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Battersea CBD showcase and regional development.

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Battersea is the CBD in the metro area known collectivly as Piedmont.  This entry will showcase Battersea as well as some of the development that has happened in surrouding cities and suburbs. Let's get started.

(below) This is about where the last entry left off. Battersea is the lare area in the middle with all the skyscrapers.
NOTE: This is before the expansion, the area right under Battersea is what has recently been developed.


(below) Transportation map of above picture and surrounding areas before.

(below) Here we can start to see the growth and expansion. I decided to leave the pictures in transportation legend
because it helps show the growth over time a little bit better than the satellite image, (or whatever they're called ingame),
also watch the district (New Bedfield) at the bottom of the picture and its growth from this image to the one below this one.

(below) Here we see the growth in just a short timespan in the southern most district of Piedmont, New Bedfield.  New Bedfield boasts high education levels, great medicinal facilities as well as plenty of beach area. It is one of the more popular suburbs and residencies for people in Piedmont. It also sports a great connection on bus lines, underground rail, and highways with Battersea, making it an ideal area for commuters who live here in New Bedfield but work in Battersea or elsewhere.

(below) And here is the finished product, Battersea and the surrounding suburbs developed and continuing to grow.
(This is the birds eye image of the above picture.)

And now let us get onward to the Battersea showcase.

(below) Alas, the skyline of Battersea. Notice the Mall of Piedmont to the right of the picture and Shaw Carpets Field,
home of the Battersea Braves.

(below) Moving to the left (in reference to the above image) we see the AIG building as well as city hall, the court house,
a glimpse of the E-Train (or evelated rail) that connects to the subways, and even the Poltegor Plaza.

(below) Now looking just a little north (also in reference to above picture) we see the high density residential neighborhood of Battersea. 
More than 325,000 people live in what is known as the Battersea district, around 100,000 to 175,000 all living with in this picture.

(below) Now moving right and zooming out some we can see the majority of the downtown area and across the highway the Battersea Soccer Club Complex, HSBC building and still more highrise residencies.

(below) The secondary business cluster in Battersea as well as more high rise residential living.  The sports fields are all part of the athletic facility of the University of Piedmont at Battersea.  The monorail that exists onthis side of town is to help students commute around campus as well as into the city and off campus living areas.  It was implemented by the Battersea Mass Transit Authority (BMTA) who also oversees the bus lines and subway/elevated rail systems and the highway network in the region.

(below) This is the more central to southern limits of Battersea which bump up against New Bedfield.  It is highly residential, and almost suburban but is still in the district collectivly known as Battersea.  Points of intrest are Battersea Memorial (large hospital to the upper left of image), and the Country Club of Piedmont across the street from the hospital.  The buildings on the right to lower right of the image are another commerce cluster, detached from the CBD that is close by.

(below) The University of Piedmont at Battersea.  Points of intrest include the SwimArena, library designed to look like books, main campus, and University Hospital, where critical research is being conducted in an array of fields of medicine.

(below) A closer look at the main campus and clocktower. The building to the left of the clock tower is the Engineering and Materials Science Building, a new addition to the university.  The art building and math building are just noticible at the very bottom of the picture.

(below) This is just a typical neighborhood in Battersea, notice the tight quarters of urban living. The multicolored buildings here in the middle are also some of the buildings I found from the NYBAT team and I wanted to highlight them because they are a great download and look cool.

Hope this entry was eye opening and informative. I try to design the cities with a level of realism so feel free to leave feedback. My next update will hopefully be the completed airport, but more suburbs and even more development none the less. Peace.

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