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Entry 5: Springtime for Pandora

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After a month of hecticness (i.e., not CJ-ing due to those darn college apps...), I present to you: Entry #5. This journal is also now vote-on-able (*nervousness*). Anyhow, springtime has come to Pandora*, and along with it, much expansion. This entry will cover some of the highlights.

*by "springtime", I mean that I was tired of looking at the Maxis default terrain, and so put in one modeled on California's topography. The cliffs are one of PEG's various cliff mods. Continuing on....


Fig 5.1 Shot of the new topography and colony expansion. The Census Bureau is proud to report that now only 60% of the colony's population live in Central Pandora, as opposed to the 80% it was last entry. Observant followers may notice that there is a new gash in the landscape in box 4. To be honest, the Bureau of the Interior has no idea how that got there either. But it does make for some gorgeous pictures, as you will see later.


Fig 5.2 New map of Downtown Pandora's Light Rail. Compare to Fig 4.1. The new part starts from Sydney Station (which was moved west) and continues on under the river to the other side. There, it emerges in Downtown Pandora to a new station (Which should be labled "Brook's") named after the street it is on (the street itself is named after a wealthy banker who opened up the dominant bank in Pandora on that street), and then terminating at the Pandora Downtown Terminal. Below are two pictures showing this new addition to the already bustling light rail system.


Fig 5.3 Orange Line at (the moved) Sydney Station, which to the west disappears down under the road to travel via tunnel under the river and directly into the heart of Downtown Pandora.


Fig 5.4 The otherside of the river. Visible is the Orange Line coming out of the tunnel, leading to Brook's St. Station. Also visible is a brave tram making its way up the San Francisco-like slope. Also, compare downtown to Fig 2.1 to see just how far the downtown area has come.


Fig 5.5 In this picture is the busiest rail line in the whole colony. The reason why is that this section is a bottleneck. In the left of the picture, the top of the junction goes to Rosencrantz, and the bottom goes to Central Pandora. The junction in the middle goes west to Mattimeo (see Fig 5.1 for clarification). The line was so busy in fact, that many trains were backed up during rush hour, causing anger in the riders, and leading to a decline in ridership. The Bureau of Transportation scrambled to find a solution, eventually deciding upon an expensive, but long-overdue expansion of this dual rail line into an actual rail corridor.


Fig 5.6 The same section of track, except now with twice the capacity, and no shaky high-traffic rail/street crossings.


Fig 5.7 Downtown Pandora. Here you can see all that is mentioned above; the Orange Line expansion and the new rail corridor. Also, after the Bureau of Transportation saw this picture, the bus driver in the lower right was promptly fired for driving on the sidewalk and levitating the back half of his bus in mid-air.


Fig 5.8 Ok, ok, enough of the contents of Box #1, on to Box #2 (see Fig 5.1 for locations). Here, inbetween Kurtz and Mattimeo, the government has begun implimenting its new energy plan. Backed by Dutch research teams, the Bureau of Energy has erected a series of windmills strewn about the farms. Seeing the problems arisen by the coal plants in China, the Bureau has made a strong case for non-polluting energy. The farmers have mixed feelings about the windmills, however. Some view it as a positive move towards a eco-friendly nation, but others are very disconcerted about the windmills ablility to all rotate at the exact same speed and stay even 24/7...


Fig 5.9 Box #3. Rosencrantz has stayed mostly the same this whole time. However, Guildenstern has expanded rapidly, going on to cover the top of the bend in the river. This has caused a need for a new bridge to be constructed. Some of the residents feel it looks rather excessive and out of place when a simple undertruss would have done...


Fig 5.10 The new Downtown Guildenstern. Also, the closest Pandora has yet come to a freeway.


Fig 5.11 Further to the north, towards the top of Box #3. Most of the expansion resembles this. (I know I claim that this journal is "Natural Growth", but I see real-world growth occuring more along the lines of developers buying squares of land and zoning the inside, not just random streets going in random directions. This is evident here, where the streets closely resemble suburban America, where there are main thoroughfares dividing the land, and then each individual box containing its own development. Also, no houses are on the thoroughfares, since that rarely happens.)


Fig 5.12 Box #4. Here is a closer-up picture of that random inexplicable gash in the landscape. Didn't stop the rails however. To the right, they go to Guidenstern, and to the left they go.... off into the woods... Yeah, dunno exactly what those wacky logging companies are up to.


Fig 5.13 A picture of a freight train going up to those logging camps. Yes, the green diamon is very suspicious indeed, as well as that flying blue box.... hmmmmm......

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Nice, I was getting worried you wern't going to post again.

I also enjoy the bit of humor you put in. (without it feeling forced)

Keep it up! 

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Always enjoying this wonderful CJ! xD P.S. For the subway stations, you took alot of Aussy and USA names xD New York, Melbourne! Great map either! Perhaps you could extand more Pandera in the whole region!   

- Blakeway -

Lydosia journaler

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