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To Chop, Or Not To Chop?

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Koff Lumber Co. , the largest company and overall Job maker in all of Baltimore. It is pretty much.... no... it IS the driving force 

behind the growth of Baltimore. The reason I am telling you this, well it's true, and also, there is a new bill out in the Baltimore 

region, and everything following this is it. The Co. is sending out to all citezens of Baltimore(you) since they have the majority of t

he voting power.......

                                                                             Koff Lumber Co. Bill


                Dear sir or mad'em of Baltimore,

      Koff Lumber Co., the driving force behind Baltimore, and also the largest orginization there. Recently we have constructed

the largest spur off the Baltimore Rail Line,


( The "Koff Spur" through "North Baltimore Forest")

And also have created jobs for over HALF the population of Central Baltimore with our fine Lumber Company, which, may

we add, have the finest working conditions in all of the Baltimore region,


(The "South Koff" Lumber Yard)


(Workers in the "South Koff" operation)

     So today, we are asking you to vote FOR this bill. The bill gives "Koff Lumber" the go-ahead for phases 1 & 2 of

our operation at "South Koff" Lumber yards. (not to be confused with our much lager, "Koff" operation to the north)

This, in-turn, would creat 2-times as many jobs as there currently are, and also make a slight "boom" for Baltimores economy, and any animals in the area, would safely and humanely be removed from the area.However, if this bill does'nt get passed, it WOULD save the animals habitat, but, since there would be no more trees to cut down, the economy would suffer, people would stop imigrating to Baltimore, and Baltimore would no grow any more.


( The areas under reveiw)

So, when in the voting booth on Febuary 5th, vot IN-FAVOR of this bill, (Proposition 81-256)

                                                                                                                               Sincerly, South Koff Logging Co.

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Recommended Comments

I would like to see more details on this plan. Is this a clear cut operation? or An overgrowth clearing? or Selective harvest?

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naftixe: this is a clear cut operation.
              (keep in mind were not in the 20th century, pretty much every logging operation was clear cut at that time, plus "green" movments
               and hippies are not around yet.)

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TigerXtrm: Yeah. Check out my CJ: Forestville. Very similar,  it kinda freaks me out.

Joking! This rocks!

Oh yeah, I vote yes. I'm changing the oil in my chainsaw right now, actually.

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For a start, clearly you don't know true plagiarism unless it came and slapped you in the face.

Secondly, that post is just plain rude, it's a natural growth CJ it's bloody hard to intentionally copy everything and using the same technique as someone is a compliment to their method.

Looking excellent Marsh!

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Okay, I'm fighting a losing battle. Even if I clearly state something in my comment, we are deciding to overlook it and say that I called it a rash plagiarism, which it isn't.
A couple of updates were used by the creator of the original Natural Growth, so I made the hasty conclusion that it was a copy job, which I guess was a bad decision. I admit to not looking at all the updates and seeing if it was actually "a plain ol' copy job".
Also, CSG himself made a couple of comments here and is fine with the cj and its content, so I'm gonna drop my argument/point/two cents.

Maybe I'm still mad at the dumb little freshman who completely stole my idea in computers class and claimed I copied him and I'm taking it out on you. Whatever. I'm a creative person by nature, and I've had my ideas stolen and used very unimaginatively before. This wasn't much of anything to squawk about, so sorry about that.

Also sorry about causing a commotion in here. If I really wanted to deal with a problem, I would've contacted a mod or PM'ed _marsh_ asking about it if it really was a problem.

Now on with a real comment. I have read through a few updates, and I'm glad to see you are taking the realistic approach to building a city instead of showing us what custom content you can plop, like lots of journals so often do. I'm done causing shenannigans in here and I'm gonna read through this and enjoy it, cause it IS following the same style of one of my favorite cj's!

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