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A Troubled History, A Bright Future

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The area now known as the Pacific Kingdom has been inhabited for at least the past 10,000 years. The kingdom remained relatively unknown until 1593 when the Chinese set up a colony in present day Shiloh.  Soldiers and explorers quickly expanded their territory, and soon all the islands came under Chinese control. PUERTOdePalos.jpg

In 1719, the British arrived, and for the next 15 years, a bloody war took place.  The war cost at least 50,000 lives, and the result was a British victory.  In 1780, the Spanish, French, and Portuguese tried to gain control of the kingdom.  A five-year war broke out, but the British retained control.  The win was costly though, as 34,000 were killed, and sporadic fighting would take place for the next 10 years.


In 1857, the American army arrived on the western shore of the kingdom, and several trading posts were set up.  This put them at odds with the Greeks, who also came over, and fighting would break out. However, after 20 years, the Greeks left.  Over the years, the American army expanded their influence, and in 1900, the United States purchased the kingdom at $1 per acre.  Under American control, the economy quickly expanded, and the territory’s residents enjoyed a high standard of living. 


Painting of American Greek War

In 1972, the residents were given the option to become an independent nation, and the vote passed by a 52-48 margin. The new nation, although a democracy, decided to go with the original name of the kingdom back before it came under foreign influence.   A powerful criminal named Mao Ling rose to power in an election that was later determined to have been rigged.  While in power, Ling’s administration was among the most corrupt, and the kingdom’s citizens lived in poverty.   Political opponents to Mao Ling would simply disappear.  In 1984, the kingdom developed a nuclear bomb.  Other WMD’s were also developed, and foreign countries feared what would happen next.  In 1986, chemical weapons were used on the citizens of the Timberland region. The attacks, which lasted 6 months, cost an estimated 100,000 lives.  In 1987, Ling was killed in a bombing rumored to have been carried out or aided by the CIA. 


Photo of Ling's soldiers during offensive.


Aftermath of Ling's death

After Ling’s death, the nation soon fell into civil war, with various groups fighting for territory.  In some cases, it was town vs. town, and block vs. block.  The kingdom was in chaos, and even international aid and support couldn’t help.  The kingdom’s army fell apart, with troops joining their neighbors to fight for territory.  Some troops, under the command of General Joseph claimed power, but they had little control over the chaotic nation.  It seemed as though one of the world’s wealthiest nations would be turned in to one of the poorest.  In 1993, religious fundamentalists took over in some towns, and parts of the kingdom became theocracies according to whatever faith the leaders followed.

First_chechen_war_russian_tanks.jpgCaptured tanks in the Timberland region during the winter of 1992.

By 1994, a strong new army was formed, and by 1996, the entire country had been reunited.  The war had been bloody though, with estimates of the death toll ranging from 500,000 to 1,250,000.  After the war, the nation quickly grew in wealth, and it gained international strength for helping settle wars and sending aid to impoverished nations and disaster areas.  Even though it worked to end wars, the Pacific Kingdom built one of the strongest armies on the planet, and troops are frequently sent to war zones.   Besides natural resources, the Pacific Kingdom has become a center for business, and the kingdom is among the wealthiest in the world.  With free education up to and including college, free healthcare, and no taxes, the citizens of the kingdom have a great quality of life.  In fact, since 2000, the kingdom's citizens have been rated the happiest in the world. In 2002, an earthquake devastated the city of Shiloh, claiming 23,000 lives.  The city has since begun the rebuilding process, with the hopes of becoming an even better city than what it was.

LomaPrieta-PacificGardenMall.jpegDamage from the earthquake


Pacific Kingdom, and its capitol, Shiloh, have become a symbol of hope in the 21st century

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Oh and i noticed what you said on the last page. If you really did want your country to be tropical/ asian, I could help direct you to custom content and trees, etc. (I have an asian CJ myself) 

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Thanks, but that won't be needed.  I've downloaded a bunch of homes from the LEX that needed the mod that turned all the trees to pine.  It would look weird to have a tropical setting, but have several homes with pine trees growing in the yard.  I also downloaded a set of ploppable trees, so there should be more variety now.

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