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Calgary, Town to Metropolis

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K50dude: Ah, but the light rail is one of my little secrets! I have stations that have very few indications, just a raised sidewalk in the middle. If you look closely, you can see a small sign on the edge of the road! However, thanks for your suggestion, and i'm glad you like the storyline! Also, one vote for D!

lordmungus: Thanks for your vote! Thats one for E and two for D!

Mars250: Thanks for your vote! Thats one vote for B and two for E!

Ny24: Thanks for voting! Three for E and Three for D!

Simcitymasterman: I have also seen PEG's new Poltergiest Manor, I just don't know if there would be a suitable place to put it. However, thanks for your suggestion! I think you might be seeing one around BrookStone soon! Also, Four votes for E and two for B!

naftixe: Thanks for your vote! Thats five for E and one for A!

ANDYOUARE: Hey, thanks for dropping by and voting! Glad you caught my CJ! Two votes for A and Six for E!

dimipol006: Thanks for voting! For now, I will consider your vote on A, but i'll keep the other two in mind as well. That makes two votes for A!

1999mnfr: Thanks for voting, however unfortunately I am very disinclined to use a money tree, as I want to simulate a more natural growth. Seven votes for E and three for B!

Anarcho-X: Thanks for commenting! they are always very insightful and i'm always delighted to hear them. I agree that I have to find a place to throw trash, but Tavlon just doesn't seem to have the space for a local center, maybe a recycling center. However, thats Eight votes for option E!

Stomtroopa: Thanks for voting! thats nine votes for E and three for A!

SteveMSim: Thanks for your comment and your vote! I agree that having a better educated workforce would eventually lead to a healthier city, however that may take time. Nonetheless, thats ten votes for E and four for B!

Paul5: Thanks for your vote! thats 11 votes for E and four for A!

In Other News: With a landslide victory, the vote to implement higher education has passed! This will now become top priority of the city. Also, second priority will be to take the trash out of the city. If you count the votes, it turns out the option A and option B were tied, however, the city stated that they could only execute option A with another option, which means that B and E would be too expensive to execute together. Therefore, it is E and A!

In Other Other News: Pardon me for being so late on this update, I have really been swamped with everything imaginable, Including...well, swamps. Regardless, i'll try to get some updates out and really make the storyline more interesting, I hope you all still enjoy my CJ! If not, please, suggest some wacky things that could happen!, I think this CJ should be more lively. Of course, you can always suggest things! its as easy as leaving a comment.

But, enough with the chit chat, its time to see, the....


I spent the night at an out-of-the way little motel on the outskirts of Calgary, and by 6 in the morning had checked out and made my way to some sort of bus stop. It was more like a simple sign with “BUS” on it. In any case, a bus came about after a few minutes and I was on my way into Calgary.




The sun was just rising, and already I could see that the roads have been re-paved into a better material to drive on, and the speed limits were lifted up to around 65MPH. Later I would find that I was riding on the newest highway in BrookStone.




I passed under a brand-new interchange as well. It looked like it was being put to good use, too.




To the right, industries were slowly creeping in on farms, taking one small plot of land over at a time. Some farms were going out of business from being so close to dirty polluting industries.




And then I came upon a behemoth of an interchange, this mutation of a trumpet interchange that had several offramps to local streets, and full functionality. There was even a rail line in the middle. Even as a journalist that doesn’t know much about highways, this looked stunning for such a small city to pull off. I only caught a fleeting glimpse, as I had to go East, towards the city center.




On my way up a hill, I saw one Amtrak train headed down towards the US.




At the end of the highway, after a large hill, I was dropped off at a new train station. I asked around and found out this one was also newly built. It was because this station was situated at the end of a major highway that it quickly became overcrowded with people trying to go farther east, or even west. Therefore, being in such a central location, plans were drawn up for an immense station, one that can handle up to 20,000 commuters a day, or ¼ of the entire population of the Region. That’s a lot of people. Currently, this is the largest station in the entire region as well, and unfortunately I didn’t have time to talk any longer, as I had to catch my train. I just barely caught it leaving!




The ride down into the city center was smooth, as expected, I looked around and the way there was quite the same as it always was, probably because there was no space to develop anything more.




Soon, I reached Calgary Central station, and walked down to Calgary’s brand-new town hall. A very generic one, but a very majestic one as well. I stepped inside, this was a big day for me, as I was to be a councilmember for a day!


I found my way into the conference hall and took my seat. The meeting had just begun and a man had started talking:


“Thank you everyone for attending today, we are all very glad to see everyone has arrived. However, there is much business to take care of, so we must start as soon as possible. Cookies are by the entrance.”


The man flipped a large whiteboard around to reveal a proposal:


(This is where you can vote! Each of these need to be decided on, so its up to all of you to see what happens to each of these proposals! Also, the proposals can be numbered from first to last, so if you only want to vote on a select few, you can say, 'I vote for blah blah on #2 and blah blah on #5. Which would be the second down and the last one.)




“As you all can see, this is an image facing southward of nettle valley, which has now been separated by the new secondary highway. Business for farms has been, well, to say the least, deflating in this area. Many are expected to go out of business within the next 10 years (the ones highlighted in Red). The good news though, is that residential demand is expected to be on the rise, and it has come to my attention that certain companies are interesting in this area. Therefore, we have 3 options:

A: Purchase the ailing farms and sell to the land as bulk to Lex Enterprises. They promise to make an aesthetically pleasing condominium complex, while also reducing highway noise pollution.

B: Purchase the farms and create a new suburb, which would take advantage of surrounding terrain to create more pleasurable areas for houses. This project would utilize the red highlighted areas and the green highlighted areas.

C: Leave the area be, its too costly.”


“Next up,” The man flipped the whiteboard around again.




“This is Hallburg, a small settlement just East of Nettle valley. Business here has been booming ever since the station has been created, and companies have been clamoring to set up larger shops here. Two proposals have come about:

A: Allow businesses to build larger buildings. Highlighted in green, these buildings will be allowed to develop into office towers.

B:  Allow businesses to develop as well as houses. Highlighted in green and red, these areas will be allowed to build fairly large buildings. Including apartments and condos.

C: Allow only residents to build taller. Highlighted in red, only these areas will be allowed to build high-rises.”


“Right-O, while I prepare for the next few proposals, we’ll have a 10-minute break, yes?” The group of people in the hall got up and started to converse. I spoke with many council members, and they say this is an especially busy day, with an unheard of 5 proposals. I took some cookies and talked about with the people present. All of the council members come from completely different ares of the city. From the far west to the south to the very tip of Calgary. It was very interesting to find where they lived, and their opinions on these proposals. After a while, the hall quieted down again, and the man  moved to another whiteboard, and flipped that one. I began to wonder where he was getting all of these whiteboards from.




“Here is a suburb just North of the expanded highway and the Second Central Calgary (refer to update #19 & the new business park to find out), this area has experienced rocketing demand, but not enough room, so local residents have proposed a retaining wall be put in. The retaining wall is shown in Green, and the area to be filled in with dirt is shown in Red, which the area to be dug out is shown in Blue, pretty straightforward vote:

A: Allow this to be built, and allow higher density buildings to be built on it

B: Don’t allow this to happen, it may ruin some of the appeal of the area.”


“Quite simple, I hope this will be decided with few squabbles, next up” The man flipped the whiteboard. Again. How does the city afford all these? Why not like…a flipbook or something?




“Here is a rather costly proposal. The recent expansion of the highway near LexingtonBay has made this area quite accessible, meaning that more people want to live here now. A plan by the BrookStone Regional Planning Authority has come up, in the form of a waterfront development project. The blue would be the waterfront boardwalk, with the red areas being filled in with dirt. There are quite a few options:

A: Develop the waterfront and allow businesses to grow. This can boost tourism and bring in money.

B: Develop the waterfront and let wealthy high-rises to develop. This may prove expensive, but reports say that the cost recouped from extra wealthy taxes more than pays back the initial costs.

C: Develop the waterfront but only let single-story houses develop. Certainly you don’t want the skyline of Calgary ruined by big condos.

D: Don’t develop the waterfront. It is far too expensive.

E: Develop an industrial waterfront instead. Many reports gathered point to high demand but little space for new industries to find a home.”


“Yes, what a mouthful. Let me get a drink here and….we’re off! Our last proposal is…” Now the Man pulled up a giant flipbook and flipped the page. I was severely confused.




“Lastly, in the old section of Calgary, planners want to get rid of the farms that are taking up valuable flat space, and flatten out the small hill that has been there ever since the city started, to fill in other spaces. Residents highly oppose this, as they say the farms and hill are a defining feature for their community. There a 3 options with this:

A: Demolish the farms and hill to create a new suburb, with new residents and more taxes. Its all part of urbanization.

B: Demolish the farms for new suburbs but keep the hill as a recreational park. Calgary needs some R & R.

C: Keep everything as is, the community is very beautiful and desirable as it stands.”


He flipped to the next page, showing a ‘Thank You’ From here, all the council members voted, as did I. The meeting was over, and we were allowed to go home. Results would be posted after the general public voted, but I couldn’t stay for that.




It was getting late, so I checked into Hotel Christine, a very reputable hotel, much better than that cardboard box I spent the night in last night. I laid down to rest, and before I knew it…it was broad daylight! Already 8, I had to be on my way to Spokane. I checked out and rushed to catch the next train,




Which I fortunately did. I bid goodbye to Calgary, knowing I would be back someday. I was off to Spokane!

On a side note, I haven’t been showing much the results of all your voting! Which is why I’m dedicating the entire next post to checking back on various cities that you’ve voted in! Have a good day/night everyone!

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 I vote B on the last  one and A on number 3 
P.S could you make an update on this entry with a whole picture of Calgary plz.

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I hope I'm voting on this correctly....

For the first picture, the three green ones and the one thin red one would be B. The other smaller red one off to the right would be A, and the big one on the bottom, build a mall actually! It would increase desirability and plus the town needs one. Your growing.

For the second picture, A. PLEASE do not build res. skyscrapers because trains make a lot of noise and can make the area undesireable in real life.

For the third one, if you have a very pretty (not drab) retaining wall, go A.

For the fourth one go B. with a bit of A in there too.

For the fifth one attempt to go with A but also with a park in there toward the brick road up top.

Keep up the good CJ'ing. Don't forget to change your typo in your fifth picture and your second option. Demolish the farms for new suburbs. (instead of and) .

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