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Republic of Kr

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Guide to The Republic of Kr

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(Hello Everyone, This is a general guide to Kreveshka, also an introduction)

Guide to Kreveshka Pt 1


Passports & Visa

                Getting into Kreveshka is fairly easy if you are from a member country of the EU, America, Australia, New Zealand, China, and Japan.  A passport is required for anyone entering or leaving the country, and all luggages is subject to the normal customs search. Few encounter problems with entering or leaving the country, however due to Kreveshka’s strict rules on the importation of plants and animals it is highly advised to check with your embassy which plants or animals are allowed into the nation. The Republic of Kreveshka bans entry to citizens from the following countries:  Vietnam, North Korea, Oman, and Nigeria. You must receive special clearance to enter the country if you are a citizen of the banned nations.  Travelers with a passport are allowed to remain in Kreveshka for up to three months, with the exception of they may not obtain jobs in Kreveshka or enroll in any government program. In order to remain in the country for more then three months without obtaining a visa you must re-apply for entry at the local Blue Card office.  If you wish to work in Kreveska then a visa is needed. There are four main visas offered in Kreveshka; The work visa applies to any person wishing to work and reside in Kreveshka. The student visa which applies to anyone wishing to study in Kreveshka. The government pass visa is for any worker of a approved government. And finally the permanent resident visa which upon approval allows you reside in Kreveshka for life, without the need to re-apply every seven years. To obtain a visa, speak with your embassy or apply at any government center office.


Travel Within Kreveshka

  Kreveshka is an easy country to get around in. There are major highways which link all major cities, as well as secondary roads linking the more remote sections of the country. As of 2012 all Kreveshkan towns with a population of 1500 or more will be linked by rail. You may also look into boarding a bus for travel; busses serve most major cities as well as a few smaller villages.


Road -  To rent a car in Kreveshka you must have your passport, and foreign drivers licence present when applying. Be forwarned that many car rental companies place a 40L tax on any foreign applicants. Most car rental companies are based out of the major cities, and can be reached via train from the airport.  Once you have obtained a vehicle you may then travel at your hearts content. Remember: In Kreveshka vehicles travel on the left,  opposite countries such as the USA, France, and Italy.  Also, all major highways have a max speed limit of 95mph, with many city roads having a max of 45mph. If you are ever pulled over by a police officer you must have your passport, foreign licence, and car rental contract present.  Insurance is typically provided by the car rental company


Rail – Travelling by rail is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to travel Kreveshka. In 2012 all towns with a population of 1500 or more will be linked by rail. Though most cities and towns are all ready rail accessible, there are some towns that lack a rail station.  You can purchase a KRE-RAIL Pass at any station, the KRE-RAIL allows you to travel on any KRE-RUR (Kreveshkan Rural Rail) for one low price (Range of 15L to 45L depending on vendor). The only issue with the KRE-RAIL pass is when reaching a city you must buy a separate pass for the local rail system. Every city has a metropolitan rail pass, with most passes ranging in price from 25L to 190L. Be warned that two separate passes are needed when in Liir, one for the raised rail network (LR-A) and the ground rail network(LR-B).


Water – You may want to take the scenic (and much longer) sea route, in order to do so you must check the local schedule (a copy can be obtained at the government tourist offices). All ferries are sea-faring only, due to the fact that most of the rivers within Kreveshka have to many rapids for safe travel. The largest ferry station is in Atvenbranka, which services all ferry ports within the country. Private ferries can be requested for a fee if you wish to see the more remote regions of Kreveshka.


Air -  Kreveshka has three major airports, with numerous smaller airfields. The largest airport is located outside of Tuva and is called the Ber’verseka International Airport.  Though a majority of internal flights fly out of Sonatava’s airport called P.E.A.C.E International Airport.  All airports in Kreveshka are serviced by the KRE-RUR (Kreveshkan Rural Rail) and if you show the attendant your passport and flight ticket then you receive a free pass (courtesy of the Kreveshkan Tourist Office)



The Republic of Kreveshka follows most major Christian holidays, excluding Palm Sunday and Fat Tuesday (due to the lack of catholics on the island).  Most businesses are open on major holidays, excluding Christmas Day and Easter. Also you should be aware of certain national holidays that are obsereved. A majority of businesses, government offices, and even in some cases, public transportation will be closed on these national holidays. Here is a list of national holidays.

March 5th – Traders Day

June 20th – Kreveshkan Founders Day

September 1st – World War II National Holiday

October 31st – Par’ov Day

December 22nd – Arctic Heritage Day


 Shopping in Kreveshka is a unique experience, a majority of native shoppers still haggle with shop owners, and it is even encouraged in some regions of the country. Be aware however, if you offer to low of a price then you will insult the manager or shop owner. Here are a few tips when head out to get your shop on!

1.       ATM Debit Cards and Credit Cards are accepted in most locations within the major metropolitan regions (Liir, Provosglonia, Sonatava, Atvenbranka, and Tuva). However when venturing out into the villages of the Se’lva Plains or the Northern Ridge villages be aware that many shops will only accept cash.

2.       There is a flat tax on all transcations (with the exception of produce and animal products) of .8% You may receive a refund if you proceed to the local Blue Card office and fill out a form. They will refund you in Leva only.

3.       As required by law all public establishments in Kreveshka must offer public restrooms. However, most businesses locate their restrooms in odd area’s (bassments, attics,). To find out where the bathrooms are you must first ask a employee or manager of the establishment where the bathrooms are.

4.       Most Kreveshkans will tell you that the best shopping is actually in the many flea markets of the cities. If your looking for any souveniers it is best to head over to the local flea market (usually held on Sundays from 9am to 4pm). There you’ll be able to find food, clothing, and art from local Kreveshkan dealers for half the price of the major outlets.

5.       Be warned that if you are caught shop lifting in Kreveshka that the fines are hefty. For example, if you are caught stealing a braclet work 15L then the fine will most likely range from 5000L to 10000L.


  Kreveshka is a very family friendly place, many tourist agents offer family-oriented vacations around the country. However, be aware that some areas of the country favor adults over children (see Atvenbranka Grogser’voirt Port) and should be avoided if need be.



Police (111/777)

Ambulance (123)

Fire Department (999)

Gay & Lesbian

 Kreveshka was voted the most gay and lesbian friendly country in 2008 by Advocate Magazine. Gay and lesbian individuals will find numerous friendly districts and hotels through out the city. Some cities have gay districts with clubs, spa’s, resteraunts, and even museums geared towards gays and lesbians.  The people of Kreveshka are very open minded and though you’ll get a stare for looking “British” or “Asian” as many do, you will not be stared at if you are walking arm and arm with your partner.  The largest gay cruise line “Imp” is headed out of Atvenbranka (see Gay & Lesbians Guide to Kreveshka by Atver-tres)

Internet Access

Kreveshka is a wii-fied country. Most cities have a wireless network which is free to Kreveshkan citizens, but can be accessed for a fee by tourists. However if you feel like being around others and surfing the web, you may prefer one of the countries many ECO-LOUNGE’s where you can pay 2L and get unlimited internet access. Some ECO-LOUNGE’s come with a promotional offer where if you present your passport then you get a free ITunes gift card.

Legal Matters

 If the worst happens and you are arrested in Kreveshka do not fear (unless you’re guilty). The Kreveshkan Justice system is quick and fair. In a majority of the cities, a 24 hour court is open to arraign prisoners any time of the day. It is advised that you contact your local embassy in the case of an arrest. In Kreveshka all prisoners are entitled to two phone calls, meals, housing, and a federal attorney. An embassy will arrange for you to have a attorney whom speaks your native language.

Most laws in Europe and the America’s are the same in Kreveshka. However, a few major laws are different:

1.       Marajuina is considered to be illegal, but if someone is found to be in possession of it (below 20kg) then they are normally never tried.

2.       Unlike most nations, in Kreveshka, you can be drunk and in public. However, be careful to not get to loud as most cities have noise ordiences.

3.       Kreveshka is a very environmentally friendly nation, and trash dumping is of the highest degree of penalties. If convicted of trash dumping (or littering) a fine is usually imposed of 5000L and the convicted partie must partake in a six week eco-class at a local university.

4.       It is illegal to carry a firearm unless you have a specific permit to do so. Only police officers, and security personal are permitted to carry a firearm.

5.       Urinating in public is legal and you will see many signs in English warning you of this.


Television & Radio

                Kreveshka has numerous television stations (the last count was 746). Most television channels broadcast in either Kreveshkan or English with kreveshkan subtitles. How ever if you want a channel in another language then you must search in the 600 channel range. You will find channels ranging from Japan ROCK TV to French Connect, all broadcasting in their native languages with Kreveshkan subtitles.

                In terms of Radio you’ll find an abundance of radio stations while visiting Kreveshka. A majority of Kreveshkan Music radio stations play Kreveshkan music, with a mixture of European, Japanese, Korean, and American music mixed in. As with television, radio offers hundreds of stations in different languages and subjects.


                If the un thinkable occurs and you are injured in Kreveshka then do not worry, you are in good hands. Kreveshka’s healthcare system in private but a tourist plan is avaible for a fee. The fee is costs around 90L and covers any individual visiting the country with a passport for up to thirty days. You must renew when your thirty days expire. If you haven’t purchased this insurance at the airport or before entering the country, then most hospitals will offer this to you for roughly the same price. By Kreveshkan law you have the right to request a translator for any dealings with the hospital. However this usually not needed, as most hospital personal are fluent in numerous languages.  Also carry a “ID CARD” with you indetifying the next of kin, blood type, home address, and any other relevant materials.


Smoking & Drinking

                Smoking in Kreveshka remains largely un-regulated. Some cities (including Tuva, and Provosglonia) ban smoking in government offices, including hospitals and museums. The legal age for nicotine consumption is 18, however it is well known that most individuals attempting to purchase cigarettes are rarely ID’d. Kreveshkan citizens have a relaxed view of smoking, and view it as a common pleasure. In recent years the Kreveshkan government has attempted to curb this idea with public ads, however due to legal restrictions, notibbly the inability for the government to enact taxes that are meant to stir a individuals thoughts and habits toward a certain lifestyle. Most hotels and resteraunts offer non-smoking section and should be requested if needed.

                The legal age to drink alchoal is 18 in Kreveshka. A small tax of .8% is applied to the sales of alchoal, but in comparison to other western nations, Kreveshka’s tax on alchoal is relatively inexpensive. It is a social custom to go to drinks for lunch and dinner in Kreveshka, and people rarely drink at home (they tend to see it is a pre-cursor to alchoalism). The legal age limit is .05% in Kreveshka, and drinking and driving is taken to the highest offense and a person suspected of doing so faces fines up to 150000L and or jail time.

Pt 2 Coming sometime this following week: Topics to Include, Guide to Kreveshka Pt 2, and Intro to Provosglonia, The Capital of the West. Thank you all so much for reading~!!!

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 I will be following this one  I like where this is going. I don't think I have seen a CJ's intro as descriptive as that either. Keep it up!

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I apologize that you found the policy to be offensive. I was trying to convey that Kreveshka did not accept people from countries that have issues with human rights (infact most European countries, and the US have special regulations on aid and immigration to and from countries with human rights issues)

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