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Chapter 12: A Summer to Remember Part 2: A City in Trouble!



Following mysterious rumbles in the middle of the night, Woodland Town is plunged into the dark. Little do we know the disaster that awaits us in the neighboring town: River City; The town that has provided power to the region for years.



To get the most out of this City Journal Update, keep these things in mind for your best viewing experience:

- Embedded videos will provide music/sound effects for this update.

- Play the videos at their suggested volumes as you scroll through. 

- Adjust the volume using the slider on the bottom left of the YouTube videos.

- Some videos are set to start at certain times, all you have to do is press play and keep scrolling.

- This is a story-based action City-Journal. To get the full experience, I recommend taking the time to through the story. :)  

- Leave a comment down below! They are highly appreciated! :D 

- Click on an image to see them in full screen.

Estimated Read time:

10-15 Minutes


Previously on Story of a Nation...

2:57 AM

I just got awakened by what sounds like a loud rumble. It definitely isn't thunder. 

Neighbor: "Mayor! Do you have any idea what's the heck is going on?"

Me: "No idea, maybe an earthquake?"

Neighbor: "Whatever it is it's woken up- *Boom* 

An even louder thunderous rumbling noise so loud that it rattles windows... 

I can sense people starting to panic. Christina hugs my leg and starts crying.

Just then, the power goes out...




Chapter 12: Part 2


The night was slightly chilly for a summer night from yesterday's thunderstorms. The air felt heavy with humidity and it was slightly windy. 


Me: "Everyone stay calm! We'll get to the bottom of this."


 *Cell phone rings*


It's Mayor Matthew. (Mayor of the neighboring River City)


Matt: "Send every firefighter, ambulance, and police over here NOW!! Helicopters too! I don't care!! Send anyone you can! PLEASE HELP US!!!

Me: "I'll get on it! What's happening over there!"

Matt: *Static*" 


I never heard so much panic in his voice. I don't like the sound of this.

With no hesitation, I got the EMS talkie and called the chief of police Lane Jackson. 


 Lane: "Mayor, I was just about to-"

(Radio) Me: "We need every fire truck and ambulance over to River City now!"

Lane: "I just sent all of our firefighters a couple minutes ago! I don't know what's going on!"

Me: "What about Pleasant-view and District 1?"

(Radio) Lane: "I already called them five minutes ago! Every unit in this whole region is heading to River City right now!"

Me: "Any idea what's happening over there?"

(Radio) Lane: "No power, idea right now. We have very little communication. I'm going over there right now. I suggest you and Ben head over there too."

Wife: "What's going on?"



Me: "I gotta go, I'm wanted at River City. This is serious."

Wife: "Please be careful" (Kisses and hugs me goodbye)

Jeremy: "Dad where are you going?"

Me: "I'll be back, go back to sleep, everything will be okay. Go back to sleep."


I get in my red car:



Play this at full volume:

As I get exit the driveway, I dial call my business partner Ben on my cell-phone:

(Phone) Me: "Ben Wake up!"

(Phone) Ben: (Yawns) What's going on? Why is the power out?"

(Phone) Me: "I don't know! Just get up and get dressed! I'm picking you up in a few minutes!"


I pull up to his driveway.


Me: "Ben get in, hurry!"

Ben: " Hang on, I'm coming!"


Ben jumps in and we're on our way. 


Ben: "People are all coming out, it sounds like the world's coming to end end!" *Chuckles*

Me: "Indeed." (Revs car)



We drive through the dark eerie dark roads of our town in the middle of the night...





3:07 A.M.


Play this at LOW volume:


"10-39 get all units to River City! This is a 10-39"


"10-69, we're on our way!"

"10-71 we need more info!"

"10-33 all units in region!"



We catch up to the train of four fire trucks as police escort them. Nearly all police units, including our police van lead the way...


We're in the red car following the firetrucks


Ben: "Good lord..."

Me: "Are they all evacuating from River City?"


.My EMS Radio rings, it's Chief Lane Jackson.


(Radio) Lane: "We got an update from firefighters over at River City!"

(Radio) Me: "What's the situation?"

(Radio) Lane: "Our whole county has lost power. We are completely in the dark!"





For reference, we are heading to River City, the site of emergency:


Light Blue = Medical Helicopters

Green = Firetrucks 




District 1, Pleasant-view, River City and Woodland Metropolis II (Referred to as "Woodland Town") Make up the cities of Woodland County. Coibridge is in another county. River City is an industrial town that powers all of the three cities around it. Coibridge is the only other town that has it's own power supply. 







(Radio) Lane: "There's a huge industrial fire at River City. Three of the coal power plants exploded. We have 14 confirmed casualties, possibly more. Coibridge is the only town that has hazmat units and ambulances. They're heading there too. I can see the smoke from here!"






"10-33 all units to River City, all units to River city"

Play this at LOW volume:




Ambulances pour out of Coibridge Medical Center like angry bees from a hive:




We quickly make it to the bridge. It is just endless cars on the other side of the road as they evacuate to Woodland Town. It becomes apparent just how serious the situation is once we cross the bridge:




Play this at FULL volume:

Play this at LOW volume:

Play this at FULL volume:

Play this at LOW volume:

3:17 A.M.

We finally arrive and find a blockade of policemen and firefighters. Hundreds and hundreds of people are out around city hall that decided to stay:J8xnm9E.jpg



Officer: "Stay back! Everyone back to the town hall!" 




Ben: "Good lord! There's people everywhere!"

Firefighter: "This way, This way! Come on! You get that side and you spread to the west! Go go!

 Play this at LOW volume:


"We have more units coming in!"


The sound of sirens is overwhelming. As we arrive, we can already feel the heat. I can barely hear myself over the sound of the sirens.  


Me: "Chief! Where's Matt at?!" 

Lane: "I think he's on the other side of the street! Probably looking for trapped workers! There's people still trapped back there!"





Firefighter Squad Leader: "What do you mean we're out of WATER?!! Go find more sources NOW!!"



Firefighter: "Move over to this side of the warehouse!"


Me and Ben get out of the car and walk up to the firefighters

(FF Squad leader = Fire Fighter Squad Leader)


FF Squad Leader: "Here! You'll need this." (As he hands me a gas mask). Ben, go to city hall and take care of the crowds.

Ben: "Will do! Take care of yourself, Mayor!" 


Another explosion is heard.



Lane: "They're still trying to get here! You know there's no direct road connection here!"

FF Squad Leader: "Why not?!" (As he turns to me with a death glare)

Ben: "Because the eternal commute loop!"

FF Squad Leader: "That is the biggest load of bull-(beep) I have ever heard! Are you kidding me?!

Me: "People can be dumb sometimes! I mean come-


Another explosion



Play this at LOW volume:


Firefighter: "We got water!"

FF Squad Leader: "(Turns to his squad) GO! GO! Spray now!




Lane: "Get all your butts down there now! Let's go!"

FF Squad Leader: "Spray! Let's go Spray at it!"

Firefighter: "What's the point?! We're not the (Bleep)-ing hazmat units!"

FF Squad Leader: "We're just buying time for now! We can't let the homes burn! This is all we can do!"


3:42 A.M.





I hear a familiar voice on my EMS radio, it's mayor Matthew!

Play this at FULL volume:

Me: "Matt what's the situation?!

Matt: "It's an oven over here Mayor! I'm trying to save people here!" (Talking to his group) "Alright this way come on!"



Turns out Mayor Matthew (This town's mayor) has been escorting industrial workers out of the buildings and walked them to the freight station where they walked across the rail bridge to safety.


Here's a map for reference to clear things up:


The orange area are the burning zones, the big blue arrow is Mayor Matthew's location


Lane: "He's on the other side of the power plants! He's walking people to the train station!"




FF Squad Leader: "I don't know how he does it, it's over 150 degrees over there!"


I radio to Matthew.


(Radio) Me: "Matthew! What's going on?"

(Radio) Matt: "Just got (coughs) the last group of people out, I'm going to go check (cough) and see (gasps) if anyone still left."

(Radio) Lane: "Get out of there Matt! You've done your job! That oil plant will explode any moment!"

(Radio) Matt: "I'll do what I...can. I'm...getting dizzy...hard to...breathe (fits of coughs)"

FF Squad Leader: "Heat's gettin' to him. He's been back there for the last hour! He ain't gonna make it at this point."

(Radio) Me: "No... Matt! Get back over here!"

(Radio) Me: "Matt! Matthew!!! Do you copy?"

(Radio) Me: "Matt! Do you copy?!"



*No signal*


I look around for a moment. Matthew has given my towns power for years and has been a great friend for so long. He has family living in another city and he's been through a lot. 


I put on a fire suit.



Me: "I'm gonna go in and get him!" (As I strap on my suit)

FF Squad Leader: "Are you out of your ever-loving mind?!

Me: "Yes."


I start to sprint down the road towards the burning buildings


Me: "I'm going to save him! We need him!"

FF Squad Leader: "You idiot! Get back over here now!  




But I kept running...




 As my adrenaline took over, I sprinted down the street and made my way towards the freight station at the end. I jumped a few flames and held my breath a couple times as I ran through smoke walls.



I took a left to the dirt roads and stopped behind the coal plant to catch my breath.




As the adrenaline wore out, it dawned on me just how hot it really was. I had burns on my fire suit and if I breathed too fast I would get into a coughing fit. Even my sweat was evaporating right away. The sky was nothing but smoke, and it was nearly quiet, aside from the sounds of burning buildings.










I see a figure out in the distance:


It's Mayor Matthew! Wearing a yellow suit and cap! 


I muster whatever breath I can to yell to him.

Me: "Matt!"

Matt: "What are you doing here? Go back! (Coughs)"

Me: "Imma get you out of here, come on walk towards me!"



The heat is so intense that I can barely breathe. A weakened and disoriented Mayor Matthew is stumbling right next to the oil plant.

Matthew tries to walk but limps.




(Radio) Lane: "Mayor! What the heck are you doing back there?!"

 Me: "I found Matt. His radio died. I'm trying to get him out of here..Can you send any units back here? (coughs)

(Radio) Lane: "We can not send anyone back there! That Oil plant will go off any second! There's huge gas lines beneath them!! GET OUT OF THERE NOW!!!"

Me: "Come on Matt!" (As he tries to take a few steps towards me)  

Me: "You can do it! Just a little more!" (He falls)

Matt: "I can't make it."


I start walking towards him


Me: "I got you!"

Matt: (Coughs) "You're insane, Mayor."

Me: "Let's go. I'mma get you out of here."

I hold him by the arm and start walking him to the train station.













Oh (Bleep)!









Play this at FULL volume:








The explosion sent me and Matt flying.


Everything went black.


I can only hear a ringing in my ears...


Play this at LOW volume:


Play this at FULL volume:


Suddenly I hear a voice on my EMS radio that was tossed a few yards away.



(Radio) Lane: "This is chief lane, copy! *Static*




(Radio) Lane: "Copy! Is any one there! Do you Copy? Mayor!"

Me: "I'm okay..(gasping)."

(Radio) Lane: "That whole plant just blew up! It's a miracle you're still alive! The situation is beyond worse now! Where are you!?"

Me: "Behind the power plant. Near the...gas...I mean train station."

(Radio) Lane: "How about Matthew?"


I look around and notice his body. He's been thrown a couple of yards. I stumble back up and walk towards him.


I look over to him. He appears to be breathing.

Me: "Matt?"

Though he is still breathing thankfully, both of his arms and legs are covered in burns. Likely they were slammed into the ground by the explosion. Half his hair is missing and his shirt is torn. 


Matt: "(grunts in pain) I can't move. It hurts." 

Me: "What's hurting you buddy?" 

Matt: "Everything."

(Radio) Me: "He's not doing too well Chief. He's in serious pain."


The flames begin to reach down towards us.


Me: "Come on Matt I got you. We gotta go."


I try to pick him up but my body felt too weak. I try to drag him by his feet.


Me: (Grunts). "Let's go to the train station."

Matt: "My town...(grunts in pain)


 I slowly drag him down the dirt road:










We get closer to the train station.


Me: (Grunts). "We're almost there. We're gonna make it."

Matt: "No...take a look.."




I look behind me... 




My heart sinks.


Matt: "There's (gasps) no way in hell we're...getting through that."


I look to the road I came from earlier.


It's blocked by a huge wall of flames and debris.


Matt: "Now we're trapped."


I try to think about anything, any ideas. But nothing came to mind. Lane can't get anyone here either. Too risky.

Even if I left Matthew to die there's no way out for me now. 


Me: "I'm so stupid, Matt. I left my wife and kids...back in Woodland."


The flames continue to get closer...





To be continued...









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How did it come I didn't have already mentioned something about this? I don't know, but I should have. You have to be creative in how to bring your stuff, and well, this sure is!

Great Job!

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Wow, this story just keeps getting better! I mean maybe not the whole death and destruction thing, but it's a very well told account of death and destruction, so yeah, cool!  

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