there were a Police Department with a trained policeman in this town, they might think of asking the general store if anyone besides Billy Januson of Williamsburg had bought blue paint in the last several days...

<br type="_moz" />

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Lordy Lord: thank you very much, I am both excited to see the villages grow and curious about how I will go about doing it! Yes, that's right, I don't know either...

Blakeway & dimipol006 - Thanks! You wouldn't believe how many times I had to redo that to make it come out right.

Dethsrow: the region will eventually grow, I just want to do it in a slow natural growth fashion. I've always been fascinated by the journals that seem to let the regions grow naturally, and that's what I am trying.

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