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The Atlantopian Kingdom: Part 8 Continued

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Adrianople, The Palace.


Rolling out of bed, the Prince finally awoke. He looked at the time, it was 1:10 in the afternoon. Wearily, he stumbled over to the bathroom. A few minutes later, he emerged into the hallway, still the same tired mess. As he made his way to the kitchen, he bumped into his lovely sister...

Tifa-1.jpgAndi: Hey! Watch it!

Zexion___Ienzo_by_Organization-1-1.jpgIzzy: What... Oh, it's you.

Tifa-1.jpgAndi: Whats that supposed to mean?

Zexion___Ienzo_by_Organization-1-1.jpgIzzy: ...I'm to tired for this.

Tifa-1.jpgAndi: Really? I never would have guessed. Anyway, I'm off. Liz called, so let dad know I'm going out. Oh, and you have a visitor.

Zexion___Ienzo_by_Organization-1-1.jpgIzzy: Visitor? Who?

Tifa-1.jpg Andi: Your so funny when your tired! How many people actually come to visit you? Who do think it is?

Before Izzy could respond, the pair heard footsteps coming their way.

Squall.jpgSquall: You two. Your dad's meeting with an ambassador. Don't bother him. But your mom wants to know where you've been, Izzy. And have either of you seen Nico? No one's seen him all day, and your mother is woried.

Tifa-1.jpgAndi: Aww, is someone getting a heart? I haven't seen him all day, and sleepy here just woke up.

Zexion___Ienzo_by_Organization-1-1.jpgIzzy: Yea, um, that reminds me. Andi is going out today, so dad told me that you have to be her personal body guard for the day. Have fun!

Squall.jpgSquall: You're a terrible lier, you know that, right?

Zexion___Ienzo_by_Organization-1-1.jpgIzzy: I am not lieing! He told me yesturday. Besides, he only feels that she's safe when the best is watching her. Didn't he tell you?

Tifa-1.jpgAndi: Wait, what?!? I don't need a guard! I'll be fine...Dad would never say something like that...um...He's making it up! He has to be! He's just...he's just mad at me! That's it!

Squall.jpgSquall: Ok, so maybe you are telling the truth. Let's go Andi.

Before draging Andi away, Squall gave Izzy a look that said, "We're even."

Izzy, forgetting his hunger, decided to go back to his room. As he opened the door, he was greeted by...

Demyx___Myde_by_Kaoru_Kinapng-1.jpgCiro: IZZY!

Zexion___Ienzo_by_Organization-1-1.jpgIzzy: Why am I not surprised?

Demyx___Myde_by_Kaoru_Kinapng-1.jpgCiro: Is that all I get? Without me, you'd sit here, all alone, just wishing you had someone to visit...

Zexion___Ienzo_by_Organization-1-1.jpgIzzy: I might even get some quiet too. How'd you even get in here?

Demyx___Myde_by_Kaoru_Kinapng-1.jpgCiro: Well, I walked through the door... Having a Baron's acess card to the palace doesn't hurt either.

Zexion___Ienzo_by_Organization-1-1.jpgIzzy: Doesn't you dad need that?

Demyx___Myde_by_Kaoru_Kinapng-1.jpgCiro: Well, not today. He's not in the capitol. Which reminds me. Let's go someplace today! Come on, let's go to Varna! I heard they just finished that really tall building, let's go to the observation level!

Zexion___Ienzo_by_Organization-1-1.jpgIzzy: Yea, I think I'll just stay here.

Demyx___Myde_by_Kaoru_Kinapng-1.jpgCiro: Please! Can we go somewhere! Please! Can we just leave the city? I...uh...I've been feeling kinda cramped up here, let's just go somewhere!

Zexion___Ienzo_by_Organization-1-1.jpgIzzy: After last time, no thanks. We could do something here though.

Demyx___Myde_by_Kaoru_Kinapng-1.jpgCiro: NO! I mean...um...You're still thinking about that? I thought you weren't breathing! I was just saving you life... Can we please leave the city?

Zexion___Ienzo_by_Organization-1-1.jpg  Izzy: No, I'm fine here.

Demyx___Myde_by_Kaoru_Kinapng-1.jpgCiro: Well, I'm going, with or without you.

Zexion___Ienzo_by_Organization-1-1.jpgIzzy: Ok, bye then.

Ciro left, but didn't look to happy about it. Izzy went to his computer and popped in his favorite city builder.

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