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Emmerton rural communities

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Hello everyone and welcome to my first ever CJ! Ive been playing several Sim City titles over the years, but never kept a CJ before.

This will be a kind of European style CJ, though don't expect huge amount of European buildings, it will be mostly the no-grid approach that will give this CJ a European touch, as well as the roadsigns that I will add to the updates, which will be also European inspired, though don't expect it to be an exact replica. I will slowely add custom content as I go along, and personally I have no problems with the vanilla Maxis buildings popping up as randomly as they always do. I do use several plugins, like NAM, simgoober canals, peg streams and the likes. As a region I used a slightly adapted version of the Rugen map (Part of north Germany) which I downloaded from here.

3 Stage development plan

I'm planning on using and sticking to a 3 stage development plan to ensure a certain degree of "natural growth" effect in my region. Those 3 stages will be;

  • Stage 1: Initial development, planting the seeds of towns and cities, developing what later will be the 'old town centres' and placing basic early mass transit; canals(not functional), railroad, highway and busstops. Maxis buildingstyle: Chicago/New York
  • Stage 2: Slow growth according to demand using mainly available free space, minor problem solving (traffic etc). Slow build up of educational and other coverage. Maxis building style: New York/Houston
  • Stage 3: Exlosive growth, implementation of mass transit in all forms and upgrading exsisting mass transit, adaptation of exsisting built up areas. Maxis building style Houston/European

To ensure a good mix of buildings and a sense of development history I will do 5-yearly checkups, where I will declare buildings historic (I'm thinking of listing and custom naming those too) and demolishing some (but not necesary all) abandoned buildings.

Traffic signs

As mentioned, I will also add traffic signs and the likes to updates, inspired by several "road geeks" with CJ's here on the forums. The signs will be European style (and to be even more precise Dutch style), but I have developed my own roadnumbering system, which is not an exact copy of European numbering (which differs per country anyway).


Well, I think it's time to get started with update/introduction #1. It will be drive through style, because I guess it fits best with incorporating traffic signs. Eventhough I have several regions in different stages of development, I started this region from scratch so I can have this CJ develop with it. So don't expect any highrises, huge sportparks and milewide cloverleaves just yet. We'll start with the Municipality of Emmerton, and only the rural part...



And here we are, our first steps into the region of Quynthas, the municipality of Emmerton. On this trip we will mainly be following the L-101, a local main route taking us through Kwaqin, Newsoot and Oldsoot. We enter where the RH-101 crosses the L-101.


Just before the exit ramp we come across this typical highway sign. An extra sign for a gasstation right after the crossing has been added. And thats 600 metres, not miles, remember, were Euro style here, so I'll be using the metric system...


Here a view of that particular highway gasstation.


Which comes with its own sign ofcourse...


However, we won't be going that direction, we're taking exit 1 towards the L-101, and take a left westwards on Bettany road. We cross under a local railroad that mainly is used for freighttrains.


After half a kilometre we arrive at the village of Kwaqin. It is a small rural community, and near to everyone has a job on a local farm here. The farms all are surrounded by ditches to get rid of any excess groundwater, since we're on pretty low ground here.


There are some roadworks going on in town. This happens more often due to heavy farm equipment frequently using the roads in the area.


We find this sign where the L-101 makes a sharp turn north along Old Bogham Road. The sign has been manually altered due to a detour being in effect.


Leaving Kwaqin behind us we cross some hillside forests untill we reach the village of Newsoot. This is a typical canal village, mixed in with local farms and some very small shops, including a second hand car dealer. Here a primary school can be found which currently is the only source of schooling for the entire farming community.


At the intersection of the L-101, now known as Mudspot Road, and Pullers Road we find this sign, pointing out local points of interest. In this case a bed and breakfast (room for 5), the local police station (only manned during offfice hours) and a small campsite at a local farm (room for 4 small tents)


As we cross the George Emmerton Canal and leave Newsoot, the L-101 changes name once again to Sootroad. Soon we cross under RH-102 (not to be confused with RH-101 we started on)


Before the intersection with the RH-102 we find this sign. The E-196 symbol is only shown on the route itself, so it's not depicted on this sign.


Continuing on Sootroad we arrive at Oldsoot. This small village is mainly inhabited by miners and factory workers. However the history of the town goes back to when the main railroad was constructed, and railroad workers had what were expected to be temporary homes here. During the railroad construction a source of brown coal was discovered, and Oldsoot (formerly just known as Soot) became a permanent village.


At the intersection of Sootroad and Lawless Lane this sign is to be found. It is at this point that the L-101 officially ends.


If we were to follow directions to the garbage dump, this is where we would end up. This is what I call a cyclic garbage dump, something I came up with years ago. The dump is divided into several walled in sections. In general only one section is accessible. Once full it gets disconnected and a new section is opened, giving the first section a quick headstart at decomposing. Although it needs slightly more room then a large single area dump it has the advantage that once the cycle is in full effect, about 80% of the dump is decomposing constantly. Just 4 or 5 small sections are usually enough to provide for a complete city, by the time the last section is filled the first one or two sections have already decomposed completely and are ready for re-use.


However, we're continuing on sootroad, and turn east on Brown Coal Industrial park. Most industry here is the result of the presence of Gonway Mine, a rich source of brown coal providing cheap energy. This includes a brown coal fired powerplant, which currently provides more then enough electricity for the city of Emmerton and its rural communities.


Here a view of Gonway Mine. It's quite an eyesore, and soon to be expanded, but it's currently the largest moneymaker in the region, and the initial spark for the first developments in the municipality of Emmerton in the first place.


So it's end of the road here at Gonway Mine, where we find the last sign of this update...


Finally a small overview of our drive through. As you can see we're still very much in the initial stage of this region. In a next update I hope to show you the city of Emmerton, which will be much more built up. I hope you enjoyed these humble beginnings of my CJ, any comments are welcome ofcourse :)


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That is some nice work so far!  Maxis content isn't bad.  Your canals do a good job of breaking up the map.  That divided garbage dump strategy is pretty clever.

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Thank you all :)
There will be some more diversity in buildings as the area is continuing to develop, this is really just the start.
And well spotted Gilikov, that is the Dutch police symbol, all roadsigns are based on Dutch roadsigns (guess where I'm from:P )

Progress on the next update is slow but steady, but I still have to make all roadsigns, which takes a while, since I make them from scratch in a photo editor. As far as I know there is no euro/dutch signmaking program or website, and I'm having a hard time to find standards for the sign design, so I just have a look at real signs (this includes taking rides to nearby signs to remind me of what they should look like, heh). I hope to have an update ready in the next 2 or 3 weeks...

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I like it!
The land fill in particular I think you've done a good job of.
The canals are something I haven't used but they look really good how you've used them.

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As some of you already may know this CJ has been lost in a bad PC mishap in januari. Unfortunately I didn't only lose the sc4 region but also hundreds of images used for the sign making and all signmaking templates I was developing :(

I'm happy to say though that I have reinstalled SC4 again, and I'm working on a new region again. Any progress can be found on my simcity4 blog at http://shilkasc4.blogspot.com/. Once I have enough development in this new region I might be starting a new CJ here again...

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