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True Earth

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Australia - The Outback & Natural Wonders


Today, we're taking a trip down under to experience some of Australia's most iconic natural wonders - and we'll also be visiting a number of sights across the country's vast Outback.

We'll begin with a visit to the legendary Great Barrier Reef, located on the country's northeastern shoreline. Stretching over 1,600 miles long, it's not just the world's largest coral reef but also the worlds largest living organism.


The reef's rich biodiversity is unparalleled with nearly 10,000 marine species calling it home - and has become well known for its vibrant display of colors. In recent years however, the reef has taken a massive hit from rising temperatures and coral bleaching. Many of the reef's most famous species like the giant clam are dying out and other parts of the reef have become unrecoverable.


Byron Bay has some of the country's premier beaches - located in northern New South Wales, it's known the world over for its excellent surfing and near-perfect weather.


Australia is a country known for its wildlife - and the iconic Kangaroo is one of the country's most famous mammals. With over 50 different native species, they can be seen in grasslands, forests, and even in parts of the Outback.


While much of the Outback is barren and empty - you can still find the occasional farm among the rural dirt roads that cross the landscape. Windmills are vital here to power many of the Outback's cattle stations.


After traveling across the vast southern Outback - we finally reach the The Pinnacles, located in Nambung National Park in Western Australia. These weathered limestone formations make for an other-worldly landscape and have become one of Australia's most well-known tourist attractions.



In addition to its beauty, the Outback is also known for its natural resources. Gold and other valuable resources are mined in massive open pit strip mines like Kalgoorlie's Super Pit.




We venture even deeper into the Outback to visit a few more of Australia's most iconic rock formations. Karlu Karlu (Devil's Marbles) are located in Northern Territory's Red Centre - these giant rounded boulders are one of the country's most unique sights.



Kata Tjuta - or the Olgas - can be found in the southern part of the Northern Territory and are another one of the Outback's signature sights. Meaning "many heads" to the Australian Aborigines, these rounded domes are both imposing and mysterious.


Our last stop today is one of the country's most iconic natural wonders - the stunning Uluru (Ayers Rock), which dramatically rises 1,142 feet out of the Outback. Uluru is the original aboriginal name for the area - and it has no specific meaning behind it. They believed that the rock has a great spiritual meaning - and was created at the dawn of time. To this day, those visiting it are urged not to climb the rock out of respect to these beliefs - and taking photographs of certain areas is also strongly urged against.



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Previous Update: "Rio de Janeiro"


Thanks to @RobertLM78, @kingofsimcity, @CorinaMarie, @nRVOUS, @redfox85, @ESP15, @Odainsaker, @nos.17, @bobolee, @Manuel-ito, @Duco, @bladeberkman, @mike_oxlong, @Toby Ferrian, @jakis, @Handyman, @Androgeos, @MAW, @f3cs, @Dgmc2013, @Allstillwell, @Krasner, @KOSMO*, @The British Sausage, @PaulSawyer, @mrsmartman, @Elenphor, @Neto Dari, @dabadon5, @Bastet69008, @tonyr, & @TekindusT for all the likes & comments!


Recommended Comments

The lightning overlay at the end made me :lol: but otherwise, a spectacular entry with lots of fantastic wide shots. :thumb:

I've never seen the Karlu Karlu in person myself, but do the actual rocks really stand out that much from the ground?

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Yeah it is excellent! I've been fortunate enough to snorkel in the great barrier reef off of Cairns.

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@Androgeos Thank you, glad you liked the update! The marbles come in lots of shapes and sizes IRL, so my scene should be a pretty close approximation to some of the more spherical ones you might find there *;)

@Bastet69008 Thanks! Glad you enjoyed the Great Barrier Reef scene *:)

@redfox85 Thanks for the comment - would love to go one day myself!

@dabadon5 Thanks for the nice words! 

@mike_oxlong *:D

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This entry is both awesome and overwhelming at the same time to consider that even the spectacular natural beauty presented here barely even touches the vast landscape of Australia.

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Thank you very much @Kabinator! *:)

The natural beauty of Australia is truly stunning - it was quite difficult to narrow it down to one update for sure. There's still a few more scenes from the Outback and the rest of the country that I want to do so there might be more coming in the future *;)

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If I can suggest some places, being WA born and raised, there's wave rock, the south west coast including the beaches of the Leeuwin-Naturaliste National park, and perhaps one of WA's best kept secret, the Ningaloo reef (not as big as the great barrier reef, but arguably better, relatively untouched, and easily accessible). There's also the horizontal falls, kings park (the largest inner city park in the world), Lake Hillier. Also, from the rest of Australia, there's the 3 sisters and the blue mountains, the Victorian alps, the great australian bight, the 12 apostles. Just to name a few, Australia is full of natural wonder.

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@Kabinator Great suggestions *:thumb:

Wave Rock, the 3 Sisters, and the 12 Apostles were all scenes I was on the verge of doing initially, but the update was getting pretty big so I had to scale things back a little bit. NT's Finke Gorge was also a place that also really caught my eye, really loved the palms there so it's a shame I didn't get to do it.

I had a chance to check out the rest of the places you mentioned and they're all quite stunning - I couldn't believe that a place like Lake Hillier actually exists *:lol: Some of the beach and mountain scenes would also be pretty cool, so it's certainly some food for thought moving forward *;)

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