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A funny thing happened on the way into town...



20180429: The frustration of technology and forgetting what you know

There's an old saying, "to mess things up is human; to really screw things up, you need a computer" and that's been my motto for about three weeks. To make a long story short, there were a lot of things that happened since the last installment. The title pretty much says it all. And that's where I will begin.

The frustration of technology...

Ah, so, let's begin here. A new computer is always a good thing... until you realize the fun happens long after the box is opened. Back in Windows XP, there was a feature called "Transfer Wizard," which was probably one of the best applications ever. But, since Windows 8 was rolled out, this feature was removed. Then the other shoe fell - for some reason, the older computer, where SimCity 4 and other games were installed, had saved files to the Documents folder. Not a problem. I simply booted up the new machine and immediately changed its setting to where the documents folder is now within my OneDrive folder. Then I began the process of changing the older computer's location of the documents folder would also be OneDrive. Problem solved, or so I thought.

And forgetting what you know...

After installing Steam on the new system AND syncing OneDrive on both, I decided to "redraw" the city boundaries in the Albemarle region (yeah, I forgot the boundaries in Maxis regions are pretty much set). I dropped in the config file I wanted to use with the region after deleting the stock file. And presto - the entire region was one flat map! Feeling quite bewildered and frustrated, I searched this forum and couldn't find any information. But then I remembered: my gaming notebook. The gaming notebook is actually a misnomer. In short, for every computer game I play, I keep a small spiral notebook with hints, tricks, and notes. After a day of trying to find it, I realized that I probably tossed the notebook out back in 2013 - when I uninstalled SimCity 4. It wasn't until 2015 when I began using Microsoft's One Note to keep electronic notes on the games I play.

And now, back to our story...

Unfortunately, the original altered region I was using was gone. So, amid the end of the semester traditions and festivities, I had to redesign the region. I decided to take the advice offered by @kschmidt and adding an area which will be developed into a commercial harbor later on. There were other subtle changes that I did to the coastline to provide more opportunities for creating that "just perfect" vision we all strive for when playing city building games.

E0pJ0CD.png     R6vbEXJ.png

Above: The altered Maxis London region (re-imagined)
Below: Transportation map and regional city maps (no boundaries)

E8lFScp.png     yCkYJiw.png

The 1 x 1 (smallest city zones) are a real challenge on this map - but that's one thing I enjoy. I kept the location and names of the two cities I had begun in the original map on the other computer. Just as before, the plan is that Riverbend will be a bedroom community for the industrial zone to it's east and the future, medium sized city to the south. The third city on the map, Cibumopolis, is a challenge, to say the least. I've decided to style it after several old railroad towns in Missouri.

At one time in it's history, Missouri had small to medium sized railroad towns, such as Sedalia, which were literally vital railroad towns which linked the eastern and western halves of the United States. But with the automobile, by the late 1930s, trucks and cars changed how goods and people were transported across the nation. And as a result, as the need for trains began a steady decline, the need for newer highways and better road networks soon found many of these small whistle stop towns either abandoned or reconfigured. And that's where Cibumopolis comes in.

Within the game, the city isn't finished but there's enough progress to share what I've done so far.

Recently, SimMagazine sat down with the mayor of Cibumopolis to discuss the history of her unique town...
Note: My 7 year old daughter and I had fun starting this city together. As she sat and pointed out what she'd like to see in it, we decided to make a road network which would make any driver who can handle the highway mess in Atlanta, Georgia, cringe!

As you know, Cibumopolis is the name given to this city when first founded nearly a hundred and fifty years ago. Because it was a moderately sized rail hub, the founders named the town, Cibumopolis, which is Latin for "City of mess" because the railroad networks literally created a mess for the early surveyors and designers of the city. But all that's in our past. All that's left of the seven main-lines which once converged here are the two lines which remain. When the highway came into town, it followed the old east to west track route at the edge of town and the old spur which once connected to the passenger and freight hub in the south-central area of the township. The old passenger station was torn down and replaced a few years later by the modern passenger terminal on Greene Avenue. But by the time the new passenger station was built, major changes had already reshaped our city.

As Greene Avenue was widened to accommodate the extra traffic, the property for commercial properties increased. We knew when Wally's SuperBullseye K came to town, it would create new challenges for our small town. Although it was built at the intersection of Main Street and Greene, it would impact small businesses along the old commercial districts on the east side of Main. The old commercial district is only a third of what it once was when both Interstate 27 and State Route 4 were routed near the downtown area... 

bneQ9Sn.png     3AfJzpv.png

Left image: Cibumopolis Station, a station less than a decade old, replaced the original three-platform station.
Right image: The arrival of Wally's SuperBullseye K was both a blessing and a curse for the simitizens of the town.

Be sure to read our next edition to learn more about the details of the city of Cibumopolis!

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Thank you, for your comment on my reply about region creation or adjustment in demensions or size . Yes first you adjusted the border to of the original region, later recreated it. Small adjusttment to the region can be done this way from a ready made one. Standard regions of SC4 may become to small so a second option to conscider is to use a empty larger as the original region and import the original tile one by one to the new one. Sc4 mapper can make large regions from scratch or use thes sandbox one !


Backup the citytile files from your original region folder to SimCity 4 Regions Downloads folder and a seperate backup for security on a other location. Next go to the new region and choose the destination tile. Import City option on the selected city tile info box  below left corner ! This will give the option to choose wich city tile you want to move  from the orginal region into the new region selected area !

Remind a not touched region wil have the city name like city 1, city 2, city 2 from top left to botom right. This also provides the option to say I only want the central city and whole of essex or the whole of kent as inland area´s of middle essex  bukcinghamshire or surrey maybe less interesting or nothing above or bellow the thames, there all kind of adjustment posible !

Sincerely yours,


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