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Entry 4: Pandora's Light Rail

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In this entry, we will go over the urban rapid transit system of the capital of the colony, Pandora.



Fig 4.1 Lo and behold, the comprehensive rail map of Central Pandora! (ok, I forgot the heavy rail connection to the east...) Illustrated here are the three light-rail lines (Blue, Orange, and Red) and the regional heavy rail (Green). The Blue Line's stations are named after the states of the US, the Orange Line's from Australian cities, and the Red Line's from cities of the United Kingdom (don't wanna say "British" since there are two Scottish stations, and a North Irish station, and they probably wouldn't react too well...). If you're wondering how it was decided which station titles would win out at transfers (in this case, all blue), it is because the Blue Line was the first one built.


Fig 4.2 View of the Pandora Central Terminal. Compare to Fig 0.2 and Fig 0.3. Urban growth has clearly facilitated the need for an urban transit system. We are also going to ignore the fact that the inbound train is far too long to fit at the station...


Fig 4.3 View of Florida Station on the Blue Line. Also visible is one of the light-rail trainsets. Similar to how the heavy trains were sold cheap by the State of California when they overhauled their rail system for the new High-Speed-Rail, these trams were bought at a bargain from London's Dockland's Light Railway, who were also overhauling their old cars at the time.


Fig 4.4 Darwin station on the Orange Line.


Fig 4.5 Sydney Station on the Orange Line. As evidenced by the buildings, this is one of the "not-doing-so-well" parts of the colony. The nearest jobs are all pretty far away. The government tried to help the situation by placing in lots of bus stops and a park here or there, but alas, most of the buildings continued to stand defiantly empty.


Fig 4.6 Liverpool Station on the Red Line. One of the more affluent parts of the city. The hill is commonly called "Telegraph Hill", inspired by the one in San Francisco. It is also reminiscant of the wolrd-famous San Francisco cable cars.


Fig 4.7 Portsmouth Station on the Red Line coming down off of Telegraph Hill. This is one of my favorite parts of the city.


Fig 4.8 Stratford-upon-Avon Station on the Red Line. An oddly beautiful name and clean tram in the middle of smog-inducing industry.


Fig 4.9 Here is the metro map again, but this time with three expansion proposals. The government currently has enough money to build one of the three. They are listed below:

1. Create another line expanding north from Cardiff Station to serve the far side of the river.

-Pro: Lots of cheap coverage

-Con: most of the line would be through low-density suburbia.

2. Create another line spurring from Washington Station that would cross the river back to the main part of the continent, where it would travel around the bay, covering the roads along the way.

-Pro: The roads on all three sides of the bay are some of the most congested roads of the colony (worse even than the roads of the central isle)

-Con: Most expensive option. Also greatest traffic detouring nightmare, as the roads are the only main roads (hence why they are congested)

3. Extend the Orange line across the river and through Downtown Pandora all the way to the Pandora Downtown Terminal.

-Pro: Give connected coverage to the densest part of the city.

-Con: Also a huge traffic detouring nightmare, as it IS afterall, downtown.

4. Your ideas?

Please vote on your favorite!

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Recommended Comments

I'll vote on #3. Based on what I read and saw, it seems like 3 would have a lot of commuters, since it would connect downtown with a heavy rail terminal. It's also on a short, congested route, so its cheap and alleviates congestion (but doesn' t detour too many main arteries.). Great updates! The light rail line looks great in your city, and I read your last entry, which was very entertaining! Hope you keep up the good work!

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This is a realy inspiring CJ, keep up the good work!!

#3 for the same reasons as CTMandR
and that it would be more convenient for the south west part of the Orange line to get conections to the Mainlines and therfor the rest of the country.

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